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Zimbabwe Popular Tweets On Twitter

How Twitter Reacted On Zimbabwe ?

Zimbabwe Popular Tweets On Twitter.

Zimbabwe -

  • On my way to Buhera, Zimbabwe, to attend the burial of my dear late brother MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai; which is taking place tomorrow. https://t.co/dIV7OBsHEg

    Zimbabwe twitter.
  • This morning I went to pay my respects to the Tsvangirai family and to assure them that the whole of Zimbabwe stands with them. In this hour of mourning, let us all be united and come together to mourn our former PM, and together move forward for the development of our country.

  • Heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the deceased MDC President MorganTsvangirai and the people of Zimbabwe #RIPMorganTsvangirai https://t.co/zZKJnZjJ6A

    Zimbabwe twitter.
  • "We are going to Buhera to bury our leader. But we are not going to bury the ideas that he carried. The idea of a better Zimbabwe" - Nelson Chamisa. Thank you Save for blazing a trail. We shall finish what you started. The idea you planted will not die. Go well commander MT. https://t.co/ywhFNXRiFg

    Zimbabwe twitter.
  • This powerful comment and question needs our full attention in #Zimbabwe. https://t.co/iTJHzhK90s

  • 5th ODI: WICKET! Sikandar Raza b Sharafuddin Ashraf 1 (4b). Zimbabwe 76/4 (20.4 Ovs). #AFGvZIM https://t.co/SqDmr6I3eW

    Zimbabwe twitter.
  • WICKET: Afghanistan 224/8 (49/50) Sharafuddin Ashraf c Sikandar Raza b Chatara 21 (30) Chatara 9-1-38-2 https://t.co/VmWw7ZvUgJ

  • WICKET: Zimbabwe 76/4 (20.4/50, target: 242) Sikandar Raza b Sharafuddin Ashraf 1 (4) Sharafuddin Ashraf 5.4-0-14-2 https://t.co/VmWw7ZvUgJ

  • A Kenyan visitor goes to pay his respects in Zimbabwe: https://t.co/9LjLAwKUV9

  • Zimbabwe president hails late opposition hero Morgan Tsvangirai. https://t.co/Ms1WB7cWeV https://t.co/VR4WiO4nra

    Zimbabwe twitter.
  • Wow! What a way to roll up a match and pocket a series against a full member. Congratulations to @ACBofficials for a wonderful win against Zimbabwe. The boys made us all proud today and we look forward to seeing all the stars shine in the world cup qualifiers.

  • Special discount on self drive car by Satguru Travel! Contact us - https://t.co/XdtXSd8xLL #AirportTransfer #Travel #Harare #Zimbabwe https://t.co/Wz7jFWql9p

    Zimbabwe twitter.
  • @kefsi_zimbabwe @mekdizimbabwe SEJAK KAPAN WOI😭😭😭

  • WICKET: Afghanistan 162/5 (36.5/50) Nasir Jamal c Cremer b Sikandar Raza 7 (12) Sikandar Raza 9.5-0-41-2 https://t.co/VmWw7ZvUgJ

  • The mechanisms that Zimbabwe’s govt puts in place will largely indicate whether the immediate post-Mugabe era reflects a true transition or just old wine in new bottles. Read about other African elections coming up this year: https://t.co/pe3ckViCgd

  • ㅡ PLOT ㅡ @kefsi_zimbabwe ft @mekdizimbabwe "Hate Love Story"

  • Day 3 of our Hwange adventure: stay over at Davison’s camp, located in a remote, private corner of Hwange, overlooking very busy waterhole that attracts a variety of plains game and predators. https://t.co/KGrEAMZmmh #Zimbabwe #safarilive #TravelAfrica https://t.co/Ulscxv2XoW

    Zimbabwe twitter.
  • Nih ditanyain bos @kaefsi_zimbabwe @mekdizimbabwe https://t.co/I9HIOhAgr9

  • H.E. Raila Odinga has deported himself temporarily to Zimbabwe to condole with a brother- a fallen hero.

