United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - Wellerman, Question Time, devlin, #loveisland9ja, Grant shapps, New York Dolls, Lexit, Christian Wood, Sundar.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.Manaus 1508623
2.Biden 1280932
3.#PricelessJennieDay 634073
4.#빛이나는_제니의_모든날이_찬란하길 600026
5.Selena 408013
6.corey 307405
7.jisoo 251209
8.#NobodyIsListening 242718
9.John Sullivan 226959
10.Partner 145420
11.Franklin 137335
12.Marvel 133418
13.Arsenal 127147
14.Selena Gomez 125941
15.#WandaVision 106814
16.IRENE 104552
17.ariana 97840
18.megan 96517
19.England 95995
20.Year 2 93112
21.Grey 85269
22.Supreme Court 82529
23.Doja 79071
24.Saleh 67280
25.Best English 60582
26.Jets 60261
27.#3435REMIX 59678
28.Harvard 58955
29.Portugal 54279
30.Palace 48998
31.Lawrence 43884
32.River Road 43467
33.karl 43426
34.#MakeAbleistsUncomfortable 42099
35.Calamity 40861
36.Bad Boy 38353
37.Harvey 36057
38.Bruno Fernandes 33926
39.Baker 31570
40.#TGTATBO 31285
41.zayn malik 30495
42.MAKNAE 29800
43.Shark 29782
44.Steph 29543
45.Melo 29068
46.Player of the Month 26465
47.jinki 24499
48.Brazilian 24485
49.Vince 24272
50.Urdu 22867
51.Tierney 22396
52.Windowsill 21792
53.ITS SO GOOD 19057
54.#DragRaceUK 18817
55.Miriam 18538
56.brie larson 18340
57.Xhaka 17204
58.#askofficial_ACE7 16436
59.Armin 15447
60.Trump to Jesus 14837
61.Arteta 14414
62.#CriticalRole 13338
63.Diamond and Pearl 13045
64.Juice Wrld 12999
65.Zaha 12657
67.Bellerin 11895
68.#FridayMotivation 11531
69.Sundar 10925
70.Gen 4 10858
71.Christian Wood 10748
72.Wazza <10k
73.#Fridayfeeling <10k
75.#bbcqt <10k
76.TFI Friday <10k
77.Joe Black <10k
78.Nasser <10k
79.#FeelGoodFriday <10k
80.Labuschagne <10k
81.Stefon <10k
82.Dan Lawrence <10k
83.#flowersonfriday <10k
84.Dermot <10k
85.Aggers <10k
86.#JeremyVine <10k
87.Night Stalker <10k
88.matthew wright <10k
89.Daily Telegraph <10k
90.#NationalHatDay <10k
91.Yoruba <10k
92.Derby County <10k
93.Morning Steve <10k
94.#arsecastextra <10k
95.Sleaford Mods <10k
96.Galle <10k
97.Toby Young <10k
98.#xponorth <10k
99.Ceballos <10k
100.Transport Secretary <10k
101.steve baker <10k
102.Lee gunner <10k
103.Thanks Colin <10k
104.Morning Mark <10k
105.#bbccricket <10k
106.Ronan <10k
107.Robin McAlpine <10k
108.Debs <10k
109.Charlie Mullins <10k
110.#loveisland9ja <10k
111.Zirkzee <10k
112.Sylvain Sylvain <10k
113.Mr Motivator <10k
114.Working Time Directive <10k
115.Matip <10k
116.devlin <10k
117.#friyay <10k
118.Scott Wright <10k
119.Britannia Unchained <10k
120.Soucek <10k
121.South America <10k
122.Mendis <10k
123.joshua bassett <10k
124.Paul Bettany <10k
125.#fridaymorning <10k
126.#SLvsENG <10k
127.Jokic <10k
128.Dean Smith <10k
129.Naby Keita <10k
130.Morning Andy <10k
131.#ENGvSL <10k
132.Home Office <10k
133.Vicky Ford <10k
134.Euro 2004 <10k
135.Grant Shapps <10k
136.Sri Lankan <10k
137.Draymond <10k
138.POTM <10k
139.Joe Root <10k
140.Piglet <10k
141.Paul Ince <10k
142.Lawrence Chaney <10k
143.Adeola <10k
144.Lockerbie <10k
145.Stokes <10k
146.#FridayVibes <10k
147.#FreeBetFriday <10k
148.Kerr <10k
149.Elizabeth Olsen <10k
150.New York Dolls <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now


