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Monday ⚽️ Tuesday ⚽️ Wednesday ⚽️ Thursday ⚽️ Friday ⚽️ Saturday ⚽️ Sunday ⚽️ Every day and I like the way you Divock Origi! 🎶⚽️.

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@ChezwaldTheGrey 4 galahads. No one: Absolutely no one: Me: IM GONNA NAME MY KID JACK DIVOCK ORIGI KINSLEY, GIVE HIM A KEY TO THE COUNTRY.

@drvg_mason @majay_tm U den am all u mad he too Origi dey ein Avi top he de talk nu 😅.

Monday ⚽️ Tuesday ⚽️ Wednesday ⚽️ Thursday ⚽️ Friday ⚽️ Saturday ⚽️ Sunday ⚽️ Every day and I like the way you Divock Origi! 🎶⚽️.

Liverpool player ratings Adrian 69 Gomez 6 Matip 7 VVD 8 Robbo Fabinho 7 Hendo 7 Milner 5 Ox 6 Salah Mane Subs Bobby 9 Wijnaldum 6 Trent 6 Origi 5.

Firmino is same odds to win golden boot as Origi this season on bet365 wtf? Rashford 10/1 seems like madness as well even though he’ll probably hit 15+.

@vloggercarlos Yeah he’s the one I’d get if I were to get one now cause he changed the whole team. But Firmino is a close 2nd. Origi is a sleeper cause he’s randomly iconic.



No, because he will play instead of Salah. Origi - Firmino - Mane 😬.

WAllah nos joueurs c’est trop Mane vidéo MOTM touche le badge, Origi met son peno touche le badge nos gars ont l’amour du maillot ça fait trop plaisir.

Kante is top 3 footballers itw. 1. Origi 2. Messi 3. Kante Origi may lead by a mile but Kante is still a fantastic baller.

Laboratory preparation of Chelsea poison. 1. Put Chelsea in test tube 1 2. Add 2 drops of Salah Soln. 3. Add firmino drop wise till there is change in colour 4. In the soln add a drop of origi & shake gently. Observation. Blue colour fades & a Red soln is formed. 😫😫😫 #LIVCHE.

@empireofthekop Exactly, no idea why he started over Origi today on the wing, given that Klopp wanted to rest Firmino. Should have started in midfield over Milner..


@HenRay_DS @therealfuad_ But if he scored, you won’t call him “otu”. Origi took a PK for Liverpool. Mount did for Chelsea too. Anybody can lose a PK. It’s just the reality of PK. And Abraham has done a good job of PKs in the past..

Origi was just running around chasing ball like a headless chicken Why did klopp even remove mane? Smh.

@julesbreach Pure class ... wonder does this spell the end for Origi Owners 👀.

@krykryD @SamueILFC La última temporada Origi metió goles claves, creo que por eso es una buena opción, pero no era por Mané, pero Klopp no saca a Salah..

Lowkey : Origi has won more European trophies than Lionel Messi in the last 4 years..

Se adelantó Adrian San Miguel. ¿QUE TE PARECE LA ACTUACIÓN DE LOS ENCARGADOS DEL VAR ESTA NOCHE? Liverpool Chelsea #SupercopaDeEuropa #SuperCup Kante Lampard Mané Firmino Klopp Pulisic Giroud Abraham Origi Van Dijk.

@SamueILFC Reminds me of Origi 90+6 except he was running for Adrian not Alisson 😂.

Penalties! 12:30am Local Time 😬 Surely going to affect going into the weekend!? Liverpool - Firmino - ⚽️ Fabinho - ⚽️ Origi - ⚽️ TAA - ⚽️ Salah - ⚽️ Chelsea - Jorginho - ⚽️ Barkley - ⚽️ Mount - ⚽️ Emerson - ⚽️ Abraham - ❌ Saved Adrian! Liverpool SuperCup Champions.

Adrian- 6/10 Robbo- VVD- 9 Gomez- 5 Matip- 6 Hendo- Fabinho- 6 Milner- 4 Salah- Mané- Ox- 5 Subs: Bobby- 8 TAA- 7 Gini- 5 Origi- 5.

🎶 Saturday night and I like the way you move, Divock 🎶 A BRILLIANT angle of our second strike in Madrid and pure emotion after it 🙌 #SuperCup 🔜.

GW2 TOP TRANSFERS IN ↪️ Ederson - 273,960 Sterling - 211,283 De Gea - 194,443 Rashford - 185,966 Origi - 132,532 #FPL.

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