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  • Karla Souza cuenta que fue violada por un director. Esta es una entrega de una serie de programas en Aristegui sobre el movimiento #metoo y las mujeres que han roto el silencio sobre el acoso sexual

    #MeToo twitter.
  • Para [email protected] los indignados que se preguntan porque las víctimas de abuso no hablan antes. #MeToo

  • “Please, by all means, share the footage from the hallway outside the 24th floor residential elevator bank on the morning of January 11, 2006,” tweeted the 35-year-old @RachelForOhio #MeToo #TimeIsUp

  • #MeToo : Accusant le producteur #Weinstein de viol, elle a créé la polémique avec ce mouvement de révolte sur les réseaux sociaux. Entre les larmes et la colère, @RoseMcGowan se confie dans le portrait de #SeptÀHuit et réagit sur la tribune cosignée par Catherine Deneuve.

  • いつも拡散のご協力をありがとうございます。マスコミ報道が正常化しなければ、安倍政権は倒れないと考えます。インチキ出鱈目だらけの安倍政治を終わらせるためにも、この告知内容をSNS外にもお広め頂けますよう、何とぞよろしくお願いいたします。 #ヤバすぎる緊急事態条項 #metoo

  • #ヤバすぎる緊急事態条項 #MeToo 30分遅れ。

  • The latest デイリー gohancafe! Thanks to @ApoLoveLove #metoo #ldnews

  • 【她和男友邊講電話,邊和男子嘿咻,再 #MeToo 對方】 設計對白:台灣誣告性侵哪有這麼多?誣告判得跟性侵一樣重這樣很多性侵受害者會不敢出來舉報加害者耶!   P.S 如果現在性傾要件是WCN最想通過的...

  • Vad hände egentligen med #metoo i Frankrike? – Opulens

  • <満員御礼>【イベント】2月23日開催:シンポジウム『 #MeToo からChangeへ 私たちの声をどう生かすか』 | ヒューマンライツ・ナウ 明日行く。 しっかり聞いてくる。

  • This just the tip of the iceberg in terms of abuses that nurses face......#metoo #nurses #healthcare @NBCNews

  • (이규형배우님) 응원합니다 #MeToo #WithYou

    #MeToo twitter.
  • “Hay que dar una respuesta desde el feminismo, el momento es propicio. Necesitamos un #MeToo”por y para la infancia." @isaserras

    #MeToo twitter.
  • 여러모로 배울게 많은 우리배우님 너무너무 고마워요 ❤️ 앞으로 이런일이 일어나지않도록 가해자가 두려워하는세상이 되었으면 #metoo #withyou #이규형

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  • #movebeyond it’s what comes after #metoo

  • @actormoon 이윤택에 대해 언급하실 말씀은 없으신겁니까? 아니면 아예 언급할 이유를 모르시는겁니까. 같은 연극인으로서 실명으로 metoo 하시는 여성연극인을 봐서라도 이윤택의 성추행과 성폭행에 대해 동조하시는게 아니라면 비판의 말씀이라도 있으셔야 할것 같은데요. 기다리고 있겠습니다.

  • "The people paying us to do what we’re doing are very high up political people." #CSA #CSE #Politicians #SocialCare #MeToo

  • @Quin4Trump @Loduv @RivasSergio Look at the lady in his bio photo on the far left. She’s clinging to the teacher next to her. Sergio looks like a snake charmer. #METOO Must be an awful place. Something tells me children aren’t safe around him. I don’t say that lightly. It’s cringeworthy. He should be reported.

  • @itchaaa KEEP DOING IT. #MeToo

  • Teens are marching on capitals demanding safety in schools. Politicians and conservatives call them liars, actors, and snowflakes. The revolution is coming. Between #BlackLivesMatters @womensmarch #MeToo #TimesUp and @AMarch4OurLives, too many of us are enraged & ready to fight.

  • This is POTUS “Believe me, she would not be my first choice. That I can tell you. You don’t know. That would not be my first choice.’’ Men must speak up too against the abuse! SPEAK UP! #MeToo

  • #MeToo: Más actrices mexicanas denuncian haber sido víctimas de acoso sexual 🙁🇲🇽

    #MeToo twitter.
  • 「矯風会は滅びぬ。何度でもよみがえるさ。それが彼女たちの夢だからだ!」という感じでしょうか。#MeToo 運動は、日本の明治時代にも起きていた!<性暴力とフェミニズムを考える>香山リカ/北原みのり-幻冬舎plus

  • #Fashion Industry - Milan Fashion Week (Wednesday): Week opens with #MeToo moment of reflection

    #MeToo twitter.
  • Smashed chickpeas AND smashed patriarchy #metoo #woodgreen #dips…

  • #MeToo: actrices mexicanas narran los abusos sexuales que han enfrentado en la industria del cine

    #MeToo twitter.
  • @kikyz507 Metoo maiLov~ uwuwuu

  • @RichDuey @mollydubis @Chavo11_Estrada #MeToo

  • @c_knightrider @realDonaldTrump To bring up a widely illegal cultural phenomenon is pretty low. There are 18 countries in Africa alone restricting FGM as well as hundreds of communities that won’t allow it. The rape thing is quite laughable especially in the midst of the #MeToo movement...

  • @bbbigbird ありがとうございます!!ポップな曲調の中に少し物悲しさを感じる素敵な曲でした😌💕好き…… 洋楽は全く聞かない方なので、これを機にその他リプ欄含めて色々聴いてみたいと思います(*n´ω`n*)

  • 갓건배 유튜브막힘? 개어이없네

  • @_ueing 헤헤 싫오

  • 성추행범에 대한 용감한 고발이 결코 미국의 metoo에서 비롯됐다고 보지 않는다. 잠재된 울분이 터지도록 강한 모멘텀을 준 것은 탁이라 생각된다. 청와대에 또아리를 튼 그 뱀같은 놈을 보면서 아픈 용기를 낸게 아닐까 한다

  • @kealacarr What about bulge watching.... at the gym, walking around, (mostly)on the train, at work. I get lewd stairs at my penis all the time. How come you guy don’t address your sexual misconduct. Older women would often times make by today’s standards comments that were metoo worth

  • [미국의 식민지에서 벗어나자] - 투표소 수개표로 부정선거 차단하자 #MeToo 전쟁으로 일어선 국가는 빨리 망해 주세요~ G2의 민낯..세계평화지수 美 83위·中 141위

  • South Korean chat app becomes new outlet for #MeToo movement