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@TrueFactsStated @larry_kudlow Best wishes to Mr. Kudlow for a speedy recovery. Good thing he has government run single payer health care

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@JeffFlake @larry_kudlow The $10,000 a month coke habit he had while at Bear, Stearns probably weakened his heart..

@IvankaTrump @larry_kudlow Hopefully he doesn’t recover and your father follows close behind.

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@IvankaTrump @larry_kudlow Serious question: what do you pray to? Really. What deity tells you to be greedy & selfish. What tells you to ignore the needs of other people when you are in a position to help them? Serious question..

@realDonaldTrump “Great”? How “Great” can Larry Kudlow be. Real “Great” mean get the big one and die on the spot. What a chump, first he sells out the American people, and then he fails to die properly..

Larry Kudlow, who recently accompanied the president at the G7 Summit in Canada, is under the care of physicians in the Washington of the Walter Reed National Military medical Center Hospital.🙏🏻.

@realDonaldTrump Prayers for Larry Kudlow. What a fabulous Patriot. America is praying for YOU. 🇺🇸❤️.

Dear @TheTweetOfGod, We said Donald Trump, NOT Larry Kudlow 😳😳 Love, The citizens of 🌏.

El asesor económico de la Casa Blanca Larry Kudlow sufre un infarto poco antes del encuentro entre Trump y Kim.

@SebGorka Tonight America is at prayer for our @POTUS at the Singapore Summit with Kim Jong Un. We are also praying for the recovery of Larry Kudlow & for his wife & family. God bless them. God bless America..

@TwitchyTeam Karma is waiting for the ones who said it! Stress trying to make the insane liberal fascist understand the concept! Is what happened to Larry Kudlow ...laugh now mfr..

@tedcruz @larry_kudlow But remember Heidi and him approve of ripping children from their families. #VoteBeto.

Easily the greatest American no one has ever heard of- speedy recovery @larry_kudlow . (Capitalism is the greatest path to prosperity).

@Cernovich Pray for Larry Kudlow. He’s been going hard. Needs to bounce back quick. Yo mike, I like how Trump is acting like he’s hosting Kim. Trump never blinks..

gilt als eine der Schlüsselfiguren der umstrittenen Handelspolitik der Trump-Regierung, er war auch am G7-Eklat von Trump beteiligt: Larry Kudlow. Der Berater befindet sich nach einer Herzattacke in einem Militärkrankenhaus..

@TrueFactsStated @larry_kudlow Best wishes to Mr. Kudlow for a speedy recovery. Good thing he has government run single payer health care.

@TrueFactsStated @larry_kudlow His prognosis is good as it was mild. A cover for his drink like behavior on the Sunday show yesterday? It is very sad I can’t trust a statement from our White House , but I don’t..

@VP @larry_kudlow He was unfit for the job. He was a television talking head. He had no government experience in his field..

@TrueFactsStated @larry_kudlow Well to be fair to Melania, before seen she wanted to Be Best .

@costareports So much for HIPAA, Larry Kudlow. Hope Mrs. Kudlow knew before his tweetness spread the news..

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