🇩🇪 Bernd Leno has now kept 4️⃣ clean sheets in a row for Arsenal: 🧤 vs. Brighton 🧤 vs. West Brom 🧤 vs. Newcastle 🧤 vs. Crystal Palace World Class.🌟

Bernd,UK twitter trends now
Amjad Taha أمجد طه
Amjad Taha أمجد طه ()

على قطر أن تدرك لن تنجح في تفريق صفوف الرباعي العربي..و إن ما فعلته قبل امس من تمويل ونشر فلم خاشقجي ضد السعودية ومحاولة تجنيد صيادين ضد البحرين ونشر خبر كاذب عن طيران الإمارات واستمرارها بالإساءة لمصر لن يمر مرور الكرام..فنحن كما قلنا ان عدتم عدنا و سلم مع من سالمنا. #امجد_طه

TalkSPORT ()

Adrian Durham believes #CelticFC should be demoted to Scottish League Two for deciding to travel to Dubai

The Poke
The Poke ()

Jacob Rees-Mogg said fish were now ‘British and happier for it’ – only 7 responses you need (pic by @christhebarker)

British Fish,UK twitter trends now
Dr Ellie 😷🧼 🤲🏼
Dr Ellie 😷🧼 🤲🏼 ()

One year ago today. Makes me incredibly sad to read this again. Probably didn’t even notice it the first time #hindsight #COVIDー19

Ellie,UK twitter trends now
Alasdair Munro
Alasdair Munro ()

An important article reporting on a new study from @CDCgov Useful to have data from the USA confirming findings from across Europe about children, #COVID19 and #schoolsreopening

TalkRADIO ()

Dr Ellie Cannon says the NHS Nightingale hospitals were a white elephant. They were a great news headline but without the staff were really pretty pointless. @mrmarkdolan

Tracy Zille
Tracy Zille ()

People of South Africa forget that African countries like Angola, Zimbabwe and Nigeria played a vital role in protecting their freedom fighters. They allowed them to stay without passport, feed them and also gave them military training. Today RSA is closing boarders #EFFMustRise

Channel 4 News
Channel 4 News ()

“They’re now British fish - and they’re better and happier fish for it.” Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, claims fish are “better and happier” in British waters after Brexit, following complaints from the SNP about a “Brexit fishing disaster”.

Amjad Taha أمجد طه
Amjad Taha أمجد طه ()

جمعة طيبة...جعلكم اللهُ للوفاء بابًا، وللسعادة أسباباً..وأسعد نفوسكم الطيبة. #امجد_طه #يوم_الجمعة

Ian Fraser
Ian Fraser ()

The new business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, accepted substantial donations from fossil fuel investors, despite the government’s commitment to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

TalkRADIO ()

Columnist Dan Hodges says pedantic lockdown sceptics are “unable and unwilling to change their opinion based on new facts”. Watch the show ► @Iromg | @DPJHodges

TalkRADIO ()

Fitness instructor Mr Motivator MBE: Focusing on your health is so critical right now. How are you keeping fit in lockdown? @mrmarkdolan | @MrMotivator

Mari H
Mari H ()

Having worked at Bletchley Park I’m not sure whether I should be slightly proud or offended by Tia Kofi’s portrayal of Alan Turing. Oh, right, yes, offended. #DragRaceUK

Tia Kofi,UK twitter trends now
TalkSPORT ()

“I think he [Tierney] should be our captain. It just doesn’t look like there’s any leadership out there.” #AFC

Will Tanner
Will Tanner ()

Genuinely think @Keir_Starmer should convince Gordon Brown to lead Labour in Scotland. Disagree with him or not but it could be a game changer on the Union.

Third Man Cricket 🏏🟢
Third Man Cricket 🏏🟢 ()

My 3 favourite people so far today? 1.) Joe Root 2.) Dan Lawrence 3.) Mark Lawrence, Dan’s dad @bbctms #TMS #bbccricket


Every member of England’s Euro 2004 squad has now retired. The Golden Generation ⭐️

Euro 2004,UK twitter trends now
TalkSPORT ()

1. Lionel Messi 🏆 4. Kevin De Bruyne 👏 8. Mesut Ozil 👀


🗣 Why is the ref spudding Palace players? (Ty Rant) 🔴 Arsenal 0-0 Crystal Palace 🦅 📺 ➡️ Join Profit Accumulator FREE TODAY ⚠️ UK only and 18+. Please gamble responsibly. #AD