United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - Essex, #adventcalendar2020, #thundersnow, #teacher5oclockclub, Queensferry Crossing, The Grinch, Morning Dave, David Lammy, Puffer.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.Trump 2372329
2.Biden 1023587
3.Morning Twitter 452820
4.#OurHomeSoobinDay 450260
5.shawn 267560
6.soobin 143361
7.OUT TODAY 141619
8.#GreysAnatomy 135929
9.Woke 127724
10.Fauci 112160
11.Closed 103047
12.Ensure 101823
13.Ariana 95005
14.Selena 76762
15.#weareweird 56002
16.Oh Santa 55603
17.#SakhirGP 53074
18.Warner Bros 52818
19.Dr Fauci 52784
20.#OhSanta 51943
21.Mariah 51792
22.#AUSvIND 51707
23.On the 4th 50754
24.Macron 49030
25.#WonderOutNow 45820
26.#LotusInnGrandOpening 44250
27.#TheMandalorian 42804
28.All About Us 38044
29.Hart 31038
30.Raid 29772
31.Chahal 27468
32.Kratos 26957
33.Meredith 26495
34.Celebrations 23164
35.Teresa 21305
36.Black Panther 20926
37.Vernon 20315
38.Jadeja 17990
39.High Value 15979
40.Bounty 15198
41.#CriticalRole 14765
42.Question Time 14324
43.The Grinch 13386
44.Naya 12977
45.Naga 11678
46.Diogo 11537
47.#fridaymorning 10145
48.Mank 10100
49.#FridayThoughts 10046
50.#snow 10012
51.#VibePayFriday <10k
52.Steve Bell <10k
53.#12DaysofJones <10k
54.Grant Shapps <10k
55.Argos <10k
56.Emily Jones <10k
57.BBC News - Government <10k
58.Night City <10k
59.Morning John <10k
60.Chapter 14 <10k
61.Morning Steve <10k
62.#SmallBizSatUK <10k
63.Morning Jill <10k
64.#influencerroom <10k
65.#thundersnow <10k
66.£50bn of UK <10k
67.Sazza <10k
68.#Fridayvibes <10k
69.Nissany <10k
70.#MorningTom <10k
71.David Lammy <10k
72.Lorna <10k
73.Virg <10k
74.African-Irish <10k
75.#oneruleforthem <10k
76.Liz Truss <10k
77.Morning David <10k
78.#TakeASongOrMovieToTheBars <10k
79.Abra Cadabra <10k
80.Lewes <10k
81.#SevenDaysOfCyberpunk <10k
82.#friyay <10k
83.Boba Fett <10k
84.NICK KROLL <10k
85.#JusticeForShukriAbdi <10k
86.Our Price <10k
87.#ps5stockuk <10k
88.Strip Sir Philip Green <10k
89.Woodwick <10k
90.Essex <10k
91.John McClane <10k
92.Letitia Wright <10k
93.Puffer <10k
94.Morning Dave <10k
95.2019 EU <10k
96.#weather <10k
97.Baltic <10k
98.#FridayMotivation <10k
99.#WhereYouShopMatters <10k
100.Morning Paul <10k
101.#LDInsight <10k
102.Basil Brush <10k
103.Tom Ellen <10k
104.#purplewinter <10k
105.#NewMusicFriday <10k
106.UK-EU <10k
107.Sandown <10k
108.newmarket <10k
109.#FairHearing4HomeEd <10k
110.#Edinburgh <10k
111.Eamonn <10k
112.#FridayFeeling <10k
113.#KochmasDay4 <10k
114.Braintree <10k
115.#12DaysOfChristmas <10k
116.Leith <10k
117.Sweet Shop Favourites <10k
118.#Day4 <10k
119.Red Wall <10k
120.Morning Karen <10k
121.Queensferry Crossing <10k
122.#expanse <10k
123.london 2012 <10k
124.Suffolk <10k
125.#yungblud <10k
126.Shuri <10k
127.#BBCBreakfast <10k
128.Netrunner <10k
129.Size 8 <10k
130.#earlybiz <10k
131.Steven Gerrard <10k
132.Fife <10k
133.Cambridge <10k
134.#adventcalendar2020 <10k
135.Ed Woodward <10k
136.Bank of England <10k
137.Lee Johnson <10k
138.hyuna <10k
139.#WinterIsComing <10k
140.Cenotaph <10k
141.Alok Sharma <10k
142.FNCS <10k
143.BiFab <10k
144.#ElfDay <10k
145.Squashies <10k
146.Johnny Silverhand <10k
147.Festive Friday <10k
148.#bbcqt <10k
149.Patrick Vieira <10k
150.Kane Williamson <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now


I like being friends with people I don’t have to second-guess. Those friendships that don’t make me worry about what they may say behind my back. Friends I can put my complete trust in. These are the people I have time for. The people I’m happy to call friends.

