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Frank Lampard has accused Ross Barkley of showing a lack of professionalism after he was pictured shirtless in a nightclub during the international break..

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Another Chelsea game where chaos reigned but Champions League destiny remains in their hands @alansmith90.

Magnificently dramatic game at Valencia. Considering the 5 massive chances the home team spurned , great point for Chelsea. Lampard ‘s team good to watch but less than watertight..

Frank Lampard: Jarang Cetak Gol, Mateo Kovacic Jadi Bahan Ejekan.

Ngl but never saw more potential wasted then Jack Wilshire had - kid was supposed to be future captain of England, the next lampard/stevie g but he just loved the snout too much x.

@Goventa876 Yea everything is tactical. Kante playing out of position is tactical cause Jorginho is the better passer. Thats why Lampard should just stick to a 2 man midfield with Mount as CAM. Rather Kante sit infornt of my defense than infront of the opposition goal.

Frank Lampard relieved Chelsea are still in charge of Champions League destiny.

You know what? I’m proud of you @ChelseaFC . You’ve signed multiple legends of this club to work behind the scenes, signed our Frankie Lampard as head coach along with Jody Morris and Joe Edwards, youth is being integrated at an unbelievable pace, we’re playing attractive-.

@DavePellowe @vandersee_grant What Dave said. I played an MMO video game off & on for nearly 10 years. Hung up with a great bunch of guys, all from mixed backgrounds & nationalities. I also witnessed the basement dwellers, who loved griefing others, for toxic amusement, in their own protected shell..

Double pivot of kova and kante didnt even work against palace and Lampard opted for it in the closing minutes of a must win champions league fixture. This is mostly due to kante being inept. Kovacic was world class today by far our best player..

@ChelseaFC Lampard needs to talk like klopp and Pep when he is on the touch line.

Lampard made a very wrong call bringing on Batshuayi. That match deserved Giroud’s presence, superior hold up play, and experience. Finally, the referees were ridiculously out of their depth. Especially the center referee..

I feel Giroud should have been brought on instead of Batshuayi because he didnt do much and also why did Lampard take so long to sub Willian???#VCFCHE.

Pedro was just there Only God knows what is wrong with this Lampard #VALCHE.

Why were Lampard’s Chelsea trying to win the game when sensibly keeping possession would’ve sufficed? Game was almost lost cos of their poor in-game management. #VALCHE.

Seni övebilecek kelime bulmakta zorlanıyorum Lampard, sen en iyisini hak ediyorsun. Transfer yapmadan böyle karakterli bir takım yaratmak her hocanın haddi değil :).

Lampard rigging the Gazprom again. Might actually win the whole thing if he keeps it up 💀.

@BeWarmers @premierleague Van Der Sar Neville Terry Vidic Cole Fabregas Lampard De Byrune Ronaldo Shearer Henry.

@mouta_2000 @CFCBlues_com Ikr, lampard never give him a chance 🤦🏻‍♂️.

@johnthejack I think he should be empty chaired by @afneil and questions put with Johnson’s on the record responses played on VT..

Lampard just told Willian to leave the free-kick for Reece to take. Nice to see..

Chelsea in Valencia today. “We’ve got super franky lampard, He knows exactly what we need, Tomori at the back, Tami In attack, Chelsea gonna win the Champions League”.

sarri varken leş atan willian, jorginho, kovacic üçlüsü şimdi terör estiriyor lampard hoca oğlu hoca.

So dont tell me about experienced managers no get Kev Phillips what have we got to ! Lampard did ok, gerrard so why not Kev??? Give the whole place a lift #Safc.

Frank Lampard has accused Ross Barkley of showing a lack of professionalism after he was pictured shirtless in a nightclub during the international break..

Lampard on Barkley 1/2: One is the headlines this week. Ross knows how I felt about the first headline. I backed him then and now. He showed a lack of professionalism. #CFC #UCL.

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