  • Our Director of Cricket @118chrisbrown shares his coaching know-how with the Zimbabwe national coaching team - https://t.co/JfYKOHJBs2 @NorfolkCB #MondayMotivation @Greshams_School https://t.co/20LtfZ176K

    Zimbabwe twitter.
  • Raila Odinga departs the Country for Zimbabwe to attend the burial of his long-time friend and Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai. (PIC: Courtesy - Raila Odinga ) https://t.co/59mVxaCntI

    Zimbabwe twitter.
  • Serah lu maleend https://t.co/O0YCGp5NZ7

  • This racist swine will not realise the fatal outcome of this move. Look what happened to #Rhodesia #Zimbabwe since the #Communists took over with corrupt elections, the #UK will not hand over food aid to #SA endlessly @UKinZimbabwe @UKinSouthAfrica https://t.co/thCsD7nRNN

  • @SueNyathi @PulengHopper Please please distribute and sell Your book in Zimbabwe

  • This song brought tears to my eyes 😢 all Morgan Tsvangirai ever wanted was a better Zimbabwe. Zororai murugare Save 👏🏾 #OurHero https://t.co/TNEkDIDC6E

  • @kefsi_zimbabwe @mekdizimbabwe Ikut

  • The US dollar is the official currency of the US, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, East Timor, and Zimbabwe.

  • Zimbabwe Plans Gold, Tobacco Diaspora Bonds as Bank Rules Change - Bloomberg https://t.co/SGBVku0lJy

  • @mekdizimbabwe Okee, gua mau nyari pencerahan dulu

  • Zimbabwe’s opposition leader died. Here’s what you need to know. on Politics Today - https://t.co/SXmfc3ZU5J https://t.co/JNl7URe1Nv

    Zimbabwe twitter.
  • @mekdizimbabwe @kefsi_zimbabwe Permisi

  • Raila Odinga travels to Zimbabwe to attend Morgan Tsvangirai burial on Tuesday https://t.co/fyHxkwnSaa via @StandardKenya

  • @kefsi_zimbabwe Lu duluan dahh

  • piknik dulu ke zimbabwe

  • i think in Zimbabwe we need a training centre for companies that deal with customers directly. teach them the proper etiquette and decorum when dealing with the paying customers where their salary comes from. the level of unprofessionalism at some establishments is astounding https://t.co/gdT9QoqaK6

  • Netone Zimbabwe,One Fusion huya pano! — feeling pissed off

  • @Peterman43 The one problem would be all of Zimbabwe would be here within a week. Three last one out of the country would have to turn off the lights.

  • Zimbabwe Plans Gold, Tobacco Diaspora Bonds as Bank /articles/2018-02-19/zimbabwe-plans-gold-tobacco-diaspora-bonds-as-bank-rules-change

  • @Haruka_NKGW10 Makanya nikah, alias nikah yuk sama aku. Aku orang Indonesia keturunan Zimbabwe, mau ga nikah sama aku? 😌

  • Why is the African Union not saying the same about Zimbabwe? Congo? Name your country https://t.co/5WOynmbIs8

  • @certainregard @chiarapellegri9 @cristina_bassi @rubino7004 La so! La so! Zimbabwe! https://t.co/o5UtADIkEA

  • Zimbabwe Plans Gold, Tobacco Diaspora Bonds as Bank Rules Change https://t.co/Fxh7ak5sk9 https://t.co/XTltsWNhkg

    Zimbabwe twitter.
  • Saying #IDONT is not just about taking action to #ENDChildMarriage. It’s about protecting human rights and promoting gender equality: https://t.co/1ie6zOJdCy @abbiemse @YuUnfpa @Emuia @MujajatiPat @MagdalaneC https://t.co/yssjlZNGBU

  • @povozim @fortunechasi A disregard of the constitution has braught zimbabwe to where it is now and we have a challenge if we have leaders disregarding a party constitution let alone will they be able to abide by the national constitution as broad as it is