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  • No, I am most certainly not, and you’ll never get anywhere by calling people murderers or suggesting that the innocent are in any way responsible for a murderer’s actions, Sheriff Israel’s failures, or the FBI’s admitted misses. (I also don’t sell guns). God bless. https://t.co/GIz392BSWE.

  • High school students across the east coast walked out of school at 10am this morning to protest gun violence — Even students in Tanzania, Israel and Iceland protested as well..

  • Sheriff Israel Doesn’t Show Up for Senate Hearing, Immediately Gets Put In His Place. https://t.co/c1nAORKIRr.

  • What does Broward Sheriff Scott Israel not want us to see? https://t.co/JWxc5TXcdN.

  • a) People the Corbynites have fiercely criticised since the Salisbury attack: Tory MPs. Theresa May. Labour Moderates. Israel (all of it). British security officials. The producers of Newsnight. b) People the Corbynites have not fiercely criticised: Vladimir Putin..

  • The tweets in response to my Cynthia Nixon tweet prove my point. If you’re anti-Israel, Nixon’s your candidate..

  • Here’s video of Papadopoulos at a Trump inauguration event saying: “We’re looking forward to ushering in a new relationship between the US & all of Israel.” This is after the election in DC. George was still speaking on Trump’s behalf. Not a coffee boy. https://t.co/TnVeYByQKq.

  • Richard Holbrooke cut a deal with UN WEOG members in the 90’s for Israel to run opposed in 2018 as the WEOG representative. Israel has waited 19 yrs! The US must demand that Europe keep its word https://t.co/x0XmT6Qpnh.

  • Israeli military aircraft carried out raid against a #Hamas target in #GazaStrip overnight after an explosive device detonated near border with #Israel..

  • Was een oude tunnel, zegt Hamas over een van de door Israël vernietigde tunnels. Oud of nieuw maakt niet uit, een tunnel is en tunnel https://t.co/zO5zzKxsDv.

  • @MiCanal5 #SoyUnMonstruo cuando me toca exponer mañana y se me olvida la cartulina y dejó mal a mis compañeros 😅😄.

  • America’s Foreign Policy Made in Israel - BY PHILIP GIRALDI https://t.co/pL6Sc5k2AK.

  • #Infografía: #Palestina está alcanzando su puesto merecido en el mundo https://t.co/UUr2srJs6O https://t.co/aw9WTYy4TM.

    Israel twitter.
  • Brb taking my Pikachu home @nettabarzilai #toy #eurovision #israel https://t.co/dy8Rzd3VKl.

    Israel twitter.
  • Stephen hawking opposed Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and actively supported Palestine so you can delete your teeet and crawl back into the hole you came from ✨ https://t.co/6Oxi4gwtGp.

  • @Israel_Did911 @wendy_soxy1girl @LuciferGOP @FrankLuntz Yes, your ilk- Alt-right, Nazi, Jew hating. Again, good day.

  • Netanyahu knows that even the slightest concession of guilt could undermine his chances of staying in power | Analysis https://t.co/gcrqj165CV.

  • @Dat_weird_cutie @d_monarch The two of you ehn... Sigh.

  • Oh and the antisemitism largely comes from Soviet era propaganda too - portrayal of Jews as controlling capitalism & politics and Israel as racists and Nazis.

  • @prestonpans76 @dorrit_r @gary_perris @cathyannwelsh @laielkha @seancbreathnach @senna786 @david_allon @swordoftruth22 @joshbachlaw @DebbieGarca7 @Ben_Jonson_1985 @tvigy2 @dlsmith0817 @SkopStein1 @dovidell @PalestinoSimpre @ilDiavolo_Homam @Tweet4409 @ozzyalan @object_to @Tighza_Taza @methuengena @ManachainO @GamalAkabani @whynot1800 @PamSpenser @4hala @hypocoristicon1 @Skyer194 @schlockDoctrine @AhmedAdradi @Bismarc44222810 @mrbangla @EdNDeb4858 @achmatpandy @wisermann @DavidInstigator @DorothyNylund @debsi12i @GefilteFishy @LStarofDavid @freegazaorg @LifeXmas @dgoldtech @joshgladwin @IanYrret @JerusalemArchiv @myangel7777777 @Fr33d0mBop Israel commits so many atrocities against Palestinians that they don’t need to fake pictures. Zionist racists on the other hand fake news all the time..

