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@Cafeconpodcast se llenará de colores y nos hará reír con #Thor Ragnarok #20PodcastToEndgame.

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@MasamuneHS Luego ni recogen su puta basura, u ni salió de Thor después de los créditos :(.

thor and clint trying out all the rides while bruce and natasha go check out the cafes and food joints yes.

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@WyckedSyxx Marvel released 23 comics this week. Here are 23 comics released by Marvel April 1991. Anyone want to take a guess which year produced better stuff?.

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Really enjoying Metro Exodus! It is such a beautiful game!! #MetroExodus #XboxShare.

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“But before we go let’s eat some yummy bread first.” *Thor shoves it in his mouth without thinking.* “What’s this flavor on my tongue?” “... vagina yeast.” O___O *Iron Man vomits again*.

@darkoestrogen When the Midgardians that spoke Old English named it Thursday which translates to Thor’s Day..

hi if thanos kills Thor in end game I’m never watching another marvel movie again (lie).

E que seja da Poderosa Thor, por favor: Marvel Studios | Tessa Thompson diz que “ouviu” rumores de um quarto filme do Thor!.

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[20:57] Lucas: Me indica alguma coisa pra ver [20:58] Lucas: To cansado de anime [20:58] Rayssa: vem pra minha casa pra gente ver filme da Marvel [20:59] Rayssa: eu tava assistindo Thor gostosao [20:59] Lucas: Ksoslakdks lindão mesmo, pegava muito [21:00] Rayssa: oi?.

vcs tem que entender que minhas opiniões nem sempre são a verdade, por exemplo eu acho o tony o melhor dos 6, isso significa que eu sou cega e não vejo que o thor é mais forte? NAO. isso significa que eu vou insistir que o tony é o melhor vingador escrevendo um artigo? NAO.

@StephenJosiah13 @RossMeenagh Might as well go 3 more days if you’ve made it that far. Would make the drink that much better while you’re watching Thor pitch.

5: Thor. I’d seen this a bunch, always liked it. Partly because of Natalie Portman, partly because only Chris Hemsworth. What’s not to like. A bunch of stuff is already starting to make sense in a way it never did before. Who would’ve thunk it..

Los iconos de las habilidades de Thor han sido actualizados para la próxima actualización..

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You have until the 25th to claim the @TwitchPrime bundle for neith. Gladiator Thor will be the new bundle available. #Smite.

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Capitalism is pretty shitty to a lot of the most brilliant members of our society. It actually rewards cruelty. - @thorharris666.

@ugly_potato2001 Hanw osi se relate kr k stark ne thor ko avengers 1 me POINT BREAK kaha tha. Ragnarok me Hindi dubbed me ose choti master kaha tha.

to apaixonada por thorstan e só consigo pensar em • thor + stan lee = Thorstan vou casar com um cara da marvel hihi.


@mattster895 I’ve been reading mostly DC Comics. The Superman titles, Batman titles, the Flash,Green Lantern, justice league, Martian manhunter, etc. Also some Black Panther, Captain America, Fantastic four, Thor..

Tomorrow I am flying to another country as usual. I hereby challenge god/yahweh, jesus, allah (which is still yahweh), prophet muhammad, vishnu, krishna, zeus, thor or any other god people believe in to crash my plane. just before you do, say which one are you. #Superstition.

Who is your fav Avenger character? Twitter introduces 40 adorable Avengers emoji, including Korg from Thor: Ragnarok via @Verge.

Another new #AvengersEndgame poster with thor captain america iron man.

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@nadiarxal_ alamak hahahahahha hg tak worthy untuk angkat semua hammer2 tu. thor je worthy.

im blocking the words avengers endgame end credits thanos captain america iron man thor dies gauntlet leaked footage spoilers and probably more. i HIGHLY recommend doing this to try and minimize possible spoilers. Also, staying off social media is probably safe..

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