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⚡️ Sweden confirms it will apply to join NATO. Sweden’s ruling Social Democratic Party announced on May 15 that it supports NATO membership.

Great news that Sweden and Finland are going to become NATO members. Once the war is over, Ukraine should join too. Yes, sounds ambitious now. But we in Ukraine dream big.

Tomorrow morning 🇫🇮 will officially announce its intention to seek @nato membership. And 🇸🇪 will follow within days..

Ann Linde
Ann Linde

Just signed a historic indication letter to #NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg from the Swedish Government 🇸🇪. Our NATO application is now formally signed..

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BREAKING: In a historic shift, Sweden has officially announced that it will request NATO membership. 🇸🇪.

⚡️Russian official threatens military attacks against Finland, Sweden. Dmitry Polyansky, a deputy representative of Russia at the United Nations, said that Sweden and Finland joining NATO would turn them into enemy countries..

This week, 15,000 US led troops will simulate a NATO war with Russia less than 100 miles from Saint Petersburg. Imagine the same provocation 100 miles from nuclear-armed Washington..

【露 フィンランドへの送電停止へ】 ロシア国営電力会社は13日、フィンランドへの送電を14日に停止すると発表した。フィンランドは12日、米欧の軍事同盟である北大西洋条約機構(NATO)に近く加盟申請する意向を表明し、ロシアが反発していた。.

Noteworthy that Finland & Sweden opting for NATO now and not during Cold War. Putin is far more aggressive and less constrained internally than were his Soviet predecessors..

Nato-jäsenhakemuksen käsittely kestää nopeimmillaankin kuukausia. Siitä tulee Suomen ja Venäjän suhteissa kylmin kausi vuosikymmeniin. Perkasimme, mitä on odotettavissa. (€).

hellre att ni pratar om att ni ångrar era barn än att ni säger ett ord till om nato.

D-T X Fibily is mean Detoxification & Fiber ability from France GMP meaning is the symbol of the organization pass in law,price tag 199 Bath Buy 1 Get 1 Free from Watsons..

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The only threat is from russia! And china! Russia said Finland joining NATO is definitely a threat and warned it would retaliate as the country moves ever closer to membership via @Yahoo.

NATO東方拡大しておいてよく言うね。 ロシアにとって、NATOのほうがよっぽど脅威だと思うけどね。.

Apparently #israel is allowed to do whatever it wants because it has the undying backing of USA, #nato and European countries! Israel acts with impunity because we have all been castrated metaphorically against criticising Israel We as an international community are complicit.

Step 1: Get blocked from joining NATO by Turkey Step 2: ??? Step 3: Membership!.

@JeffBezos 9/11 coverage sabbotaged! And kept hidden from the world MY SCAR 137 milimetars, aged = 13 like nato 1949. 4of April(4) cordinates (44/16) PLANTED A CYST IN THE DARK 1995, NATO TECH! TV/RADIO. WEEK 37, days after “Alfred Nobels” death. 2nd operation.

@AGTheodoridis Impeach for what? Taking good care of Americans? Bringing all the allies together to strengthen NATO? Helping Ukrain that is still being bombarded by Russia! Making policies to help the most vulnerable American. Caring about the environment list could go fuck yourself!.


A reminder that Finland is pushing to join NATO, which is a clear sign of aggression towards Russia. It only makes sense Russia would stop cooperating with its aggressors who tried to make their economy scream via sanctions..

中村氏「この戦争は2,3ヶ月で自滅する可能性がある」 中林氏「NATOへの攻撃などで米国が参戦する可能性がある」 藤井氏「米国はこれを機会にロシアの国力を低下させようとしている」 ウクライナ侵攻でロシアの国力は低下する。それは米国にとって願ってもないことだな。 #正義のミカタ.

@sofimari21 あらまー まーまーまー NATOに入るヒットラー.

NATO Fotoğraf,NATO Fotoğraf by 陰謀論はCIAが真実を語る人を悪人するために造った言葉,陰謀論はCIAが真実を語る人を悪人するために造った言葉 on twitter tweets NATO Fotoğraf

that mighta been his only redeeming quality for , here we are now with folks propping up nato. reminds me of when they embraced mueller and the fbi because of djt.

OK lang kahit ditayu magtrend atleast ginawa natin yung best natin para lang sa tp nato #AOSHappyFiesta Sean Lucas @_seanlucas @AllOutSundays7.

@NATO please interfere in russian aggression regarding Azovstal, azov soldiers, police, etc. today were bommed by phosphorus bombs. show that NATO is at least worth something and don’t just express your sympathy in words #SaveAzovstal #SaveMariupol.


【NATO偵察機 ウクライナ領空飛行】 英情報筋は16日までに、ロシア軍の侵攻が続くウクライナの西部領空に北大西洋条約機構(NATO)側の偵察機が進入し、東部のロシア軍の動きをリアルタイムで監視、ウクライナ軍と情報を共有していると明らかにした。.

یورپی یونین کو دھچکا، آسٹریا نے نیوٹرل ہونے کا اعلان کردیا #arynewsurdu.

Τα κέρδη από την επίσκεψη Μητσοτάκη στις ΗΠΑ -Τα μηνύματα στην Τουρκία, αντιδράσεις, παρασκήνιο.


NATO’nun karşısında sıraya dizilen siyasi ittifaklar @politikyol aracılığıyla.

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