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I’ve released my military records. Any statement to the contrary is a lie. Has Mehmet Oz released his military records from when he served in Turkey?.

Turkey offered to take Ukrainian soldiers in Azovstal out of Mariupol with a ship that can carry 2,000 people, promising that they will be kept in Turkey until the end of the war. Russia refused, according to Ukrainian negotiator Mustafa Dzhemilev 1/.

⚡️Turkey offers naval evacuation for Ukrainian defenders from Azovstal. Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman for Turkish President Erdogan, told Reuters that Turkey had offered to evacuate the wounded soldiers on a ship across the Black Sea. Moscow hasn’t agreed to it yet, he said..

BNO News
BNO News

BREAKING: Turkey will vote against Sweden and Finland’s request to join NATO, Erdogan says.

Why the hell is any autocracy run by Erdogan still in NATO. We’ll take the trade. Sweden and Finland for Turkey. He throws in all his jailed journalists and we have a deal..

World Over twitter trend today #ReleaseYasinMalik #FreeYasinMalik 7pm Pakistan, 3 pm London Uk time, 9 am Washington USA, Geneva 4pm , 10 am Toronto Canada, 5pm Istanbul Turkey, 10 pm Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 10 pm Beijing China , 5pm Riyadh Saudi Arabia, 6pm Dubai Uae , 7:25 Delhi.

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Dr. Oz is a disgusting grifting insane fascist traitor quack. His allegiance is to Money, Trump, & Turkey, not America. Pennsylvania must reject Oz. We must #RejectOz New from @ReallyAmerican1.

EM central bank hikes (+) since end-2020 1. Brazil: +1075 bps 2. Russia: +975 bps 3. Chile: +775 bps 4. Colombia: +425 bps 5. Mexico: +275 bps 6. South Africa: +75 bps 7. India: +40 bps 8. Indonesia: -25 bps 9. Turkey: -130 bps LatAm has been proactive and ahead of the.

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[130522] Beomgyu Twitter Güncellemesi: [TR] Sonunda MOAlarımızın sesini duyduk. Mutlu bir gündü❤ #BEOMGYU 🧸 @TXT_members @TXT_bighit #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER.

🌖 #Deprem? #Earthquake? Maybe moderate, possibly 22:08 UTC İzmir, Turkey (, ) ± 2 km felt to 80 km (Twitter).

metrobüsteyim çoğu kişi çıkarmış kullanmıyor ama ben kapalı mekanlarda devam 😷.

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İf big shadows of small people form somewhere,it means that the sun is setting there 🔗Fethiye,Turkey 🤍.

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[140522] Huening Kai Twitter Güncellemesi: [TR] Dün Music Bank eğlenceliydi~^3^ #HUENINGKAI @TXT_members @TXT_bighit #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER.

@themiszns Well, we Finns do not care about that. This is so old story that everybody thinks that Turkey or Croatia can blackmail others. The US finances 70% of NATO. They can have their moment of fame..

.@TheAHIinDC sent letter to @POTUS reminding administration that:every time Turkey uses US supplied planes to violate Greek airspace, it violates the Arms Exports Control Act(AECA)👉 stipulates that countries can only use US supplied military equipment for legitimate self defense.

@Spirit_in_Red it was from a different age where devs were actually allowed to do fun side things for their own amusement and passion, instead of having their work carved up like a christmas turkey and being asked how can we make even MORE money off of this? at every turn.

@TIME Nations want Sanctions on Pakistan Afghanistan Bangladesh China Turkey on Ethnic Cleansing of Sikh Buddhist Hindus Christian Tibetans,Terrorist Attacks on Them, Forced Conversion to Islam,Loot Torture Rape of Minorities & Blasphemy Killings. BAN Nationality Visa for these Nations.

@MattWalshBlog Not only did he refuse to vote in our elections and vote in Turkish elections; but he also chose to serve in the Turkish military and not serve in ours. Seems Considering he was born here and not in But wants Americans to vote for him why?.

Demre-Antalya Turkey 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 📷📸 erdogan_yigitt.

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Ke turkey sama ayang! 🥰 Nikah sekalian aja ga sih?! 🤭 Hehehehe #RCASYASGathering.

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@garakuta_lover @sanpoucamera おお! その手があった! アドバイスありがとうございます👍.

@TropicSeaBreeze My mother was so house proud that when I got up to sleepwalk, she had the bed made by the time I got back. I shot my first Turkey yesterday… Scared everyone in the frozen food section! ☺️.

Damn bro i really was in the in n out line for 5 minutes and then got out to just drive home and eat a turkey sandwhich cus i felt guilty asf after goin to gym twice today..

@UNHCRCanada There are also organizations in Turkey, northern Syria, Jordan and Lebanon that take the rights of refugees and oppress them😡😥 The biggest corruption is Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. These are the thieves of the right of refugees.

2008 crash excesses were in CDS. Current excesses are in VC. Without good exits for late stage funds, thanksgiving is fast approaching for the turkey. We miss the signal so easily amidst all the noise.

Turkey is awaiting the arrival of the fourth drilling vessel to prepare for the next drilling mission. The new Turkish drilling vessel, bought last year from a South Korean shipyard, is to join three other drilling vessels operating in the Black Sea field..

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@OklahomaCoffe @BNONews Depending on how you measure it yes… and? So what? It has a big, well equipped and capable military. But that’s not much good if it’s not willing to defend democracy alongside its nato allies. A Finland that fights is better than a Turkey which won’t..

@CajunBlueAZ1 I believe Finland is right alongside. I can’t believe Turkey is objecting to Finland’s admission to NATO. That will work itself out..

Marc Levy
Marc Levy

They are pretending to be “Trump card-carrying members of the patriot party,” she said, and she called Oz — he was born in the United States to parents who emigrated from Turkey and holds dual citizenship — “not only an American, but Turkish as well.”.

Turkey should be kicked out of NATO ?? Turkey threatens to block Finland and Sweden Nato bids - BBC News.

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