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In Myanmar, a new ‘criminal’ State is rising. And China is paying to build it Myanmar’s narcotics warlords are finally becoming the arbiters of the State. While China quietly moves in, India will have to make tough choices..

@tweetmiliter Rusia membunuh jurnalis. Israel membunuh jurnalis. Myanmar membunuh jurnalis. China membunuh jurnalis. Pemerintahan dan aparat mereka yang berlaku semena-mena dan melakukan kejahatan sistematis..

Zoological Survey Of India Discovers New Catfish Species In Myanmar ….

Cambodian Foreign Minister Prak Sokhon has said that he will travel to Myanmar next month and attempt to meet with the country’s shadow government in a bid to resolve the spiraling political crisis there..

Ilonggo booter Jovin Bedic provided all the offensive spark for the Azkals Under-23 team but suffered their first loss against Myanmar, 2-3, in the ongoing 2022 Southeast Asian Games..

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