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Good to see the world oil price continuing to fall. Brent oil now down to $94 from a peak of $120. Need more falls in petrol and diesel to help ease the cost of living squeeze..

üretimi artsın, fiyat gerilesin. Rus petrolü Brent petrolün %25 altında satılıyor ve şirketler gittikçe daha çok Rus petrolü ithal ediyor. Bu durumda MAZOTTA İNDİRİM İÇİN rafineri şirketleri ve akaryakıt ithalatçısı ana dağıtım şirketlerinin kar marjları sıkı denetime alınmalı..

Ata Benli
Ata Benli

Brent petrol %5 düştü ancak bu akşam motorine yapılması beklenen 9 kuruşluk indirimin iptaline ve motorine 1 lira 26 kuruş zam yapılmasına karar verildi..

Oil prices fell to their lowest level in months, after signs emerged that China’s economy is faltering. The price of Brent crude, the international benchmark, fell below $94 a barrel, the lowest price since March..

New decrease in fuel prices likely indicates future lowering in inflation rates. Petrobras says this reduction follows the evolution of reference oil prices, sharply decreasing especially after reports on China’s poor economic performance - Brent crude now below US$40 a barrel..

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“Wheat is now less expensive than when the war began. Brent crude oil… hovers around its mid-February level of $97 per barrel. And the price of urea fertilizer, which almost doubled in the war’s first weeks, is back to its prewar level.”.

#brent petrol 92 dolara gerilemisken motorin zammını bir ben mi anlaşılmaz buluyorum..

The oil puzzle is coming together: Brent timespreads collapse as we warned some weeks back, among others due to the return of Libyan crude while Kazakh & Russian exports keep flowing uninterrupted into weakening EU demand. Macro takes over from here. #Brent #OOTT @kittysquiddy.

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İran yaptirimlarinin kalkmasi an meselesi. Bu haber akisi Brent petrolu ciddi baskiladi. Neste urun marjlari yukseliste. Dizel 41$ benzin 16$ Ozellikle dizel tarafi bizi cok ilgilendiriyor. yarisini bitirdik Haftaya olağanüstü genel kurul var (25 agustos).

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@KriptoLevent #brent petrol düşüyor hocam peki gece 🇹🇷 zam var nedeni nedir hocam??.

#Oil price update: $ 📈 (Brent $Crude) #oilprice source.

“Shinedown” was in Grand Rapids Michigan months ago and before they sang “Get Up” (my favorite) Brent Smith the lead singer shared these message..

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Tyler Venables briefly considered going with his dad Brent to the University of Oklahoma, but once he realized how much he loves #Clemson, there was no way he was going to Norman..

#Brent falan anlamam ben. #EhliyetAffı meclisten geçsin depoyu doldurup torunları millet bahçesine götüreyim yeter.

ay kasama din pala si brent sa article taray. PARAMDAM KA ANJI #AnjBrent ll #AnjiSalvacion ll @anjisalvacion.

A teenage boy is one of three victims seriously injured in a triple shooting in north London.

🔴 Brent Petrol bugün %4,63 civarında gerileme kaydederek 93 dolar seviyesine kadar düştü. #Brent.

: Ohio’s turning red was 50 years coming as worker wages continued to lag the nation: Brent Larkin. via @GoogleNews.

@FJavedAbbasi @Faizankhaan91 OGRA had sent a summary for an increase of Rs 15-16. It’s up to PM to decide to do that or not. Decline in prices based on recent drop in Brent is expected Sept 1..

@Denise_Alemanha Quando o brent estaria se a venezuela tivesse uma capacidade igual a da Arábia Saudita, seria muita oferta, afinal reservas eles tem, não sei como ficaria o refino que falta hoje.

@GBNEWS This is one week, only the major stories:.

Thank you to former Black Bear all-conference fullback/linebacker, former Secret Service special agent, and current Director of Security & Facility Operations for the @HoustonTexans Brent Naccara (‘99) for taking a moment to speak with our team! #BlackBearNation | ⬆️.

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#Oil price update: $ 📈 (Brent $Crude) #oilprice source.

All you need to know about Brent is in this clip. He nearly chokes when he says ‘the 58’. Belittles the efforts and fans who turn up to Protest. Then a lose show of support. He had an invite to the ESL. Clearly wants another to feed his ego It’s about the Glazers. Not Brent!.

Recent deals for September-loading Urals cargoes were done at benchmark dated Brent minus $22-25/bbl on a delivered basis to Rotterdam, up $7-$10 from previous estimates. For the Mediterranean, the price has risen to $18 below dated Brent on a delivered basis. #oott #Russia.

Brent Venables revealed Tuesday linebacker Roof would miss the season with a biceps injury..

#Oil price update: $ 📉 (Brent $Crude) #oilprice source.


Sen gel brent petrol olarak yüzde 5 oranında düşüş yasa ama bize zam olarak yansisin???.

Good that the often reported road surface broken Brent Road junction also included in the Farley Road resurfacing. #SouthCroydon.

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[ TR 🇹🇷 16:05:57 Gündem Listesi ] Brent gündemde 15. sırada.

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