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The talented @Malarndirri19 was sworn in today as Australia’s Assistant Minister for Indigenous Australians and Indigenous Health. We’re lucky to have her in this critical portfolio..

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@stkildafc Dan Butler needs to spend about 6 weeks in VFL, he has completely lost the plot. 2 seasons ago he would of had 2-3 goals by now in the circumstances he’s been in tonight no confidence to bacj#k himself at all. He’s been a very disappointing player..

Jayson Tatum en los playoffs fue primero en puntos y asistencias, el más joven en lograr 600/100/100, derrotó a KD, Giannis y Butler, tuvo 13 entregas en el debut ante Golden y fue responsable principal de que Boston esté acá. Los mejores tuvieron que perder para ganar, calma.

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お疲れ様でございます、お嬢様。疲れていらっしゃいませんか? 梅雨はなぜ「梅」と書くのでしょうか。これは、雨ばかりのこの時期に、ちょうど梅が実るから、というのが有力説として知られております。 梅雨の季節、お風邪を召されませんように。お嬢様、ごゆっくりとお休みくださいませ😊.

@rinrin54409691 rinrinさん、お疲れ様でございました😊 本当に天気が上がったり下がったりで大変でございますね。 体調を崩していらっしゃいませんか? くれぐれも水分補給をお忘れなきように😊 ごゆっくりと休みくださいませ😊.

@0kitenemur じゃむ様、お疲れ様でございました😊 もうすぐフォロワーが5000人でございますね…! これからもご活躍を楽しみにしております😊 どうぞごゆっくりお休み下さいませ😊.

England 174/1 in 25 overs against Netherland. Nice platform set for Morgan , Livingston,Butler, Ali yet come to play. Expecting another 400+ score for England. #ENGvsNED.

@Allmightyquise Chris Bosh might be ranked higher as Heat player cause he won 2 rings with them but Butler creeping up quick. He’s already done things Chris Bosh has never done. Butler wins a ring in Miami it’s really not even an argument anymore. Just 1 too..

@domi_butler_ エルさん🥰 何時もありがとうございます😭 ゆっくり寛いでお休み下さいね❗️❗️.

Butler University is proud to present the Virtual Midwest Arts Integration Conference on July 11-13, 2022..

Doing a set of all originals today, Butler Park 7pm! Come check it out. Or don’t. I’m not your mother..

Despite having two teams playing simultaneously one for test and another for odi, England cricket team has most destructive batting line up : Roy Malan Morgan Butler Livingston Moeen Ali Curren #ECB.

○○は摂るな!関節痛の原因はあれかも @Butler_jinja.

@akamaru2005_twi すげー!このあとヤツカダキ界隈で 「あかまるってハンターは確実に見切って来るから気をつけた方がいい」て噂になってんな、これ😵‍💫💦.

@bitey26 Butler and Higgins need to get off the team, play Sharman windy and owens more.

@DubNationFr Il a tout simplement mangé celui qui a plus que regardé dans les yeux Durant, Butler et Giannis Masterclass.

Anyway, have your ear awkwardly licked by a cute butler or demon (with English translations):.

エコバック、又は風呂敷を持っていると 荷物が増えた時に便利です。 紫色の風呂敷は、冠婚葬祭の時にも使えます。.

People mean well, even though they might be currently More for Aquarius.


Soaring prices in ever sector of the economy post-pandemic means needy Butler County residents are utilizing the county’s federal rent and utility assistance program more than ever, to the tune of $ million..

If Dan Butler can’t snap a goal from 20 metres out, why is he in the team? #AFLSaintsDons.

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