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Tragic murders in Buffalo eerily similar to ones in El Paso. A man full of racial hatred traveled hours to perpetrate a mass shooting. In El Paso, it was against Latinos. In Buffalo, targets were African-American. We must fight against racism any time it raises its ugly head.💔.

Be A King
Be A King

It is very telling if your response to 10 people being murdered by an admitted white supremacist [in a country where indigenous people were slaughtered, African/Black people enslaved, and racism and racist propaganda persist] is “What about Black on Black crime?”.

Be A King
Be A King

It is distinctly devastating to get the news that a loved one has been gunned down by someone fueled by hate, racism, and white supremacy. It adds terrorism to an already traumatic moment. I just want to express my love and sympathy to the families of those murdered in Buffalo..

@not__vee People these days…you breathe a millimeter in the wrong direction and someone gets offended. This world is full of pussies who can’t shut up about politics and racism..

say what u want about the “left” they not out here committing racially motivated mass shootings because they think they have to preserve their race that is 100% a result of right wing extremism and thats why i can never align with a party who empowers racism.

@AdamParkhomenko There are people under this post completely bewildered to the idea that people simply wake up racist & spew racist shit daily just because. America has a racism problem, but yes, let’s not talk about the obvious.

Bob Sturm
Bob Sturm

@eharvey0501 It seems like telling half truths can motivate potential voters. This is why a former president tried to paint Mexicans as gang members and rapists, if you recall. It is morally wrong for a Christian to use clear racism for personal gain..

@AnthonyKeddo @GeorgeTakei Woke means: the ability to find either homophobia, sexism, racism, or _____ism in any situation, regardless of whether it actually exists or not. Bonus points if you can unearth multiple ism’s in blatantly non ism situations..

@dkamac1 @Dixie202021 She needs to be removed. Only pushes racism, negativity and misinformation..

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