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A never-before-published piece of Doctor Who written by @russelldavies63 “Doctor Who and the Time War”. 👉 #DoctorWho

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Muhammed Cihat Algül ()

#DoctorWho #Sherlock Ne kadar basit olsalarda, bir o kadar da önemli :)) İlk göz ağrıları

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Hero Collector ()

[email protected] are holding an amazing #TimeSpaceVisualiser event this Saturday at 2PM GMT. @PopCultureHound will be there to talk about our cool #DoctorWho collections and more. Join us for an event that will be full of timey-wimey goodness! More info:

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Katie and Claire ()

First era re-watch- The Cave of Skulls Love it when they leave the ship for the first time and the doors close on their own behind them. Really love the look of this. #doctorwho

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Dave Shep ()

A nice new post of the Spider Dalek is up on insta #DoctorWho good job I have a stock of photos from before lockdown!

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Doctor Who Brasil ()

O fato do mundo todo se juntar pra assistir Rose ao mesmo tempo foi parar na BBC News! 💙💙 Ser fã de #DoctorWho é ou não é uma #TripOfALifetime da vida real? 😁

Kübra Ogut ()

'Herkesin kabusları vardır. Yataklarımızın altında bekleyen o büyük korkunç yaratıkların bile.' #DoctorWho

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Zeynep E. ()

En en en sevdiğim doktor 11. Doktor 😂❤️ gidem de yeniden izleyem pejmürde adam #DoctorWho

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Arda Tuğsat ()

Keşke hayat her gün sabah kalktığımda tt listesinde #DoctorWho gördürerek başlasa, günüm daha güzel başlayamazdı.

Emily Cook ()

Getting high-profile writers to come onto Twitter is my party trick 😉 I cannot WAIT for Richard Curtis’ tweets! 😀 #TheUltimateGinger #DoctorWho

The Doctor Who Big Blue Box Podcast ()

Ep260 is here! Light news, no merch then onto our review of the 3rd Doctor story - Inferno. Enjoy Who fans. #doctorwho #doctorwhopodcast

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Marie ()

What do you think of this character (this particular incarnation)? Reply with the first word that comes to mind. #DoctorWho

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𝐿𝑖𝑒𝑏𝑒 𝑖𝑠𝑡 𝑓𝑢̈𝑟 𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑒 𝑑𝑎 ()

Domhnall Gleeson as a 14 doctor please @bbcdoctorwho #DoctorWho

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🎮🐲RedCatachu is stealing your sweets🧀👾 ()

have some doctor donna magic. she is special, just like you. dont underestimate yourself. be strong, be clever, be yourself. #DoctorWho #doctorwhoَ

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Büşranur♀ ()

Happy Raggedy man I love u the most 💓 #DoctorWho

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The Doctor ()

Ah ha! A sunset! Molto bella! #TARDIS #DoctorWho

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Görkem ()

Tüyler yine diken. Tweete boğasım var buraları #DoctorWho

Şeyda ()

Normal de birşeyler izlemeyi seven biri değildim ama koskaca 11 sezonu bitirmiştim, tekrar başlama fikri çık aklımdan #DoctorWho

Doctor Who Official ()

A never-before-published piece of Doctor Who written by @russelldavies63 “Doctor Who and the Time War”. 👉 #DoctorWho

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닥터후 대사봇 ()

네가 깨어나면 너는 엄마와 아빠를 만나게 될 거야. 그리고 나는 기억하지 못하겠지. 뭐, 조금은 기억할지도 몰라. 나는 네 머릿속의 이야기가 될 테니까. DoctorWho 513, The Big Bang

Nigelファン ()

#DoctorWho #DWTraumaElection BBC Doctor Who, can produce as many traumas as stories. Here are to introduce four personally most shocking episodes from a number of stories. Dear Whovian, Allons-y!!

Marcus Cotton ()

Gonna try & help get the word out. Security Kitchen Productions has opened casting for their next adaptation: #DoctorWho: The Scales of Injustice. This is a massive story with a giant cast! Details in the link below

Beef ()

You know I really think you #SaveTheDay #DoctorWho

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*Eva*Writes*Books* 💫 ()

Watching ‘Midnight’ and I feel like David Tennant is @normanswan trying to calm down a bunch of people who just won’t listen to sense or stop screeching. #DoctorWho #Covid_19australia

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Raffael_Zambelli ()

Cite aqui quatro personagens de #DoctorWho que significaram muito na sua vida e marque quatro pessoas para fazer o mesmo: Doctor(especialmente o 12th) Graham Master(Sacha Dhawan) Bill Potts

Susagi433🇲🇽🇯🇵🇬🇧 YOI⛸IneffableTrash ()

Crap I forgot to hashtag #savetheday #doctorwho Mexican here!!

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The Fans of Who ()

A crazy with fear Cyberman closes in on the gang! CLIFFHANGER! #Whovasion #DoctorWho

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Tardis Time ()

Taking social distancing a bit to far maybe Doc #DoctorWho #SaveTheDay

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TardisMonkey ()

Watching The Five-ish Doctors ❤️✨ #SaveTheDay #DoctorWho

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David McAllister (The Gallifreyan Buccaneer Blog) ()

Just for a moment watching #DoctorWho Day of the Doctor there, I forgot what was going on in the world. What a glorious, powerful thing that is. #SaveTheDay

Radio Times ()

Steven Moffat creates brand-new #DoctorWho scene ahead of special Day of the Doctor rewatch

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