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Anlaşmanın uzatılması iradesini ortaya koyan Birleşmiş Milletler’e, Genel Sekreter Sayın Guterres’e, Rusya Devlet Başkanı Sayın Putin’e ve Ukrayna Devlet Başkanı Sayın Zelenski’ye şükranlarımı sunuyor, emeği geçen herkesi tebrik ediyorum. Hayırlı uğurlu olsun..

As Putin continues to target Ukraine’s electricity system, the is working to help keep the lights on. With this week’s delivery, we have provided 1k power generators to help power hospitals, schools, emergency services, and government agencies..

Putin Fotoğraf,Putin Fotoğraf by Samantha Power,Samantha Power on twitter tweets Putin Fotoğraf

Colleagues of mine in Kyiv described Putins barrage of missile attacks today as the largest ever against civilians since Putin launched his invasion. I wish this massive terrorist attack would get more attention in the Western press..

I’m so tired of this straw man, false dichotomy between those who allegedly want negotiations and those that allegedly want war. Who is against negotiations to end Putins invasion of Ukraine? No one. Who believes Putin would negotiate in good faith? No one who knows Putin..

El presidente @DiazCanelB y el presidente ruso Vladimir Putin rinden honores al Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, en el monumento dedicado a su memoria. #DíazCanelEnRusia.

Exijo, una vez más, a Vladímir Putin que ponga fin a la guerra y retire las tropas rusas de Ucrania. Y lo hago ante las democracias representadas en la Asamblea Parlamentaria de la @NATO, amantes de la paz. Respete la integridad de Ucrania y la legalidad internacional..

Belarusian cyber partisans held a successful attack on Roskomnadzor. This Russian institution stalks Putin’s opponents & media. Cyberparrisans hacked internal network, downloaded documents, correspondence, & encrypted workstations. Obtained Data will be given to journalists..

Vladimir Putin isn’t just losing in Ukraine — he’s set Russia’s economy back 40 years #SmartNews.

Thank you for compiling @RonFilipkowski These extremist lunatics have been made powerful by a Putin-backed GOP that cares nothing for our country or its people. Dems do not have even a single person as deluded or treasonous as this army of unprosecuted insurrectionists..

@WestergrenJon Sooner or later Ukraine will. They want Russia all the way out and what good is using nuclear weapons in your own backyard? Putin made a big mistake..

Russian president Vladimir Putin is “living in fear for his life” as his army retreats, a senior Ukrainian military aide said..

We have a lot to be thankful for. If Trump was still president…. NATO would be dissolved and Putin would be taking over Europe. Many more would have died from or gotten longCovid. A fascist state would be firmly in place with right wing religious cultists controlling everyone..

@maisumcarneiro O humorista é só, de longe, o melhor líder político da actualidade. De longe..

@foxtrop2712 @Datoworld Europa le seguirá jodiendo la invasión a Putin, y tranquilo, los almacenes de gas europeos están llenos y los barcos metaneros no paran de llegar ☺️😚.

@ThorsGeselle @Alice_Weidel Tja in diesem Fall ist Putin aber Schuld ! Hätte der nicht Angegriffen, Wären die Preise nicht so Stark Gestiegen wie Oft Muss ich das noch sagen !.

Let’s not forget that Mr Farage held up Putin as one of the greatest leaders in the world. A Russian asset and grifter..

@jeremycorbyn Putin must end it’s occupation in Ukraine immediately. The world leaders must pressure him to do it now..

@HaagseHopjes123 @chrisenfran Nee lekker die Russen geloven. Zelensky heeft tenminste nog landen die meekijken over zijn schouders. China kijkt bij Rusland de ander kant op. Maar veel succes met putin..


Xi zeigt hinter seinem Lächeln wie er wirklich tickt. Aggressiv und keinen Widerspruch duldend. Sollten mal die Chinaversteher mal genauer studieren diese Szene. Putin wird uns im Rückblick als netter Onkel erscheinen wenn China noch stärker wird..

@RasBenjiMassop1 @williamdw40 In other words, he is saying that Putin killed millions. The Soviet Union killed millions. Could you show me the evidence of the millions Putin killed? And is a conjunction that joins two sentences..

UCRAINA - Zelensky: La pace si ottiene facendo pressioni su Putin.

UCRAINA - Zelensky: La pace si ottiene facendo pressioni su Putin.

👉Predsjednik Ruske federacije Vladimir Putin 21. septembra najavio je djelimičnu mobilizaciju u toj državi što je imalo veliki odjek u svjetskoj javnosti. #laznavijest.

Putin che elogia gli Stati Uniti per aver subito smorzato la provocazione di Zelensky. Serve altro per capire che i democratici non controllano la Casa Bianca?.

Putin Fotoğraf,Putin Fotoğraf by Luigi Basemi 🥇,Luigi Basemi 🥇 on twitter tweets Putin Fotoğraf

@elonmusk Invite President Vladimir Putin to Twitter American should know the Truth why he attacks Ukraine.

Ucrania a oscuras, y llega el frío, es lo que quiere Putin, qué pasan frío, para ganar la guerra,no sé si la ganará, pero la gente pasará frío, mientras Putin, está en su palacio, teniendo calor, comiendo caliente, riéndose de la gente..


@elonmusk What about the fact that there are millions of terrorist Putin bots on Twitter? Are you going to do something about it?!.

@EricRWeinstein We all worry about nukes. But there is little in the current scenario that makes me think Putin is on the brink of nuking. Of course, both of our claims are non-falsifiable, which makes the whole conversation less than satisfying..

@RepMTG Wow, we can add obstruction charges to your list crimes, traitor. So, seriously, how much does Putin pay you or do you do this kind of crap just for own disgusting pleasure?.

The Russians have devised a unique method of suicide. They don’t expire until they’ve pumped four rounds into themselves. It’s closely tied to the belief among those with close ties to Putin that flight from upper story windows is possible..

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