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Updated: September 17th, 2021 01:42 PM IST

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This morning, I visited Air Force units in my home county of Pingtung as they began day 3 of #Taiwan’s Han Kuang military exercises. It was an honour to witness their rigorous training & dedication to protecting our nation’s airspace.

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台湾芸術で心の交流を 巡回展に高校生の絵画32点 高知県立美術館:高知新聞

Nuevo evento local de Pokémon GO: 📅 21 a 28 de septiembre 🌎 Taiwán ➡️ Competición de capturar Pokémon entre los jugadores de distintas zonas de la región. La zona ganadora obtiene +200 PX por captura (el resto +100 PX) del 9 al 11 de octubre ➡️ +3 Caramelos por captura

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台湾はちゃんと危機感を持ってる。日本の防衛費も先進国なみのGDP比2%にすることが喫緊の課題。 ━ 台湾、防衛費を大幅増額 中国の圧力に対抗

Estamos en el año 2021 y gente sigue defendiendo a Setién para el Barça. Cuando su próximo equipo será el Ferrol, la Selección de Taiwán o comentarista en la Cope.

@cchukudebelu China, Taiwan, Singapore, Chinese Malaysia, Chinese Thailand, Chinese Indonesia, North Korea, Tibet, and the overseas Chinese diaspora. Less harmonious as a whole and oftentimes vying under the weight of an ambitious CCP.

Taiwan has been able to prosper and flourish into a functioning democracy under the cover of ambiguity over its status. This has been a good thing. Even its own political self-identity has evolved over that period.

With the dawn of a new space age, our National Space Organization is ensuring that #Taiwan plays an integral role in the global space industry. The successful launches of our FORMOSAT satellites make me excited & optimistic about the future of space technology in Taiwan.

Maldives, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Norway.

If you think Australia is beating the drums of war by building submarines, what do you call it when practically every week the Chinese government promises to invade and subjugate a thriving democracy of 25 million people in Taiwan?

@redsteeze Exactly. Poor Tom is afraid. Taiwan is a country. Any idiot that voted for Biden is torn now because they aren’t sure what to think yet until his puppet masters tell them.

Remember—China started this: -China claims the entire south Asian sea. -China claims Taiwan. -China illegally conquered Hong Kong. -China’s doing a genocide in East Turkestan. -China is flooding the market with their knock-off goods. -China is trying to conquer the world.

Taiwan’s Youtuber introduced teacher’s story. So inspiring. Thanks for your great works.高橋留美子老師~

@RadioFreeTom @redsteeze Do you as a civilian, personally think Taiwan is country? It’s a simple yes/no question.

@notXiangyu Ikr?? Something. All the Asian food is so good. Korean food, Taiwan breakfast, dimsum, HK cafe, Vietnamese, Thai .... endless.

@redsteeze Any aid to Taiwan, military or diplomatic is viewed as a threat by the CCP so this is nonsense and the alarmist rhetoric of comparing it to the Soviets is

天然夫にドッキリして遊んだのにyoutube不具合でサムネが表示されなかったから、先程再度アップロードしました🥲🌱撮影ってわかるとカッコつけるので、天然なところをもっと撮りたい🤔 #台湾生活

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@FedUpGOPer @RadioFreeTom Any American who claims Taiwan is a country should be turned over to the Chinese. They are an enemy to America and our friends in the CCP that ally with us on the left

Welcome to join my 이승기 drawing community 歡迎加入~ 🐢Taiwan 華華 화화 hua-hua sky Drawing 李昇基 이승기 Lee Seung Gi

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@DrChrisCombs Quad is the strongest in terms of air power as it has the potential to deploy some 20k+ military aircrafts if needed as the additional reinforcements from UK, France, Germany, Canada, NZ and even ROK and Taiwan. Some 5-7 times stronger than PLAAF.

The US then had the audacity to recognize fascist Taiwan as the sovereign government over China. There is a reason the Chinese populace has an apparent aversion to the US and Japan, and it is justified. The American hatred towards all things China is racist and farcical.

Monopoly capital from the US, paired up with bourgeois fascist collaborators like the KMT (that fled to Taiwan), led to rapid deindustrialization and complete stagnation of the productive forces of the country. 90% of the country was agrarian and poor.


New Taipei lifts dine-in ban, reopens public spaces | Taiwan News | 2021-09-15 16:38:00

Taiwan ภาพถ่าย,Taiwan แนวโน้มของ Twitter - ทวีตด้านบน

Rumors are growing of a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan in the very near future. While it is still just a rumor, look closely at how the countries around Taiwan are acting🤔.

9 PLA aircraft (Y-8 RECCE, J-16*6, KJ-500 AEW&C and Y-8 ASW) entered #Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ on September 15, 2021. Please check our official website for more information:

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The 5th and 6th presidents of Taiwan Wanted to sell their nation out to China TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT WHAT THEY BOTH HAVE IN COMMON

The US subservient regimes of Taiwan Japan and South Korea are all launching military weaponry ~ and they have the cheek of asking North Korea to halt 😜 !

@takuto_taiwan こんばんは🌕 自分も副反応ヤバかったですよ。💦 水分は、しっかり補給して、ゆっくりして下さいね。🥺

This morning, I visited Air Force units in my home county of Pingtung as they began day 3 of #Taiwan’s Han Kuang military exercises. It was an honour to witness their rigorous training & dedication to protecting our nation’s airspace.

Taiwan ภาพถ่าย,Taiwan แนวโน้มของ Twitter - ทวีตด้านบน

Todos somos Hong King traicionado y Taiwan amenazado. El coloso comunista que aplasta a su pueblo, cree llegado el momento de imponer ese rodillo totalitario como nueva forma de relaciones internacionales para el sometimiento de muy distintas regiones del globo. Toca defenderse.

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