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Kerwin King

Monkeypox 1st case has arrived while seeing all the disinformation spread in real time + DOH Secretary is still yet to be announced. This is VERY alarming..


BREAKING: Department of Health has confirmed the first monkeypox case in the Philippines. | via @jobmanahan Story to follow on.

10kllex 🗡

$SIGA and $GOVX not done… just let them breath, Monkeypox is still the trend. See ya later got work 👋🏼.



Pooh ta

seryoso mao na ni tung nag ingun na ready to face ang pinas sa monkeypox??????.

Sarah Self-Walbrick

Multiple schools, including Texas Tech University and the University of Texas at Dallas said they are meeting this week to discuss monkeypox mitigation and response plans for the fall..

Lei nei

@thenerdyderma I saw this sa CDC website just now. Pero i dunno ano strategy ng DOH 🤷‍♂️.

Ricardo Parolin Schnekenberg

Monkeypox vai se espalhar mais, muito mais. E vai atingir muita gente fora desse grupo de risco. Mas ainda há algumas coisas sobre a transmissão desse vírus que não fazem muito sentido. Vou deixar aqui minhas dúvidas, caso alguém tenha respostas..

Nelson Darrow

@nuthintochere @ElaineVigneault Imagine thinking that not doing anything at all is superior to being careful. There’s a reason “natural selection” is a thing. You are a living example of it. Get out there and have a Covid/monkeypox party! Because who cares right? Dumbass..

Princess Rai

i wanna experience going to a concert, but this monkeypox making me wanna stay inside😕.

Plano Hottie

Finally got to talk to someone at the health department. The criteria for monkeypox vaccination is ridiculous. These people have no plans to curb the spread of this disease..

Tek Knowledge

All sorts of active measures on MonkeyPOX right now. They are desperately trying to suppress information on MonkeyPOX..

Nina Ferrari

@revistaoeste “A causa de óbito foi choque séptico, agravada pela monkeypox”, isso me cheira as mortes por covid que não era covid..


Penis swelling and rectal pain identified as monkeypox symptoms.

Aksfinest24 2.0

@Patriot13777123 Wait. You have a monkeypox vaccine. And you now want to be anonymous about if you take it or not? Lmfao.

E. Willa Simpson

Health Secretary Says States ‘Need to Work With Us’ on Fighting Monkeypox. The suggestion concerned state and local officials, who said in interviews they are generally satisfied with the fed government’s response. #PandemicX #PassingtheBuck.

Lucas Wyrsch

After vaccine delays, Monkeypox is spreading—and at risk of becoming endemic, doctors warn.

Patricia Hernández💜☔🇲🇽

Sí, #Monkeypox, #ViruelaSimica, esa que dice Gatell que no es motivo de preocupación. 🤷🏼‍♀️.

Natl Ind Lab Assoc

On July 27, 2022, NIST announced that it has produced positive control material that can help ensure the accuracy of monkeypox virus tests, to validate laboratory-developed tests, or to determine test sensitivity. NIST news release:.

Gym Rats

The will offer nearly 300,000 doses of monkeypox vaccine in the coming weeks.

Colin J. Carlson

But the bottom line remains the same - if we do learn any of those things about this monkeypox lineage, well, that just gives us more motivation to interrupt human-to-human transmission..


More than 80 kids across several countries have contracted monkeypox, largely through household contacts, according to the World Health Organization.

NoYOUhush (((Joel)))

The Tea On Ms. LGB + Monkeypox In SF Wastewater + Garland Promises ... Something + Mendes Cancels Tour + MORE!.

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