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Secret Service Special Agent Elizabeth Glavey was asked today whether, in her 13 years of service, she’d ever had a protectee come as close to danger as Mike Pence did on Jan. 6. “No,” she replied. Reporting from @lizbrownkaiser..

The Republican presidential frontrunner laments that Pence and GOP legislatures didn’t overturn an election result and install him in power.

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Pençe-Kilit Operasyon Bölgesinde Şehit Olan Kahraman Mehmetçiğimiz Piy. Üsteğmen #SerkanErkuş’a Allah’tan rahmet; ailesine, silah arkadaşlarına ve Aziz Milletimize sabırlar Şehidimizin Ruhu Şad, Mekanı Cennet Olsun. 🇹🇷.

la mala conducta. Estas mismas personas han estado gritando que Mike Pence NO tenía poder para hacer lo correcto y enviarlo de vuelta a los Estados Unidos para investigar el fraude electoral generalizado. Ahora está claro que podría y debería haberlo hecho, de lo contrario, ¿por.

Pençe Kilit Harekatı’nda şehit olan kahramanımıza Yüce Allah’tan sonsuz rahmet,acılı ailesine başsağlığı ve sabır dilerim. Acınız acımızdır🇹🇷 #ŞehitlerÖlmezVatanBölünmez🇹🇷.

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@EricCliett We ALL were cheated. even the deluded Marxist demorats who must now worship a moronic imbecile as their chosen GOD. And Mike Fucking PENCE is THE ROOT CAUSE. These self-serving corrupted for PROFIT RATS! They all gotta GO..

MSB paylaştı! Terör örgütüne ‘Pençe-Kilit’ darbesi @jess_buse #SONDAKİKA.

@ChuckGrassley Chuck, How did you know Pence would be missing on January 6? How complicit were you in the planning of the coup?.

Why Pence, even now, is facing fire from Trump over Jan. 6 vote via @msnbc.

Why Pence, even now, is facing fire from Trump over Jan. 6 vote via @msnbc.

…based on the tax freezes and cuts this may only directly benefit those individuals luck enough to earn £150,000 and above. Meanwhile the dollar is at to the pound and the euro at 89 pence. Worryingly….

I used to want to cry watching Pence standing behind Trump and looking adoringly at him. I KNEW he knew he was evil. I kept wondering where his balls had disappeared to..

@Mike_Pence 2022 REPUBLICAN COMMITMENTS in America: 2022 COMMITMENTS to: Dark Money 1% pay less tax Fewer voters fewer fraud cases Christian Nationalism Corporate subsidies (from your taxes not theirs).

@Meda78263550 @Christy4Change Oh yes I sure do! He’s the one who invited his cult following to incite an insurrection to prevent the peaceful transfer of a democratically elected government. People died as a result. He called for the execution of his VP Pence.🤬🤬.

Prosecutor makes closing argument in Capitol riot case of Doug Jensen, saying Jensen “was there … so he could get Mike Pence”. Says Jensen “got outside the door where the Vice President was supposed to be… that doesn’t happen by accident” -per Scott MacFarlane.

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@BeaudoinCharlie @nypost PS Charles Grassley told reporters on January 5 that Mike Pence would not be presiding over the counting of electoral votes on January 6th, but that Grassley would be taking Pence’s place. We’ve never learned why Grassley said that or what it meant..

@ChuckGrassley I bet the pillow guy knows why @ChuckGrassley said he’d be subbing for Mike Pence on January 6th..

@Mike_Pence men and women of integrity? Who would that be? The GOP? Geez. He tried to have you KILLED!.

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@Mike_Pence I agree. Too bad the @GOP doesn’t have anyone…#RepublicanAgainstTrumpism #RepublicansAreFascists.

Maddow Blog | Why Pence, even now, is facing fire from Trump over Jan. 6 vote.

@lonnie_urbina Pence is in the Bronx about to witness history. You can breathe the sigh of relief..

@w_terrence @Gutfeldfox I think of January 6th 2021 when then president Trump Incited an Insurrection and Attempted COUP at the CAPITAL of the USA where Five POLICE OFFICERS GAVE UP up THEIR LIVES for the ELECTORAL VOTE COUNT by presiding Congress Members and Vice President Pence to CERTIFY IT.

@Mike_Pence TESTIFY!! NO EXCUSES!! Nothing you said after 1/6/21 matters til you TESTFY about what you saw and who said what up to 1/6/21. If you need balls to do it, you could ask ted know, he is ted cruz but at least he stands up when he pees..

@OvieNews Once again transformers do not generate power and cannot generate 2000MW, transformers can only be used in transmission and distribution systems to step up power for transmission or step down power for distribution. This can only assist in effective distribution or transmission..

If you don’t know who Hunter Pence is you don’t know baseball. Why don’t you shut the fuck up bozo.

@oggendergoblin @Tonesmerticus Either that or the cowards who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6th and made death threats to Pelosi and.

At the end of August, a litre of unleaded in Wales cost pence per litre on average, with diesel costing per litre.

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