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Updated: September 19th, 2021 06:36 PM IST

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BREAKING: Arizona Sues Biden Administration Over COVID Vaccine Mandate

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Shoutout to Arizona, y’all did it right! Put all these creeps behind bars. Even tho y’all should take em out back. A 9mm is much cheaper than life in prison. If you touch kids you don’t deserve to live. Point blank period.

Florida State and Arizona are the only 0-3 P5 #CFB teams Both have lost a game to a #FCS opponent

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@DASEVILCHEN Alas it is not, for I am back in Arizona and the greenhouse is in New York :3

The Atlantic: The Arizona Election Audit Is Still Unraveling in Chaos.

Arizona Republicans Lose Another Legal Fight To Hide Ballot Audit Documents via @YouTube

NAU Beats Arizona In Football For The First Time Since 1932 Saturday Night. #Flagstaff #NAUStrong

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Maricopa County agrees to settle with Arizona State Senate #AZSenate @FannKfann

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@JKash000 As a youngster I remember California set the tone for everything, clothes, music, words, surfboards, hairdos, cars, etc. They did not set the tone for cheating, they have followed the Battleground States. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Come on ARIZONA!!

Masks to desk dividers: Which COVID-19 safety measures should parents look for in schools?

@trey485 @Maschomaker1 I wish Woodward would publish the facts about Arizona and the other audits with the same fervor as he did Watergate

The First State Has Filed a Lawsuit Against the Biden Administration Over Federal Vaccine Mandates: Arizona

@arizona_olsen lmao this made me a great friendship you have there💀😭

If they audit California and canvas the state, the world will find out just how unpopular the democrats really are. Arizona led the way for this. Following their lead Californian republicans and expose this tyranny!

@updates_frank US in desperate need of war else ghost of #ElectionFraud n #AfghanFailure will lead to fall of government

I feel like if I don’t succeed tomorrow Anthony will drive to Arizona and yell at me.

Arizona Becomes First State To Sue Biden Over Vaccine Mandates

But that sounds like a lot of effort! What if four people worked just *one* diligent 8-hour shift, flashlight-sorting a pile of 50-50 votes? That would be 11,520 ballots processed — more than the official margin between Biden and Trump in Arizona, for instance. In one day’s work

@travisyost Yeah. They are in a brutal division too. Granted i dont think Buffalo or Detroit have a better shot at the playoffs than the Sens but they are going to be bad. LA and the Ducks are plenty bad too. Same with Arizona. Theu just have an easier division

@KeyJayandMax why does that clown hate on Arizona so much ? He keeps saying Kyler is small but does he realize muscle wise he is bigger then Wilson and Lamar Jackson ? Keyshawn sucks at his job and it’s painful to listen to him.

Political reporters seeing that the Cyber Ninjas and Arizona Senate public records are going to become available soon:

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adds: Elijah Mitchell: 140695x Mark Ingram: 42664x Tim Patrick: 40580x Osborn: 25584x Christian Kirk: 21735x Zach Pascal: 17165x Juwan Johnson: 16298x Arizona Cardinals: 13329x Taylor Heinicke: 13043x JaMycal Hasty: 11770x

Steelers defense won us superbowl rings most notably the one against Arizona Chelsea’s defense won us two CL trophies Now If philly could step up a little

NEVER FORGET IF YOU ARE BUYING OR SELLING LUXURY REAL ESTATE IN PRESCOTT, ARIZONA, CONTACT Richard E Kerr, PLLC Real Estate for the Discerning Coldwell Banker Realty -- Prescott, Arizona richard@

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A recent survey of 400 likely Arizona voters found more than half favor masks in schools.

@GatekeeperMedia Well I lost a disc in Arizona and the person who found it texted me from the state over so it almost got home. The most time removed was a Luna I lost in a swamp in Spring 2019 (sucks because they were hard to get) and it was found in 7/21. That thing is dummy flippy these days

Get to know our amazing Southern Arizona Microgrant awardees! These local leaders have bold ideas and are eager to develop creative solutions to address the current challenges facing our K-12 education system. Read the full snapshot here:

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BREAKING: Arizona Sues Biden Administration Over COVID Vaccine Mandate

Ayana Brown, 16, was last seen on August 23 in Phoenix, #Arizona. She may be in need of medical attention. Have any info? Call 1-800-THE-LOST.

Trump has now endorsed Finchem for the job of Arizona’s top elections official. The former president is going key state by key state trying to help get promoters of his lies about the 2020 election elected to be in charge of the 2024 election.

I’m disappointed that nothing happened after the Arizona audit. But, here is an update I just received: “Week of 9/20, it will be released in full”.

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