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Thank you so much, kamsahamnida @bambam1a for Singing my song on your concert. I am truly honored & grateful for this. Thank you for sending smile or Ngiti to your Filipino fans. Welcome to Manila, Kamsahamnida God bless! 🫰🏼🫶🏼🇰🇷🇵🇭🙂 #bambam #got7.

@MimiRDS_GOT7 Most wlcm 💚 And U always describe situations !! Thank you for that too.

2022-08-07 07:00:02 6. patrick it sounds incredible 7. 3PLUS X GULF 8. YEARS TREA2URE 9. HAPPY TEU 10. Thank You GOT7.

bump ! ⌗ wts lf pagawa carrd a5 a4 binder cover filler divider ty thank you card receipt comms sticker wishlist happy mail toploader sticker packing mats snsd svt nct enhypen ateez twice bts itzy txt red velvet aespa stayc treasure cravity got7 astro tbz ive loona ph.

Andy Vermaut shares:K-pop star Jackson Wang parties it up in Singapore, jams with beatboxer Dharni in elevator: The GOT7 member was in Singapore to launch his fashion line Mudance and perform a showcase at Marquee, but he also managed to… Thank you..

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