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» Binance To Implement Terra Classic (LUNC) Burn Mechanism Quick thread on what we’re doing and why below..

Instead, we have decided to begin burning all trading fees collected on the LUNC/BUSD and LUNC/USDT spot and margin trading pairs on Binance. Fees will be converted to LUNC then sent to the burn address. The burn is paid at our expense, not the users’..

I answered the question about LUNC in my Twitter Space AMA just now. Another option is to implement a feature to let users opt-in for a trading fee themselves for burn. And see how many of the voting community do that first. Vote with your fees..


#Binance will implement a burn mechanism to burn all trading fees on $LUNC spot and margin trading pairs..

JUST IN: #Binance confirms an opt-in button for users to pay a tax for $LUNC trading..

@katylouise8891 We are letting OUR users vote for it. Move your LUNC to @binance to participate. Otherwise, it feels a bit like letting citizens of one country vote for taxes in a different country. No?.

I will send $150 #LUNC to someone who has retweeted this post. Must be following @DaCryptoGems and @DaCryptoGeneral ⏰End in 24hrs.

@ForExxKripto Lunc yatirimcisinin yolculuğu İlahi Komedyadaki gibi bir en alt katından başlayıp en üst cennete yolculuk yaptırı 2 kattayiz alttan bana göre 😬🤒.

WTF?? Withdraw fee 102000 #LUNC on #Binance Somebody please explain this to me….

LUNC Fotoğraf,LUNC Fotoğraf by The Snow Panther,The Snow Panther on twitter tweets LUNC Fotoğraf

@binance Another $100k wasted as you tell lunc community a would lose you money 😅😅😅😅😄😁.

$LUNC #LUNC USDT 4HR BYBIT call 26-9 ✅ +58% ⭐️ XIV TRADING GROUP ⭐️.

LUNC Fotoğraf,LUNC Fotoğraf by Alex Spil,Alex Spil on twitter tweets LUNC Fotoğraf

The #LUNC sleeping giant has been awaken. The people have spoken, hell yeah I love it! Power to the people! ✊🏻✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼….

Hello #LUNC Community, As we all know many of us where waiting on ⁦@cz_binance⁩ response regarding the Off Chain Burn Tax until today. It seems CZ is looking for a way to help the Community, please read in detail directly from CZ..

@cz_binance Cz sana güveniyoruz. Lütfen lunc yatirimcilarina yardımcı ol. Lütfen alim ve satimlarda lunc yakımına başlayalım. Butonu aktif edelim. Hemen evet oyu verecegim..

@2bitcrypto_YT @binance Not acceptable. This is a Trojan devise intended to Divide community. We already have proposal passed by of LUNC holders/validators!.

@cz_binance It’s understandable some of our #LUNC community members hoped and wanted a different outcome of the 1,2% tax by #Binance @cz_binance. Remember, it started with a big NO earlier today. Our community now gets a fighting chance to prove implementing it is a good idea, game on!.

@realXRPwhale xrp alone and go and shill a shitcoin like influencers like you are not needed here with you wild predictions.

Am about to sell my #BNB to buy #LUNC on another exchange. Binance is really getting selfish lately. Shit 😏😏😏😏😏. @cz_binance @binance..

Çok sinirim bozuldu başım ağrıdı😉 Yaa bu #Binance teknik çalışmalardan ötürü yatırma ve çekmeyi 26 sında açacaktı neden 1 saat 30 dk önce yani 23 ünde açtı 😄😄😄 Bu nasıl şeytanlıklar??? $Lunc.

#BoycottBinance Why this When Lunc community already have voted heavily in the favour of lunc burn tax, we all believe and respect democracy and the opinions of public/people at first place, and believe that all exchanges will also do respect original community voting.

@cz_binance .Burada LUNClarımı Satmıyorum Hedefim Var süre Biraz Uzadı Gibi Bende Birleştirdim Esnek Birikim e Koydum Senden Her gün 1300 LUNC alıcam Bugün Sana Çok Kızgınım Hayallerime ULAŞMA SÜREMİ UZATTIN LUNC ER YADA GEÇ 1 $ OLACAK KAZAZADE HASTANE AYAĞA KALKMAK ÜZERE YANİ YAŞIYOR.

@LunaBurn_13 @binance Or we make it simple an use Terra Station😉👍🏻. Just Watch a YouTube Video it read an article about it and switch to a lunc friendly platform.

@ClassyCrypto_ @cz_binance Lunc is a dead coin lost a lot of money scam we need 10 years to burn 1 T.

rd__hacker LUNC in 2020 I think LUNC will become the number one cryptocurrency in the future, what do you think?.

Crypto is a strange market. When everyone was badmouthing $LUNC with much reason, I took advantage of it going to zero to buy a good amount of #LUNAC and now it has gone up like no other coin to date in this bear market..

@VegasMorph You quite literally couldn’t ask for better! Fair and compromising. #lunc.

@TXGabagool @cz_binance The 25% and 50% opt in is only for traders/hodl on Binance. Basically 25 & 50% of the Binance Lunc wallet my dude.

@VegasMorph He is manipulating and trying to devide the LUNC community. We already voted on and off- chain. YESSSS Most fair system would be to try for 1 month and if volume dropps….we will all have our answers and go on with our lives and try a new thing!!!.

#Binance rechaza una quema de impuestos del para Terra Classic LUNC CZ en un AMA el 23/09 dijo que Binance apoyará a la comunidad #TerraClassic pero implementar la quema de impuestos en las transacciones fuera de la cadena afectaría el comercio en el intercambio de cifrado.

5年くらいで100億まで減らすなら 1日37億くらいバーンされる必要あるかな?!、、 今の所まだバーン始まって3日ないけど1日約3億バーンされてる 今の10倍はいるのかぁしかもそれが毎日続かないと😅 長い目で見るのは分かるけどそれが30~40年とかだともう60歳越えちゃう😵 #LUNC.

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