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5. Lali Espósito 🇦🇷 4. Lil Nas X 3. NCT Dream 2. EXO 1. ¿?.

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i am not a boygroup stan. monsta x seventeen and shinee and nct dream are not boy groups they are babie groups i am a babie group stan.

I’m a new account so like and follow to be mutual if you stan: ateez monsta x nct (all units, ot21 only) bigbang (except from the one who shall not be named) mamamoo blackpink day6 bts Got7 the rose enoi seventeen exo akmu imfact kard stray kids and any other group tbh idc :))).

💚BOOM💚 음원순위 17:00 (8/17) 멜론 87 (1⬇️) 지니 X 벅스 X 소바 X 엠넷 X 플로 X 바이브 X #WE_BOOM #NCTDREAM_WEBOOM * 바이브 <오늘의 TOP 100> 기준.

@C21350664 丁寧にありがとうございます😭こちらこそ、ありがとうございました! イベントお互い楽しみましょう😊.

gn. today i received doyoung’s tits, an nct 127 x sekai no owari interaction, ateez being cute as shit and mark saying “im finally spiderman!” so its been a good day . but now im sleep.

💚BOOM💚 음원순위 11:00 (8/17) 멜론 92 (2⬇️) 지니 X 벅스 X 소바 X 엠넷 X 플로 X 바이브 X #WE_BOOM #NCTDREAM_WEBOOM * 바이브 <오늘의 TOP 100> 기준.

NCT DREAM new members: Hyungtae, Jinyoung, Youngwon NCT X: Jeno, Jisung, Jaemin, Taeseong.

@visheskth hejka, madziucha jestem :> na ulciku mam mojego loml wonho, yifana, seungcheola, sana i jiyonga, a stanuje glownie monsta x, exo, svt, ateez, nct, got7, skz, rv i the rose,,.

@haanscheeks 3 de bts, 4 de ateez, 1 de nct, 1 de loona, 2 monsta x y 2 de.

@jabsbajz Ja nie wiem którego dać bo mam trzech sjsjsj no ale w każdym razie do wyboru do koloru może być jeden, mogą być wszyscy Minhyuk (monsta x), Woosung (the rose), Taeyong (nct).

@lilvggukie ahh duzo;—-; seventeen nct shinee the rose day6 monsta x ateez i wiele innych ale nie pamietamXDDDD.

@tae5ook u already know me but hi im sude, she/her, ult groups are bts, seventeen, day6 & monsta x, and ult biases are bts yoongi, seventeen jeonghan & joshua, nct jaemin, day6 jae, the boyz changmin (q) & monsta x hyungwon.

never would i have imagined a sekai no owari x nct 127 interaction i- 😭💕.

NCT X ภาพถ่าย

@hejkahoseok Stray kids, bts, ateez, nct, monsta x, ab6ix, cix, mamamoo, blackpink, twice, clc, shinee.

Hi! I’m looking to gain more moots 😜 So rt/like if u stan the following : Bts Nct Txt Ab6ix Pentagon Mamamoo Chungha Sunmi Ateez Monsta x Day6/The Rose And I’ll follow u ( ^ω^ ).

THERES AN NCT INDONSEDIA!!??!?!?!?!? NCT X?!?!?!??!?!?!? WHAT IS BAOOEBNING?!?!?!?.

First stans/experiences (kpop!) 1. F(x) - Electric Shock 2. SHINee 3. SNSD 4. NCT or MX 5. EXID 6. 7. Hyuna 8. Taemin 9. besides album? Ateez hoodie 10. Ateez 11. hasn’t happened yet drop an emoji and I’ll dm you the questions!.

@kpopcasesph bts, got7, nct, stray kids, way v, monsta x, ace, seventeen and txt !!.

{np} OPEN PO 📍Arena Homme x Kang Daniel 📍Harpers Bazaar x Taeyong 📍1st Look Magazine x Kim mingyu 📍Allure magazine x NCT Dream Semua dp 25k‼️ @titipdongnun.

NCT X ภาพถ่าย

PRODUCE X 101 [단독/직캠] 일대일아이컨택ㅣ한승우 - NCT U ♬BOSS @그룹X배틀 190517.

nct 127 레귤레이트 태용 커버 앨범 에 양도해요 포카 X 포카만 확인한거라 깨끗해요. 거파 방지를 위해 절반은 미리 입금해주시고, 나머지 금액은 직거래시 주셔야 합니다 🙏🙏 서울 2호선 합정역 -- 서울대입구역 직거래 만 가능해요 😊 디엠 주세요 😊.

มีNCT X แล้วไม่มี NCT XL เหรอ เผื่อคับ ใส่ไม่ได้.

Harus ya ada NCT kenaapah sih 😂😂😂 udah cukup menyebalkan lihat huruf X 🤦🏻‍♀️.

NCT X ภาพถ่าย

มึง nct u แล้วข้ามไป nct x ได้ไง แล้ว nct v อะ.

5. Lali Espósito 🇦🇷 4. Lil Nas X 3. NCT Dream 2. EXO 1. ¿?.