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  • Retweet if you’ll stop what your doing and march if Trump tries to fire Rosenstein or Mueller. #ProtectRosenstein #ProtectMueller.

  • İyi geceler... Di Maria ile Müller’i bitirin 😎 https://t.co/GXEUYbBQ2b.

    Müller twitter.
  • @bsimendi @JTMann05 @Conserv1106 @realDonaldTrump If any of them were LEADING THE INVESTIGATION, you’d have a point. Mueller is the leader, and he’s hire the best to find info. I’m sorry. I will not have further debate on that. If Mueller is biased your angle, please save your tweet.

  • @Amy_Siskind Don’t worry, Mueller has him on his radar! He thinks he can hide and come out every now and again when Putin tells him to jump! Tom Cotton is another one!.

  • @brettskeeez @stephbodie27 @mswitzer58 @english_guy2 @biggrizzly2521 @realDonaldTrump 😂😂😂 The defamation lawsuits are a gift to Steele and to Mueller. Can you say “discovery”? 😂😂.

  • @TeaPainUSA I’ll go with do the right thing. He may get fired but I don’t think trump can fire mueller at this point without looking like the Saturday night massacre..

  • @mueller_andi @Verlag_Antaios @JuritzStefan Wenn sie sagen das Nazis weg müssen gebe ich Ihnen recht aber müssten die links Extremisten dann nicht auch weg um beide Extremrichtungen zu eliminieren? Ja müssen sie! Also fassen sie sich doch erstmal an ihre eigene Nase. Und ich hoffe doch das sie mit weg nicht töten meinen!.

  • @ron1969john @TravisAllen02 Seems like Mueller is taking trump’s cult down. Deep state is in your head..

  • @NatashaBertrand Just Dirt. TRUMP is looking for wiggle room to Fire Sessions by using leverage against McCabe. SO he can replace Sessions to Fire Mueller. Another Collusion.

  • Thomas Müller yerli Dirk Kuyt dünyanın en yeteneksiz ama çalışkan topcusu..

  • @DonMichaud1 @alllibertynews @ElectJeredGavin @infowars @RealAlexJones @libertytarian @PrisonPlanet @InfowarsReports @PrisonPlanetTV Mr, Mueller should pull his head out of his behind, to see what the real world looks like. He is on a snipe hunt. EddyM.

  • @Just_Some_Bot @ApologistJose @CBSNews 1) Trump was tweeting about it, specifically mentioning the pension, a while ago. Coincidence? b) The IG can make the recommendation, but the AG would make the call, except that Sessions is allegedly recused, & since McCabe was interviewed by Mueller, it would be....

  • @cnnbrk Karma = Mueller.

  • Anan ölsün müller!!!.

  • As Mueller seeks interview, Trump left without easy options https://t.co/4E5wRatoeo.

  • @TeaPainUSA Bottom line is even if Trump was to order Pruitt or anyone else to fire Mueller it doesn’t mean the investigation ends..

  • Seeing national young student activism is awesome..

  • Foot - C1 - Bayern - Thomas Müller (Bayern Munich) : «Un 3-1 bizarre» https://t.co/IewARVfOiG.

  • Thomas Mueller udzielił wywiadu niemieckiej telewizji Sport1, w którym opowiedział o obecnym sezonie Bayernu Monachium https://t.co/QpgVqplcYq.

  • Trump fires Comey, wants to fire McCabe, wants to fire Mueller, bashes Sessions and Rosenstein. Are we seeing a pattern here yet? #MAGA #WinningWednesday #ImpeachTrump #FBI https://t.co/x9nB3ZMDPJ.

    Müller twitter.
  • @ALT_uscis @PageSix she can talk with Mueller and save the United States!.

  • @t3nbit @BillKristol Go to https://t.co/QxcZPJzjNc. Protests are planned. They will text you if Mueller is fired. They will also text the location of the protest in your area & DC.

  • @dustygirl68 @WRatHsChilD_ish @realDonaldTrump I can’t wait until Mueller comes..


  • @tomangell @CoryGardner Pruitt could temporarily become acting AG, without going through Senate confirmation, via the Vacancies Reform Act — see my discussion of VRA here. https://t.co/Id6iIQJBzy.

  • @counterchekist @GOP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP I think Mueller needs to pick up the pace here, Trump is getting desperate..

  • Vagas p/ Orçamentista - C. O. Mueller Com. Motores e Bombas - Curitiba/PR - https://t.co/4sz78lJXni.

  • @jdawsey1 So many brackets going on right now - NCAA, Mueller, White House.

  • @krassenstein He fires Mueller, we take to the streets like never before. Many of us are already registered: Sign up, locate your protest: https://t.co/XSyqTbbctG.

  • In response to my conversation w someone who actually thinks Donald #Trump hacked the elections with #Russia -a little reality refresher on real #Collusion Please note #Mueller was head of #FBI at the time #ObamaGate #UraniumOne #JeffSessions #MAGA https://t.co/kESJMocJG3.