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  • The criticism @SarahKSilverman has gotten for the crime of demanding a Palestinian child have a childhood is very very revealing

  • Nikki Haley to top Palestinian negotiator: I will not shut up https://t.co/hcQLlXEIOB https://t.co/R3JiWEjwr4

    Palestinian twitter.
  • Lagi, #Facebook memblokir akun/page milik Aktivis Pro-Palestine atas permintaan Teroris Yahudi dan AS. https://t.co/bH536XUmIs Terkait hal itu, hari ini 21/2 digelar kampanye global memprotes FB! #FBfightsPalestine! #FreePalestine https://t.co/SWaiuhacnq

  • Abbas sparred with Israeli ambassador—and sought full-fledged @UN membership and protection for Palestinian refugees. https://t.co/RTQXXbY46l

  • Fatah official calls #Terror who led killing of 37 a "hero" https://t.co/rZZu87ygla

  • Check out my new illustration project . https://t.co/VGJA19tArU

  • The #Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, addressed the #UN Security Council in a heated session that appeared to do little but reinforce the intractable divisions between #Israelis and Palestinians https://t.co/whiattnxiV

  • IMF: Palestinian economy reaches a breaking point https://t.co/LTQKeIGuCF #Palestine https://t.co/sIIumzUXTl

    Palestinian twitter.
  • New from IADL member Palestinian Center for Human Rights: Gaza Strip: Attacks in the border areas and their consequences https://t.co/sJXhzovZaM

  • Tayseer Khaled: Israel Provides Monthly Allowances for Killers of Palestinian Citizens https://t.co/qLJnLO8SAp

  • @wurzel260654 @DougSabbag @4hala @AlphaRomeoF1 @MLKstudios_ @SaraSar66489059 @aarontaratoot @ReallyillyTCs @Ms_Revisionista @SDGMasterglass @M0sstr00per @SerraMesa_Bill @Waitakubuli777 @TanyaKasim @BobbyFischerTru @Ian_Flaming @amerikagulag @MiwaawJohn @rico_hands @n_abuabara @senna786 @IpsoFactoQED @Alsoudaniahmad1 @mariamtayob @warrioroftrut @SuperMehboob @wisermann @smragha @aftab457 @StephenWalter13 @jcalabra @dan90125 @hermosovaccio @ChristopherA_E @AnaAce1971 @AminJarrar1 @ArensTed @Micky_Debarge2 @ItisPalestine @IDFSpokesperson @netanyahu @Israel Oh yeah? Even the 20% population that lives inside the walls? You didn’t answer my question. Since you seem to think it’s so fabulous to be a Palestinian and they don’t have it bad at all, would YOU like to be treated the way they are? Would YOU like to trade places with THEM?

  • #Palestinian protesters hurled shoes at #Doha’s representative in #Gaza, Mahmoud Al-Omadi, and downed #Qatar’s flag, refusing its interference in the #PalestinianCase #QatariLeaks https://t.co/21jntWkE63

  • red head amateurs palestinian girl anal https://t.co/NSpgX5TsQP

  • The martyr of today is ( mohammed abu helo 17 year ) > he succumbs to wounds sustained in Israeli crackdown on Palestinian protesters on Friday in #Gaza strip #SaveGaza https://t.co/LJQTHRhFlQ

    Palestinian twitter.
  • "absence of genuine initiatives by Israel to secure lasting peace and a viable two-state solution that includes full freedom and democracy for the Palestinian people," #BDS #BRExit #theresa_may #theresamay #Boris #BorisJohnson Tosser https://t.co/eXHGspyNrb

  • @ParinazEtesam گذشته از ترویج خشونت حمایت از اسرائیل میکنید که خودش مادر همه خشونت هاست و از این کودک کشی ها به مراتب انجام داده نمونش بچه شیر خواری که توی خونش کباب شد و قاتلش بعد از شش ماه آزاد شد https://t.co/xW4CopWtMt

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