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Romelu Lukaku says there could be movement on his United future next week #mufc.

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How about Garner, Gomes, and Greenwood today? Wow, they are literally better, not just a bit, but miles better than Mata, Lingard, and Matic. #MUFC.

کنجر کے بچے اگر اتنا سچا ہے تو پاکستان آ اور عدالت میں منی ٹریل دے۔.

Solskjaer says Pogba will be under consideration for the the captaincy this season. #MUFC.

Solskjær: “Have I told Lukaku I want to keep him? My private conversations will remain private. That’s my privilege. #MUFC.

Romelu Lukaku says there could be movement on his United future next week #mufc.


if we are to sell Lukaku .. why not diogo Jota or Jimenez or Neres ? how well do they fit in here ? #MUFC.

Daniel James had a decent 45 mins. He will be a threat to any team with his pace. Good luck to the lad living the dream! #MUFC.

#MUFC ภาพถ่าย

@mufc_dan87 @PolaBear2637 Never been to Australia, it’s on the list, have a friend who lives in Perth..

Refreshing is exactly how it felt watching this trio 👍 Mason unlucky not have had a double & Garner’s was on the ball like a flash before drilling home. V poor opposition but positive nonetheless #mufc.

Final thought: imo #mufc need to sign two cms and a cb, for sure. But man we need a right winger. Martial and Rashford can line up centrally. James can go to left. But none of the rest are actual rightwingers: Mata, Lingard, Greenwood, Gomes, or Chong out there this 😬.

This is a million times better than watching MUFC managed by Ole play..

Pogba is actually going to have so much fun with Daniel James. He’s about to send him on errand outside the stadium 🏟 with a pass for him to chase 😹😹😹 #MUNPER #MUFC.

Watching #TheHillsNewBeginnings and it’s like going back a decade. Drama with Audrina/Justin Bobby and Spencer/Steph. Funny how everything changes yet somehow it’s all still the same. Brody definitely got hotter as he got older though 😍.

I consider gomes, greenwood, chong, all as being first team players this season. They are ready given the amount of games we have. #mufc.

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