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MCとのわちゃわちゃトークで #SHINee 5人の仲の良さが溢れる🥰 \『週刊K-POPアイドル』無料放送中/ キーからもらった財布をなくしちゃった👛⚡️ オートバイを壊しちゃった🏍⚡️… そんな #テミン を愛する 4人のファン(お兄さん)が テミンのソロ曲でダンスを披露🕺 👇「Sherlock」2倍速ダンス🔥.

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#SHINee - ทวีตชั้นนำใน Twitter

I have shitty luck when it comes to okay maybe except that one time shinee accidentally opened my twt account in after school but thats like last #2013.

how solo armys gonna say shinee flopped damn y’all think everyone that ain’t bts flops😐.

SHINee es tendencia por que están peleando el color del fandom, creo no es necesario mencionar que cualquier tonalidad del verde agua es Color Chaini entonces por logica, si creo que TXT no debería jugarle al chido.

weon qué chucha el lightstick de txt es el mismo de shinee JSJFKD bighit pongan imaginación con los niños po.

Pls, ini warna kebanggaan gue. Ini fandom gue yang udah nemenin gue dari SD kelas 6! #SHINee.

#SHINee ภาพถ่าย

*briga dos fãs do txt com os fãs do shinee* enquanto isso o txt:.

It’s the way I see this same nonsensical fool under every tweet talking sh!t. So much for “who tf is SHINee” you clearly know them well enough to spell their name correctly and even the way it’s styled.

@7bornsinger Vabbeh che per me il lightstick sarà come l’AB cioè cambierà colore però boh è un problema se fosse quel colore che non è per niente uguale a quello degli shinee e perché è uscita un giorno prima di quella degli tipo è già 4 giorni che la big hit “hintava”.

Taemin, the boy who finally made it big: K-pop star from Shinee and SuperM is a model of perseverance.

MCとのわちゃわちゃトークで #SHINee 5人の仲の良さが溢れる🥰 \『週刊K-POPアイドル』無料放送中/ キーからもらった財布をなくしちゃった👛⚡️ オートバイを壊しちゃった🏍⚡️… そんな #テミン を愛する 4人のファン(お兄さん)が テミンのソロ曲でダンスを披露🕺 👇「Sherlock」2倍速ダンス🔥.

@hartmelody74 @SHINee Up and down but pretty ok. When I get home we should talk more! I’m in French rn so 😂.

@korean_bylka @__sun__shinee__ Поздно спрашивать, я сама к вам в семейство записалась.

@johnvelys Y en aura qui ramèneront que celui d’exo. D’autre que celui de shinee donc bannn.

【Bot】SMアカありまーす(^O^)♡♡ TVXQ SJ SHINee SNSD☆☆ えくそ垢もあります(^O^)♡♡ @くれれば教えます。・*・:≡( ε:).

@__sun__shinee__ @korean_bylka А я у вас на фоне подпевать буду пока вы будете разбираться кто младше.

who is your account dedicated to? ★ icon: minho ★ user: jjongie ★ header: minho:(( ★ bio: minho ★ loc: shinee ★ pinned: jinri.

Álbuns Shinee 🔹1and1 80 + frete 🔹eps 90 + frete obs: ep 1 inclui card em grupo e pôster, outros incluem cards do key e cards e em grupo, hello está lacrado @helpkpopvt.

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8/27/2011 アイドル運動会でのキュヒョンとSHINeeミンホ.

tbh when i was in the ER last night, i could not stop thinking about shinee. i tried to focus on the strength they usually give me, and how i should definitely work on myself better to be the person i want them to be proud of. ugh, i just really miss them so much..

who is ur account dedicated to? ★ icon: itachi ★ user: block b ★ header: shinee ★ bio: donghae ★ loc: faves ★ pinned: vender meus albuns k.

does anyone wanna dare to guess what my shinee playlist is called ? 🧃🧚🏻‍♀️💎🦕✨.

who is your account dedicated to? ★ icon: jinki ★ user: jjong ★ header: youngk ★ bio: shinee + lesbians ★ loc: jinki ★ pinned: thread of threads.

Awww fetus shinee is so cutee💖 theyre super close w their fam till now even all their mom seems close n supportive w each other thats cute! No wonder theyre all such a nice boys❤❤ my 5hinee.

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【PHOTO】SHINee テミン、海外スケジュールを終えて帰国…カジュアルなファッション(動画あり).

#SHINee ภาพถ่าย