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How the Celtics were in the Locker Room after losing to the Warriors in the NBA Finals 🏀😂🤦🏾‍♂️.

First Finals appearance since 2010. Shoutout the Celtics for an unbelievable season 👏.

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Thank you Celtics Nation. There truly are no better fans in the League ☘️💚.

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If we actually had wings that can do what Warriors or Celtics wings could do then yea the center position wouldn’t be a big deal but we dont.

This article is personal, not analytical. But, with that being said - thank you @Celtics for an amazing season, and for showing what self-belief can achieve..

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Title defense ? What is blud talking about 🤷🏽‍♂️ Celtics didn’t win no chip 😒.

you legit can’t tell me anything positive about these jerseys man this is just uninspired and lazy in 2022. at least the celtics is historic and the nets aren’t highlighter yellow with 2K default text and damn near football sized jersey numbers.

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Steph G5 Celtics: ▫️16 Points ▫️34% TS% ▫️4 Rebounds ▫️8 Assists ▫️2 Stocks ▫️1 Turnovers ▫️+15 ▫️38 Points Created from Playmaking ▫️29 Shots Created ▫️29 Doubles Faced ▫️54 Points Created ▫️34 Created Points Not Converted On ▫️37 MP.

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Le mec qui a marché sur la tant redoutée défense des Celtics WARDELL STEPHEN CURRY II 🐐 #DubNation | #StephGonnaSteph.

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First time since I was like 5 years old that I’ve missed every game o the NBA Finals (stupid Celtics couldn’t push it to 7) so first thing I’m doing is watching accelerated replays of them all.

@KeithSmithNBA I call it a successful season by the Celtics they started at 11th finished in 2nd and made the nba finals very great turnaround.

@LegendOfWinning Celtics overachieved and now are gonna roll wit this team for a couple years and not make it back to the finals ever.

@celtics Tell Tatum he needs to wake up at 5am like Butler if he wants to get more than 13 points in BIG games..

Happy the Celtics lost only because we don’t have to see Tatum pose like this with the trophy.

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14 years ago 🗣 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! The Celtics () destroy the Lakers 131-92 to win the NBA Finals 🏆 Boston entered the season at +1000 to win the Championship ✅.

tô vendo muita gente desrespeitando os Celtics. Esses torcedores modinha não entendem o tamanho desse time e o que ele representa para a NBA.

Celtics Lost Drake Album Trash Come Sip Away The Pain 🥃.

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“Celtics are the better team if they limit turnovers, make shots at an outlier clip for the entire series and make no defensive mistakes ever only playing 7 guys”.

@Princethaone @Jo_kass6 I never said he never lost and if I want to play ur game id probably say he lost against who ?? Bad boy piston bird celtics etc But that doesn’t matter he lost but when it matters most he was untouchable you can’t say that for LBJ as great as he his he second best in my book.

@TheSylverFox @ChristianArcand THE Dynasty List is : 60s Celtics Jordan Bulls 80s Lakers 80s Celtics (aka The Balls) Duncan Spurs Shaq & Kobe GS Present.

@Dr_SoFlo_ You say that now but when it comes on at the 11:30pm after the random Wednesday night Celtics/Hawks game on TNT in 5 years>>>>>>.

The Golden State Warriors are NBA champions once again, topping the Boston Celtics 103-90 for their fourth title in the last eight seasons..

@ChakirelHomrani Malauradament encara que hagin guanyat als meus celtics, hem de felicitarlos 😅, sobre els bulls crec que ho torna un altre Jordan ho canvien els gestors, ho porten fatal una llàstima.


@J4LENGR3EN 2000 young and injured 2004 terrible 2008 bad but as a bron fan I can’t say anything since Lebrons stats were bad against those Celtics.

Bu kadar denk istatistikler görmeyi beklemiyordum, bununla beraber Tatum’ın çok iyi destekleyicileri vardı hatta Brown Celtics’in serideki en iyi oyuncusuydu. 2007’deki final ortalama 80 sayı ile oynandı, yüzde epey kötü ama 22 sayı fena değil gibi..

Excellent article by @DanielGHajjar, about how sports and following a team can be a much-needed respite from the relentless insanity of our times. As for the Celtics, this article made even this New Yorker feel sympathetic (a little)..

The potential ripple effects of this failed deal would have transformed the league at present — and was blown up by a player being taken one pick early..

Por último, una historia conocida. Victoria 4-2 sobre Celtics para obtener la presea máxima del Basket norteamericano. Además, Steph Curry consiguió por primera vez el premio al jugador mas valioso de las finales de la NBA. 📸: @clarincom / @NBALatam.

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@KwaniALunis @DavidDTSS yeah but you have to deal with Celtics fans on Twitter, so I imagine this week has been great.


Celtics blew there one and only chance of winning the finals they ain’t making it back there for another decade.

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