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The Tory candidate Helen Hurford in the Tiverton by election has just locked herself in the dance studio at Crediton sports centre..


Sorry we missed you at the annual Tory summer party last night @grantshapps It seems the only way to get the Government round the table is to bung them £120,000. Bit rich for us so how about a cup of tea and a bacon bap? DM us, yeah? #ToryRailStrikes.

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This is excellent. When liars lie call them what they are. Interesting that the Tory doesn’t even feel the need to hit back at the allegation. When you’re boss is a proven liar it means you’re less likely to worry I guess..

Morning , attack the day and communicate to every Tory MP enough is enough! Finally @ManUtd can you confirm whether the Glazer Family are taking £11m in dividends today please?.

They can’t Corbynise Starmer in the minds of anti-Boris floating/Tory voters, no one buys it..

@MarinaPurkiss They overestimate how many pensioners will vote Tory. So many have lost husbands, wives, siblings, as a result of Johnson’s murderous mishandling of the.

西田有志選手の直筆サイン色紙が届きました うれしー.

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Well played people of #TivertonandHoniton Now never vote Tory again. #MakeTheLiesStop.

Lib Dems win Tiverton and Honiton by-election, overturning huge Tory majority in blow to Boris Johnson.

#TivertonandHoniton 22,000 for Lib Dems compared to Tory 16,000!!! To go from 60% of the vote to losing by such a margin is not just sending a message to PM but a warning shot that we are coming for you all..

Boris Johnson is successfully destroying Britain just like he has destroyed the Tory party. World-beating, I tell you ....

You stupid ignorant fat ugly retard you and your UKIP/Tory party have wrecked our great country.

@BBCNews Another one of the CORRUPT LACKIES of the GOVERNMENT, employed under the TORY conditions. Just who do you trust, certainly not a TORY POLITICIAN..

@RonNewm72135826 @JJohnexley46 So what you saying he would make a good Tory MP then Like your thinking 🤔 you stupid man.

@PeterBoneUK No … the the Tory party in charge at Westminster are corrupt .. lying .. toxic .. self serving … they only make or change laws to suit their interests ...

@ScotTories Divisiveness is at the core of Tory policy. nothing constructive to say. All you do is criticise. We are going to have a referendum so as Jack says “ suck it up”.

@KevinASchofield He must have split his trousers straddling the Tory Party fence on this one.

How does anyone negotiate with the Westminster Tory Lying Party #YesScots.

What, with the resurgence of a decent, strong union, with a concise and strong leader, and the possibility of people actually tactically voting, this Tory shambles are in for a shock. Come on people we DO hold all the cards..

@Hepworthclare @cardiffnan Everything to do with the Nolan principles, totally disregarded by the those in the Tory party that voted for Johnson! Including my invisible Tory MP!.

… this was a conscious act on the Tory party. So if you’re upset about price rises - gas, patrol, imported goods, look no further. You are worse off because of a Westminster Tory Elite getting their way. The only path for Scotland, #indyref2.

Another Mick Lynch classic. The latest Tory bloat didn’t stand a chance..

@RealStephenKerr It’s official. Stephen Kerr is stupid. In fact he’s a stupid Tory..

@LAMBDENA There was a reason the sensible folk of Moray replaced him with a Tory 5 years ago..

@BrandonLewis Is that why you are a member of the Tory party? Bullied becomes the bully.

@AndreJo89945597 @Rachael_Swindon That tory mp is dire shes no match for mick she comes across quite deranged..

@martleshamman @LBC Side note. Have been voting Tory, only because the alternative is even worse. If Only the Labour party actually represented the struggling working class 🤷‍♂️.

Now students call for less free and one in ten wants to ban Tory party from campuses | Daily Mail Online.

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@Mark_W_Mullins @RMTunion It’s uncanny how much the media’s line of questioning resembles the Tory talking points..

@shoshanade @DocAtCDI Getting more difficult by the day .. re the #Tory💩 Vote tactically everyone! #byelection2022.

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