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🇪🇺 🇪🇺 💥 #FearTheDeer | #NBAPlayoffs.

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@Bucks Bucks in 5. Toronto can celebrate this win, but nothing will change. They needed everything to go right in order to win tonight. Bud, Giannis, and Co will make the right adjustments for Game 4 #FearTheDeer.

It’s ok! We will end it in Milwaukee so , I’m proud of the @Bucks i love the grit! And leadership, #FearTheDeer.

But why Drake lookin’ like he just got back from spring break for the first time?! #FearTheDeer.

ラプターズが3点リード、残り7:11⏰ #FearTheDeer 82 #WeTheNorth 85 📈 📺@rakutentv_japan.

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🇪🇺 🇪🇺 💥 #FearTheDeer | #NBAPlayoffs.

[email protected] #BenchMob was outstanding again tonight! #FearTheDeer.

Not sure how this ends yet but I am soaking in every moment. Rooting for this team my whole life, living in this town, loving this These are incredible times. #FearTheDeer.

Call me crazy but I am all for the Bucks being the champs this year #FearTheDeer.

ERSAN!!!! That was a vintage MJ turnaround, and then draws ANOTHER charge! #FearTheDeer.

Every time I’ve watched Ersan Ilyasova play, he’s good to draw at least two charges. It’s unbelievably impressive. #NBAPlayoffs #FearTheDeer.

This very tall dude and his crew had themselves a GAME last night. 7 wins to #FearTheDeer.

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Good morning! It might be a slow morning for thousands of folks today, if this video is any indication of what it was like at @FiservForum last night. What a win! #FearTheDeer #Liveatdaybreak @tmj4.

29 PTS (record en #NBAPlayoffs) 4x 3PM 11 REB 4 BLK 💪 Brook Lopez 💪 Les @Bucks mènent 1-0, prochain match dans la nuit de vendredi! #FearTheDeer.

Definitely proud of this team. It was an ugly game, but we stood with it. #FearTheDeer | @hulu.

The bucks better come back and win otherwise @SHAQ’s after party is gonna suck. #FearTheDeer #ecf.

haydi ersan fetöcü haine yine geçit verme #FearTheDeer.

#FearTheDeer Fotoğraf

We got a ball game folks, BROOK LOPEZ on fire with 11 points. He’s left the struggles behind. #FearTheDeer.

Αυτον τον Kawhi θελουμε , τον volume shooter Kobe inefficient Kawhi #FearTheDeer.

Lopez getting hot would be much appreciated. Should work from the inside out until he starts hitting the 3 a little more consistently, but he is looking good this quarter. #Bucks #FearTheDeer.

Man I’m happy for Brook Lopez this team really fits his style of play #FearTheDeer.

#WeTheNorth had alil lead but Kawhi missin shots & #Fearthedeer made a run of their own and evaporated that Toronto good game never the less.

Nothing better than seeing a great shooter break a cold spell. Never thought this would apply to Brook Lopez, but here we are in the 2019 NBA #NBAPlayoffs #FearTheDeer.

Poor D by Brogdon, after bricking a 3. Brogdon is 2/4 in 3s made and 3s bricked. Amazing. #FearTheDeer.

Brook Lopez cans a straightaway three to cut the deficit to 42-37. Toronto timeout with 6:28 left in Q2. Side note: Malcolm Brogdon has played seven minutes and has six points on 2-of-5 shooting. Good to see him getting some play early. #FearTheDeer.

Brook Lopez locked in for the first time this post season. I’m gassed #FearTheDeer.

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