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I always thought that time heals, which it does, but after the fifth year of Father’s Day without my dad things feel like they’ve gotten harder. I miss you more everyday! Thinking of you all today❤️.

Ok. I feel like I say this all. the. time. but once more: I’m not a miss. I’m not a ma’am. If you send messages to MISS VEDA etc they’re currently being ignored and will continue to be ignored. Ty.

@Hope4Once @KevinOConnorNBA If you listen to KOC he’s very honest that he had Killian #1 in his board in 2020 and it’s his biggest miss ever. I mean the guy puts out a ton of content you can’t be right all the time..

2022-06-24 10:00:01 6. 25th Nene Birthday 7. BON VOYAGE KIM TAEHYUNG 8. Morning24 BAMBAM 9. Miss You All The Time 10. PPPAT 24-7 TAOHUAWU2.

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