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Liverpool are the first team to score nine goals against Manchester United in a single Premier League season 😬.

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Even though they are competing vs one of the best teams in the last few years in Man City, it must be so exciting being a Liverpool fan the last couple of years. What Klopp has created around the club it’s actually amazing and you can feel the energy in every game. A role model..

Official. Jürgen Klopp signs new deal with Liverpool until June 2026, two more years together with his staff. 🚨 #LFC “There are so many words I could use to describe how I am feeling about this news… delighted, humbled, blessed, privileged. This is my place”, Klopp says..

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Did you know? Liverpool didn’t pay £25m for Thiago Alcantara in summer 2020… but *less* than €25m! 🔴⭐️ #LFC Top player, unbelievable signing. His #UCL stats via @WhoScored: ▪️ 103 passes ▪️ 34 final third passes ▪️ passing accuracy ▪️ 9 accurate long balls.

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Liverpool FC is saddened by the recent rise in vile chants about the Hillsborough disaster..

Former Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross: “Van Dijk is slowly becoming the [best] centre-back ever. The more I watch him, I can’t find a fault in his game. I look on in envy. Every attribute he’s 10/10. A Rolls Royce. At [£75m] he was a steal. #awlive [liverpool echo].

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Liverpool vs. Barcelona. One of the greatest comebacks ever 😱 (via @LFC).

🔴 Liverpool maintain the gap ⚒️ West Ham lose ground on fourth 🟦 Everton fall into the drop zone #PL.

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Opinião do ADM aqui: 04/05. Pecado aquela Champions perdida pro Liverpool, mas o time era uma máquina. 06/07 já era fim de ciclo, muita gente duvidava da capacidade daquele elenco (a maioria já estava quase estourando a idade)..

After Liverpool and City, the rest are more or less even field. Honestly how are we any different to West Ham or Brentford or Spurs or Arsenal or any other teams?! Thomas Tuchel gave us an identity in defense and even that we can’t carry out anymore!!.

Cristiano Ronaldo, tras recibir la ovación de la afición del Liverpool en Anfield: “Un mundo, un deporte, una sola familia. Gracias, Anfield. Mi familia y yo nunca olvidaremos este momento de respeto y compasión. 🙌🏻❤️.

Liverpool FC statement: Liverpool FC is saddened by the recent rise in vile chants about the Hillsborough disaster. We know the impact these abhorrent slurs have on the families of the 97, those who survived, and all associated with this club. (1/2).

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Jake Paul being a Liverpool FT account is one of the maddest things to happen this year 😂.

Forget Mbappe and Haaland and any blockbuster signing any clubs may make this summer. Jurgen Klopp extending his contract at Liverpool is already the best business any club in Europe will do..

Bruno Fernandes, sobre a homenagem da torcida do Liverpool para Cristiano Ronaldo e família: - Gesto muito bonito dos fãs do Liverpool, mas prefiro não comentar. É muito sensível. São coisas que causam dor a outras pessoas. Todos estão com ele e ele sabe. 🗞️ | 📸: ESPN.

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Celebrando as conquistas internacionais do Flamengo, o tripé fará uma menção a consquista do Mundial de Clubes com a vitória de 3x0 Sobre o Liverpool em 1981 no Japão..

Jurgen Klopp joined Liverpool when I was 16 and he’s going to leave when I’m 27 😳 It’s mad to think for a certain generation, he’s all they’re going to know..

NOVA ERA? Novo técnico fará United jogar como City de Guardiola ou Liverpool de Klopp? Veja o que esperar de Erik ten Hag #PremierLeagueNaESPN.

For my @LivEchoLFC ‘King of the Kop’ article this week, a look at why VvD will be key at Newcastle.

🗣 “So far it’s been a very good season for us [Liverpool], but we want to make it a special and fantastic one.” Virgil van Dijk speaks about the key to his sides success so far this season..

#DamaiHatiDalamRamadhan Liverpool Antara Tenang Dan Damai, Dan Gunung Pun Ada Mirip Berjemur 👇.

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O Liverpool teve seu pedido rejeitado para mudar o horário do jogo contra o Newcastle em 30 de abril pela Premier League. [Standard].

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İkiz çocuklarından birini kaybeden Cristiano Ronaldo, kendisine destek veren ve Asla yürümeyeceksin tezahüratını söyleyen Liverpool taraftarı için sosyal medya hesabından bir paylaşım yaptı. ✍️ Teşekkürler Anfield. Ben ve ailem bu saygı/şefkat anını asla unutmayacağı.

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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Manchester City ou Liverpool: qui sera sacré champion d’Angleterre, selon vous ? 🤔.

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BREAKING: Liverpool have stepped up talks with Jürgen Klopp over a new contract, keeping him past 2024. (The Times) Absolutely HUGE for them 🤯.

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@royamansoorvar ✅Approved in NFT Liverpool 🎱My physical graffiti painting on car door (the red one was sold NFT and Physically) $ETH.

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Jürgen Klopp has agreed a new four-year contract with Liverpool after committing to continue building a dynasty at Anfield.

Villareal beat Juventus and Bayern Munich to get to the semi-finals. Two good teams They won the Europa League last season. Villareal are playing a very good Liverpool side who is one of the best in the Premier league. To say Villareal is a disgrace is not true and a bad take..

@Origilista I hear it but Tapsobas gonna be 40M minimum while Schlotterbeck is 20M and that price tag is ultimate Liverpool territory where they sign someone for a low fee and they turn out to be unbelievable.

@meamitshuklaa They are essentially a counter attacking team. They have pace and Liverpool have a high line. It could happen..

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