TalkRADIO ()

Julia challenges Business Secretary Alok Sharma over the travel quarantine exemption for ‘high-value’ business travellers: “Can you point me to the medical evidence that rich people can’t transmit the virus but poor people can?” @JuliaHB1 | @AlokSharma_RDG

TalkRADIO ()

Julia: “When do we get our freedom back?” Businesses Secretary Alok Sharma says there is “room for optimism” about a return to normality once Covid vaccination starts but says the spread of the virus must still be monitored. @JuliaHB1 | @AlokSharma_RDG

TalkSPORT ()

Gunnersaurus and Arsenal fans are back at the Emirates 👏 #ARSRAP

ًEIIis. ()

Oyarzabal €60M release clause Alaba Free Zakaria/DM £50M Pereira £50M Winger, CB, DM, RB all sorted would just need to monitor Martial’s situation to see if a #9 next summer would be needed or not. £150M very realistic summer window especially if Pogba etc. Leave

Purely Football
Purely Football ()

Barcelona interim president Carlos Tusquets speaking to RAC1 🗣 “I would’ve sold Lionel Messi in the summer window.”

Tusquets,UK twitter trends now
Premier League Panel
Premier League Panel ()

Reiss Nelson created 5 chances in the first half vs Rapid Wien (including 2 big chances). More than the entire Arsenal front 6 did in 90 minutes vs Wolves on Sunday (4).

Reiss Nelson,UK twitter trends now
TalkSPORT ()

Arsenal target Houssem Aouar is HAPPY that his summer move to the Gunners broke down 😳 #AFC

Channel 4 News
Channel 4 News ()

‘Not the time to let up on social distancing’ despite Covid vaccine rollout, says Sage scientist.

TalkSPORT ()

Arsenal treated their returning fans to four goals against Rapid Vienna #ARSRAP

꧁༒𝑲𝒂𝒔༒꧂ ()

Rip Paul Jain aka @mrfixitstips thoughts & prayers are with family & friends 🙏

BBC Weather
BBC Weather ()

Did you wake up to some #snow or woken up by #thundersnow this morning? ⚡️☃️ Mix of rain, sleet and snow in the forecast today but looking quieter over the weekend. Simon King has your morning forecast ⬇️

Turning Point UK
Turning Point UK ()

We cannot allow this ultimate disrespect to our veterans to go unpunished. The last person who desecrated the cenotaph received a sixteen month sentence (in 2010). Why should this person be treated any different? @JackHFRoss

Cenotaph,UK twitter trends now
RoyalNavy2704⚓ ()

Big praise for Gerrard changing to a 4-4-2 then making substitutions at the right time to kill the game. Kamara for me is an absolute rolls royce of a player and Roofe had a good second half. Oh and another 500k in the kitty 🇬🇧💙👍💪👏

James Melville
James Melville ()

Hats off to Newburgh in Fife. The town that loves its wonky Christmas lights.

Mirrorsmoke ()

Tom Kerridge is embarrassing the government. Who knew? Fair play to him #QuestionTime

TalkSPORT ()

Curtis Jones could end up being better than Steven Gerrard! Huge claim made on @talkSPORTDrive 👀 #LFC

Prof Anthony Forster
Prof Anthony Forster ()

A snowy ⁦@WivenhoeHouse⁩ on our ⁦@Uni_of_Essex⁩ Colchester Campus. Wivenhoe House is re-opening from 3pm today. #proudvc

Colchester,UK twitter trends now
Manos_Londinium ()

Colchester!!! Αρχίζει κ κατεβαίνει στα νότια! ❄️❄️❄️

Colchester,UK twitter trends now
BBC Sport Scotland
BBC Sport Scotland ()

Rangers looked like a proper team in the second half as they beat Standard Liege to reach the Europa League last 32, says manager Steven Gerrard.

Steven Gerrard,UK twitter trends now