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🔴 🆚 🔵 Solskjaer 🆚 Lampard #MUFC 🆚 Chelsea 🔥 The season starts here 🔥.

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Lampard on Mount: The epitome of his talents is the goal, great off the ball, energy to coax people down and the quality to finish it,” #CFC.

Chelsea’s first Premier League goal of the Frank Lampard era is scored by 20-year-old @masonmount_10 🙌💙.

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➔ Febrero del 2017: Frank Lampard se retiró. ➔ Octubre del 2018: John Terry se retiró. ➔ Noviembre del 2018: Didier Drogba se retiró. ➔ Mayo del 2019: Petr Cech se retiró. ➔ Agosto del 2019: Ashley Cole se retiró. EL FIN DE UNA ERA..

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Bloody hell! 2 games in and he’s getting this nonsense: as for ‘shortcomings as a player’ there weren’t any. 🙄.

Que mala suerte tiene el Chelsea y que chollo fue Adrián. Aún llevando 2 derrotas el Chelsea de lampard juega muy muy bien.

Get used to adaptable Lampard. It has been one of his key messages so far in press conferences..

BREAKING: Frank Lampard has confirmed that N’Golo Kante picked up a ‘small injury’ against Manchester United on Sunday..

After seeing that the Man City striker is Jesus and Liverpool have Mohammed, then Chelsea decided to use Abraham as their striker 😂😂😂 *Lampard why 🤷🏻‍♂*.

Chelsea: We’ve got Lampard in charge, we’ll be fine! The Prem:.

Kami telah mendarat di Istanbul! 👍 Setelah beristirahat, program the Blues berikutnya adalah sesi latihan dan konferensi pers Frank Lampard didampingi dua pemain. #CFCIndo.

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@CarefreeEdition @OlIyCFC Different standards for Sarri and Lampard from some Chelsea supporters. #SarriIn.

Did Frank Lampard make a mistake selling David Luiz to Arsenal? 🤔.

Azpi and Lampard believes Tammy and Mount deserves their places in the starting 11. Players are deserving of spots in a Champions League starting 11 because they did ok in the Championship. The decline is becoming unbearable might have to go check on my mental health..

@roneildinho Yes I liked the look of all three. Despite the losses they’ll be on the watch list . Emerson played the Alonso role of getting plenty of goal attempts, it’ll be interesting to see though if he holds his place or we’ll see Lampard tinker.

Lampard sobre os comentários de Mourinho: Ele não gostou da performance do Mason Mount? Ele disse Mason Mount? Bem, eu não posso arrastar as pessoas para fora da sala médica para jogar. Se eles são experientes ou não, os jogadores são os jogadores que jogaram hoje..

SKYSPORTS Merse: Lampard must be careful In his weekly column, Paul Merson argues that David Luiz is a huge loss for Chelsea, why he wants more from Paul Pogba, and why Manchester City are on a different planet..

Frank Lampard: “We have Reece James coming back, who I think is going to be a big player for the squad” Big season ahead for @reecejames_24 ⭐️.

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4 a 0 na estreia, mas quarta tem uma BAITA chance pro Frank Lampard se recuperar! O Chelsea vai ser campeão da Supercopa da Europa? #SupercopaNoEI.

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Frank Lampard? He was at my house the other day polishing these very shoes, that guy fucking works for me.

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Why when Sarri did bad, Chelsea fans said #SarriOut but when Lampard does bad they say #RomanOut?.

Lampard: “Callum [Hudson-Odoi] and Ruben [Loftus-Cheek] will be slightly further than that. Reece James coming back, who is going to be a big player for us, I think.” #CFC.

4-0 - As well as being the joint-heaviest managerial defeat of his career so far, Frank Lampard has suffered the heaviest defeat by a Chelsea manager in their first game in charge since Danny Blanchflower lost 7-2 at Middlesbrough in December 1978. Crying. #MUNCHE.

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First ever #PL meeting between @ManUtd & @ChelseaFC where both managers previously played for their respective clubs Solskjaer and Lampard didn’t do too badly… #MUNCHE.

Manchester United vs. Chelsea Solskjaer vs. Lampard Today, they meet again 🙌.

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🔴 🆚 🔵 Solskjaer 🆚 Lampard #MUFC 🆚 Chelsea 🔥 The season starts here 🔥.

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