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6 wasted seasons for Manchester United, one consistent factor. #mufc.

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@starkswallet DID YOU SEE THE POSE SHE DID THERE NOW “lEtS sEe iF tHeY hAvE wHaT iT tAkEs tO bEcOmE a ReAL fAn” *pose*.

No i wont sell Pogba Bailly Sanchez Lindelof, i would sell those who are not adding anything to the game and being so cocky Rashford (loan) Lingard Jones Smalling Young !! Imagine having proper FW who takes his chances or proper CBs who actually can use their feet #MUFC.

Ed Woodward has extended the contracts of these two. Our club is run by business men who know nothing about football. This is painful to watch. #MUFC.

United fans hit back at Shearer after he trolls Solskjaer #mufc.

Made mental checklist of what players went to the away supporters yesterday to apologize. Tells you everything you need to know about who actually cares..

@MUFC It is reported that MUFC have spent £744 million [not a misprint] 🤫 since Sir Alex Ferguson retired. This is what I meant when I said the rot in the club is deep and reflects on the Board and the owners not just on manager and players.

It’s so funny. Bare negative energy for Pogba & Martial. But when it comes to Smalling, Jones, Matic & Young all of a sudden everyone is quiet??😂Nah I’m not having that they’ve been crap for years. #mufc.

United fans were left frustrated after the team missed a huge opportunity in the race for the top four #mufc.

Lifelong MUFC fan. Wanted somewhere to voice my opinion on this shambles atm somewhere other than my personal account! Thought I’d try my hand at FT, any follow backs appreciated 😁.

Full-time at Goodison Park. Post-match reaction: #MUFC #teamNego @ Bogoso, Western, Ghana.

Defeats for Spurs and Arsenal mean United have got away with it big time this weekend. Also means they’ve blown a massive chance to take an advantage over their top four rivals #mufc.

@LVGsLegacy mourinhou fans should be happy with solksjaer hes keeping mufc in mourinhous fave position of 6th.

Solskjaer wants to move on from Everton defeat as quickly as possible #mufc.

#سولشاير: سنبذل قصارى جهدنا وكل ما نملك في الـ ٤ مباريات المقبلة..

6 wasted seasons for Manchester United, one consistent factor. #mufc.

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Horror show from #MUFC so loads of changes needed at HT including that fucking pink Jersey! #EVEMUN.

Feel for the fans that pay stupid money to go away from home and watch this #MUFC.

Won’t be shocking if De gea, Pogba, Rashford all leave this team is 💩 . . Lukaku, sanchez, martial, herrera might leave too but thats a bit less troubling 😬 . . #MUFC #MUFC_FAMILY.

Romero could have saved that, terrible positioning from Degea, sigurdson finding the net without necessarily looking at it because he spotted degea earlier, I stopped believing today, Europa incoming #EVEMUN #mufc.

#MUFC ภาพถ่าย

Why have @ManUtd gone backwards since the Psg Win , we should of had the belief that we could beat anybody #MUFC.

World leaders and well wishes sending condolences messages to Sri Lanka should also not #MUFC who is facing hard times #EVEMUN.

I’m not surprised but the fact there’s no fight in this squad is ridiculous. Half these players need to move on. Play for the badge you muppets! #MUFC.

Jose Mourinho: Finishing second with Manchester United last season was one of the best jobs of his career #mufc With this current squad i would agree..

United Players who already signed a better contract: I’ve my new contract, why bother. United Players who are in negotiations: I’m distracted because of my uncertain future, why bother. #MUFC #EVEMUN.

I want City to beat us by 6 goals. I want the cunt Pogba being made to look like the fraud he is #MUFC #EVEMUN.

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