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NCT 127 1st Tour ‘NEO CITY : JAPAN – The Origin’ 福岡公演初日! 今日のリハーサルが先程終わりました! 札幌公演から2週間ぶりということもあり、細かい部分まで入念に確認しながら真剣に臨んでいましたよ^^ #NCT127 #NCT127_1stTour.

NCT 127 Twitter

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NCT 127 - ทวีตชั้นนำใน Twitter

oomfs trying to get nct 127 tix i send u all the luck and positive energy 👯‍♀️🥰.

turns out i get my braces off in april so you know what that means? STRAIGHT TEETH FOR NCT 127.

@_nctsunrise @sistertaeyong NCT Dream is doing well though. I guess the break down doesn’t bother me. Dream still calls their fans NCTizens. NCT 127 and I think WayV is their fixed groups. I’m genuinely confused why people are upset..

@lokiiswatching_ Zmienili nazwę lighsticka na NCT 127 i kurww dlaczego oni ich tak dzielą.

NCT 127 - WAKEY WAKEY LINE DISTRIBUTION. Taeil - Mark - Haechan - Yuta - Doyoung - Jaehyun - Johnny - taeyong - Jungwoo -.

ok de gustibus ma . letteralmente il loro stile ormai si sa dal debutto ed è quello o piace o non piace può non farvi impazzire una canzone ma letteralmente mettere TUTTE le titles dei 127 come le più brutte the pagliaccery.

Svp postez des photos taeyong de nct 127 ce bg — 에 ◉‿◉.

NCTZENS, @NCTsmtown_127’s Wakey Wakey MV is still trending #16 on YouTube in the US. Let’s challenge ourselves to see how much we can prolong their longevity on the trending page without letting them drop rank! Tell us in the replies how high the MV is trending in your countries!.

NCT 127 ภาพถ่าย

NCT 127、新曲MVで夢と現実が交錯する世界観を描く #NCT127.

love fm live radio - nct 127 when asked about what they ate last night jaehyun was the first one to respond 😂 they ate mentaiko france and he said it was delicious..

@uhquaria no nct 127 is a subunit of nct KSNKSNS theres 17 of them😭i was wondering why u only selected one subunit to stan.

what’s your nct 127 title track ranking? — this is hard but .. limitless > regular = touch > simon says = cherry bomb > chain > wakey wakey >> firetruck.

nct u is nct, nct 127 is nct, wayv is nct and nct dream is nct. they’re all in nct and they’re all one. ot21. so can sm stop dividing them??? first the fandoms and now the lightstick????? bruh.

4月2日(火)開催、NCT 127 Japan 1st Full Album『Awaken』リリース記念イベントの「応募方法詳細」を発表! また併せて、対象サイト・店舗にてご予約いただいた方への『Awaken』オリジナルポストカード全員プレゼントも決定! 詳細はこちら: #NCT127 #NCT127_Awaken.

omg I know I’m late asf, but nct 127’s wakey teaser ajdbajdbwdh they look so good and taeil’s voice!!! also yuta better get the lines he deserve!!! also I miss winwin :(((.

Running 2 U - NCT 127 - 들어보세요. #Melon.

NCT 127 ภาพถ่าย

nct 127 ilk mini japon albümünü çıkarıyormuş diye bi gönderi attı ben de ilk japon albümü chain dedim o da ilk mini diyor chain mini olmadığı için olabilir mi diyor wtf.

Acabo de ver el Teaser de nct 127 porque siempre llego tarde a todo Y QUEDÉ PAL PICO TREMENDO TEMAZO QUE SE NOS VIENE.

엔시티 굿즈 양도합니다 디엠주세요 ✔️마크 레귤러 46엽서 사육엽서 세트 nct 엔씨티 127 쟈니 태일 윈윈 태용 유타 도영 재현 윈윈 해찬 마크 교환.

NCT 127 ภาพถ่าย

@luvcherry__ 하,,,모두가 아는 노래 듣자니 뭔 싸가지노,,,하,,,,아이유 박효신 그리고 NCT 127 모르나,,.

127 is feeding nct dream dream contributed to the million sales so which is it.

NCT 127 1st tour NEO CITY JAPAN the origin 日本ツアー 会場限定 入場トレカ 福岡 メモリアルブック トレカ 譲:ユウタ 悠太 유다 ヨンホ ジャニー 자니 求:ヘチャン ドンヒョク 해찬 (ウィンウィン 윈윈 ウィン子) 3/18 福岡 サンパレス 交換希望.

NCT 127 ภาพถ่าย

3/31(日)さいたまスーパーアリーナで開催される『NCT 127 1st Tour ‘NEO CITY : JAPAN - The Origin’』最終公演を、AbemaTVにて独占生中継することが決定しました! お楽しみに♪ 詳細はこちら: #NCT127 #NCT127_1stTour.

放送中‼️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ NCT 127 NEO CITY JAPAN-TheOrigin開催記念SP#1 @AbemaTV で視聴中 #NCT127日本ツアー記念特番.

NCT 127 1st Tour ‘NEO CITY : JAPAN – The Origin’ 福岡公演初日! 今日のリハーサルが先程終わりました! 札幌公演から2週間ぶりということもあり、細かい部分まで入念に確認しながら真剣に臨んでいましたよ^^ #NCT127 #NCT127_1stTour.

NCT 127 ภาพถ่าย
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