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Uganda passes harsh bill for people who identify as homosexual and will impose death penalty in some cases..

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In Uganda, the government has now passed a bill making identifying as LGBT a crime punishable by death.🇺🇬🏳️‍🌈⛓️🚫.

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JUST IN: Uganda passes law BANNING homosexuality — White House melts.

Uganda’s parliament has passed sweeping antigay legislation that proposes tough new penalties for same-sex relationships and criminalises anyone identifying as LGBTQ.

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BREAKING: Uganda passes the Anti-Homosexuality 2023 bill, punishing same-sex activity with up to 10 years in prison..


🚨ATENÇÃO: Uganda aprova lei que impõe pena de morte para pessoas LGBTQIA+. A sentença será aplicada a quem tiver relações homossexuais ou se identificar como um LGBTQIA+.

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BREAKING: Uganda just passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023, one of the harshest of such laws in Africa. President Museveni, who has called gay people deviants is widely expected to approve it.

Sonunda Ramazana girerken sıradan kuşbaşı etin kilosunu 290 TL yapmayı da başardı Kıyma da 254 TL oldu çünkü ilgilenen yok ticaret Uganda ticaretinden bile kötü bildiğiniz kabile devleti seviyesinde bile adamı en kötü döverler en azı Kira falan vazgeçtik.

En Uganda aprobaron una ley para prohibir la homosexualidad. El que sea gay irá a la cárcel. Es el problema del mundo bipolar que se va a los extremos, en Occidente quieren convertir a todos en LGTB con propaganda y en África los quieren erradicar..

I met this 4 year old chess genius in the slums of Katwe Uganda. I won this time, but I’ll be no match for him in a couple of years. The @thegiftofchess has put him on lifelong educational scholarship support. We must nurture this incredible African talent..

Just a Heritage Foundation guy defending Uganda’s sovereign right to execute gay people, while conveniently overlooking the fact that US evangelicals have been pushing these laws in Africa for decades..

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@ajlamesa Ugandan kids were locked out of school for two full years. million never came ban when reopening happened. A generational disaster for black kids in Uganda. Devastating learning loss for minority kids in the US. Amazing that a former Surgeon General is defending school….

Kikosi cha timu ya Taifa (Taifa Stars) kimewasili Misri kwa ajili ya Kambi ya kujiandaa na mchezo wa kufuzu AFCON dhidi ya Uganda..

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Hutaki Unataka unapigwa Mandonga Mtu Kazi ndani ya @dstvtanzania pekee Usipitwe na pambani kali la Mandonga mtu kazi dhidi ya bondia kutoka Uganda ambapo pambano hili litasindikizwa na mapambano ya utangulizi yatakayoshirikisha mabondia kutoka Afrika Mashariki.

According to police, PC Caroline Komuhangi who was attached to the Kabale Police Field force Unit was killed on Sunday morning at her barracks residence #MonitorUpdates.

When you talk about the fact that the prize for the winner, Miss Uganda 2023 was a car already out of bond, UBM/X, they will call it negative energy. But we don’t have to forget stories in media where some of the winners come out after a year to expose organizers who ……..

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Uganda overwhelmingly voted in death penalty for LGBTQ love today. Backward and brutal . Death to love who you love ? I hope the timid Church of England expels the Ugandan bishop-mob who do so much harm in the name of God ..

MPs in Uganda have passed a controversial anti-LGBTQ+ bill, which would make homosexual acts punishable by death, attracting strong condemnation from rights campaigners. This is.

Black Pearls land Kenya invitation #MonitorSport #MonitorUpdates.

Once you get to the level of Uganda , Kenya , Zimbabwe , Eswatini and other African countries there is no turning back.

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THIRD QUARTER! Namuwongo Blazers still lead this game by 9 points! ⚪️ 40-49 🟡 #NBL23.

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Northern Uganda-based singer @eezzymusik wants to hustle hard until he gifts his mother with a Range Rover for the sacrifices she made to give him a better life.

Ebyija omu @newvisionwire Orwokubanza oru; - Cabinet eikirize ebiragiro bya fiizi; Amashomero obutaguza ‘uniform’ hamwe n’okushashuza ebyokurya - Hannah Karema, Miss Uganda omusya ahabwa 2023 - Akakiiko akarikucondooza ahanshonga y’amabaati kagiire Karamoja #VisionUpdates.

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Any Americans who feel like talking slick about Uganda, ask yourself what is the simplest possible explanation their fascist dictator Museveni has remained in power almost 4 decades.

1. Yesterday, @felixmasius , drove all the way from Kampala, Uganda to come check on my mother … As a cancer survivor, Felix came to commiserate with me & to advise me on how to make the life of my mum health and comfortable. And he brought me a gift for my mum from Jace Mueni.

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.@uppc_uganda is said to have sold its land to Veridos, a German consortium, for UGX billion, less than the original valuation of UGX billion done by the Government Valuer. @MNuwaha #NBSLiveAt9 #NBSUpdates.

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No, I don’t really want to hear your North American hot take on the devastating anti-LGBT legislation in Uganda if you are not doing anything to stop legislation that is rapidly headed in the same direction..

Welcome to the 15th international conference of Pastors and ministers of the Gospel coming live from Ivory coast. Follow the audio Livestream through and on YouTube through … #AbidjanWordConference.

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Latest CECAFA Region FIFA WOMEN Football Rankings. 🇪🇹 Ethiopia - 125 (+1) Top Ranked ✅ 🇰🇪 Kenya - 149 (0) 🇹🇿 Tanzania - 152 (0) 🇺🇬 Uganda - 160 (+1) 🇷🇼 Rwanda - 163 (0) 🇧🇮 Burundi - 175 (-1) 🇸🇸 South Sudan - 187 (-1) 🇸🇴Somalia 🇩🇯 Djibouti 🇪🇷Eritrea are not yet ranked..

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3/3 Botswana, Fiji, Germany, Guyana, Israel, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, New Zealand, Oman, Russia, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda and the United Kingdom. And during Covid some twitter experts were saying how SWIFT is not replaceable👎 #Modi4PM2024.

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