  • עכלתה כתבה ב @Haaretz על פרצת XSS באתר עירית רחובות. רגע, מה? כן כן. אפשר לבצע את הפרצה הזו באופן מעט עקמומי למרות ההגנות של כרום. גרסה ערוכה היטב פה: https://t.co/itKwWwJpOU ופוסט טכני עילג, מלא בג׳אנק ובדוגמאות קוד: https://t.co/DQ2Om4eSBw :.

  • @toni67409 Imagine sending your son to fight in wars for israel and return in a box with a flag on it. Thank goodness trump wont sacrifice anymore of our children for AIPAC/jewish donors.

  • @Mel_lific One of the biggest problem I see is with people like Sheriff Israel. He has a “Zero Defect” mentality and won’t accept input from others..

  • @realDonaldTrump @POTUS PREZ TRUMP HAD WISDOM TO CALL IT RIGHT & he did ! Our Nations greatest enemy is & was CLINTONS SECRET SERVERS OPPERATIONS - Romney knew about & helped cover up books to boot ! She stole 4tril $ for a fake med web site - ran campaign against Israel & USA !!!.

  • Israel destroys new Hamas tunnel in Gaza. It was the fourth such tunnel destroyed by Israeli forces in as many... https://t.co/yoQcTGtNo2.

  • @jshayevitz @omer18365408 @antidotdot @occupiedisloc1 @DragonVranic @VeronicaTalbot9 @Darkplumm911 @malkaavram @EnLiEretzAheret @MMayerhoff @mdavidhfx @inevithistoric @Abramov_1948 @Killerspieler08 @Lolemali @Kerpendo @cole_davesc66 @DebbieGarca7 @TelAvivYonatan @ChinaCry @mishtal @arcoathena @terry121269 @KnightRider8491 @sdeitch @nissatal @schlockDoctrine @GamalAkabani @AvianMedia2012 @phoenx7 @exposetyranny1 @DanmarkLarsen1 @IronmanL1 @SamMorein1 @tomstedham @Zimmlaw175 @Himgalla @TrutherTracy @KParveenn @hypocoristicon1 @Proud_Kafir610 @icarus_cries @Ialbabakri @OHirschberger @indicboy @Oscar66991 @WARAGAINSTGOV @KarlLueger @ZioBuster @takethepss It does you dumb fuck. Get educated you ignorant troll. Ten reasons why East Jerusalem does not belong to Israel. https://t.co/KJDofbadTf.

  • @JoyceBronwyn @m_drez @MarisaEThompson @AdrianeGarland @mshsimpson1 @ToddShriver @DitchThatTxtbk @Flipgrid @jmattmiller Dearest @JoyceBronwyn - you are the best ever ! And we should do online skype call in the spring.... 8:00 AM in Israel is 15:00 Australia.... If your pupils would like to stay after school, we will be so happy to see you online !.

  • Parallels between Israeli & South African apartheid #IsraeliApartheidWeek https://t.co/AMD4eVPnR4.

    Israel twitter.
  • Tbt to when I asked for two scoops of ice cream in Israel and they gave me this https://t.co/Lhbwhr6sxk.

    Israel twitter.
  • #Israel https://t.co/SJWla7ULI4.

  • Interesting details here. Objection: Palestinians dismiss the Trump team because they are settlers, not because they are Jews- "Palestinians pin hopes on Pompeo" https://t.co/qPj6AaU4Ha via @AlMonitor.

  • @R6U9TuO1skPwYJm https://t.co/xurS0i8Vz2 עיתונאי שמאלני מתוודה:חקירות ראש הממשלה נתניהו הם בלוף אחד גדול אני רוצה שתכירו את יוסי מלמן. מלמן הוא עיתונאי שעובד ב"מעריב" וכמו הרוב המכריע של עמיתיו הוא לא אוהב את ביבי, מאוד לא אוהב אותו אלא שבסוף השבוע האחרון הוא נתקף ייסורי מצפון והחליט לומר את האמת.

  • Haha .You really are Having a Gypsies Kiss ..Sweden is the 9th Happiest Country In The World .More UN BS https://t.co/QkOMXbbmZL.

  • I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/q8N45YUaoa Netta - TOY - Israel - Official Music Music - Eurovision 2018.

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