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#MovieStill Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America in Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame (2019) | Credits to:.

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@kkid_27 끄아아 ㅡㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ한 90은 못알아들엇지만 귀여운 구슬님 아프지 마세요는 알아들엇어요ㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ힝구 스윗한 꼬마님 넘 감사해요ㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠ(디엠으로 달려가 기다린다).

Hoy en #MarvelFlixRadio te podes ganar este cómic de CAPTAIN MARVEL y una taza de DEADPOOL Estate atento a la trivia DEL VIVO escuchas las 3 pistas y participa llamando al 4856-5272 A partir de las 18Hs Arg por @RadioTrendTopic.

Marvel ภาพถ่าย

#MovieStill Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America in Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame (2019) | Credits to:.

Marvel ภาพถ่าย

marvel se você matar o long hair do bucky eu quero um traje impecável pra me ajudar a lidar com a perda por favor.

これ 水樹奈々好きなオタクここからMARVEL入っても平気だよ多分.

The WINNER is Captain Marvel which i kinda find surprising because i think Valkyrie would definitely be a top too. They’d have fun arguments about who’s daddy every night..

@Otilobaid_ @CGLGalaxy Cus no one is willing to communicate properly for zarya Rein or Winston dva.

マーベルドラマ『ファルコン&ウィンターソルジャー』が2019年10月に撮影開始すると、バッキー役のセバスチャン・スタンがコメント! 撮影はアトランタで行われるとも以前のニュースで伝えられてました。 ストーリーはやはり『エンドゲーム』後になるのかな?.


@jjkmoonchiId do u ever just think about how thanos is jungkook’s fav marvel character?.

#CaptainMarvel inspiring heroes all over Marvel! 1 - Sasquatch, StarLord, Iron Heart, X-23 and Molly wearing Carol’s t shirts! 2 - admiring her Captain Marvel poster! 3-Peter and Mary’s daughter have a Captain Marvel poster on her wall! 4- NYC show Carol some love!.

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My Marvel Ships: (♥️= OTP/Favorite) •FrostIron♥️ •ScienceBoyfriends♥️ •Clintasha♥️ •Starmora♥️ •Pepperony •Spideychelle •ScarletVision •ThorBruce What are yours?.

昨日、ロカホリ新宿さんにお邪魔してDJの練習をさせて頂きました👏🏻 いつものライブよりみんなとの距離が近いです!じーっと見とくのも恥ずいけどいいよ😮笑 ぜひ遊びに来てちょ💥.

Marvel ภาพถ่าย

@Scxttylang the life of captain marvel, star-lord 2017, captain marvel by kelly sue deconnick, guardians of the galaxy 2008, patsy walker aka hellcat, mockingbird 2016.

@kevinisheeereee Yeah marvel movies always hide stuff. So I don’t count those. But like. I can’t think of anything on the scale of Sonic..

@sorry_marvel 됨 꿈도 멋있어!! 그냥...지구정복을 하면 스파이더맨이나 어벤저스가 싫어할 거야..!!.

what if we all got played and there is no captain marvel 2 and actually brie larson is retiring acting to become a pokémon trainer.

oh my God this is so sad they really thought they did something with one of them has her own.

I’m frustratingly close to finishing my Captain Marvel jumper, but I know there’s at least 1-2 more hours work in it (I need to knit the neckband and sew up the side seams) and I’ll go wrong if I try and finish it tonight. Tomorrow though!.

@diegoharknives ⍟ Captain America ⎊ Iron Man ⧗ Black Widow ✇ Hulk ✵ Captain Marvel ۞ Doctor Strange ϟ Thor ४ Loki ꘩ Ant-man ᗢ Scarlet Witch ✪ Winter Soldier. I have these ones!!.

MARVEL映画の中で 最も好きなものは アイアンマン、アントマン、デットプールをぶち抜いて ガーディアンズ・オブ・ギャラクシーになりました.

@balroxelle @Robots_and_Such These look so great. I love the Captain Marvel drawing^^.

@CrisBerenguer yo yendo a sufrir una vez más con marvel.

Marvel ภาพถ่าย

@FarBRS @Lixuh_com Nos quadrinhos não pode se escolher pós a DC e mais sombria e a Marvel tem mais super sagas isso vai na escolha de cada um o resto é só vdd.

今日ドクターストレンジやるのか、 映画館で初めて見た時の あの感覚は忘れられないな。 MARVEL作品の中でかなり好きな 作品だから、皆に見てほしい! あの面白さを共有したい! 金曜ロードshow楽しみだ! #ありがとうアベンジャーズ.

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