United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.baekhyun 1434921
2.Chelsea 1129078
3.Kante 340541
4.Hazard 307360
5.Ramadan 270363
6.#CHERMA 260704
7.Tuchel 198006
8.Zidane 155915
9.Napoleon 139195
10.Werner 132046
11.Khan 131928
12.Ramos 129660
13.Mendy 123533
14.Istanbul 115216
15.chenle 104648
16.Man City 92630
17.Arsenal 90159
18.Jersey 78801
19.Benzema 78002
20.Arts 77538
21.Havertz 75094
22.Pulisic 71315
23.Wilbur 68419
24.Mason Mount 68382
25.The French 66411
26.Elon 64695
27.Macron 62176
28.UEFA 59163
29.GO VOTE 56854
30.Stamford Bridge 54597
31.Kroos 49100
32.#AEWDynamite 48978
33.Save Lives 47246
34.May Allah 44489
35.Turkey 43828
36.Conan 43337
37.Lampard 43019
38.#ChampionsLeague 41883
39.Modric 38464
40.Timo Werner 37383
41.#BLOODandGUTS 36271
42.Ameen 35476
43.Spoil 32928
44.Casemiro 32319
45.Niko 29899
46.PINK JOON 28225
47.Canelo 26969
48.#BothVotesSNP 26859
49.NATO 25633
50.Miro 22798
51.Allah SWT 22548
52.Sadiq 21148
53.Mila 20614
54.SNP 1 20368
55.Rudiger 19084
56.#UCLfinal 17861
57.Archie 17642
58.Giroud 16351
59.#SN15 16301
60.Postal 16214
61.#ThursdayThoughts 15254
62.Higher Education 14690
63.Watson 14688
64.Game Builder Garage 14419
65.Election Day 14238
66.Sadiq Khan 13331
67.Labo 12996
68.Royal Navy 12050
69.#NikoForMayor 12039
70.Thelma 11694
71.#SpaceX 11572
72.Mass Effect 11414
73.#LocalElections2021 10508
74.Blood & Guts 10188
75.Plans for 50% <10k
76.Billy Joe <10k
77.Daly <10k
78.London Assembly <10k
79.Alun Wyn Jones <10k
80.#LondonMayor2021 <10k
81.Bergerac <10k
82.Ed Sheeran <10k
83.#votelabourmay6 <10k
84.Jess Phillips <10k
85.Channel Islands <10k
86.8 Scots <10k
87.#WarzoneReport <10k
88.Jonny Gray <10k
89.#thursdaymorning <10k
90.#PollingDay <10k
91.Count Binface <10k
92.#coronationstreet <10k
93.#DontVoteTory <10k
94.Guernsey <10k
95.Jericho <10k
96.Gatland <10k
97.#SewingBee <10k
98.Eddie Jones <10k
99.#ThursdayMotivation <10k
100.Scottish Parliament <10k
101.#TheRepairShop <10k
102.Sarwar <10k
103.Goldson <10k
104.john terry <10k
105.Chris Harris <10k
106.St Helier <10k
107.#thursdayvibes <10k
108.#Starship <10k
109.Jonny May <10k
110.Scotland and Wales <10k
111.Farrell <10k
112.#SuperThursday <10k
113.#voted <10k
114.Azpi <10k
115.sam simmonds <10k
116.Fajr <10k
117.#VoteGreen <10k
118.Gold 3 <10k
119.#Corrie <10k
120.Itoje <10k
121.City Hall <10k
122.James Ryan <10k
123.#VotingDay <10k
124.Normandy <10k
125.Chilwell <10k
126.Jonathan Davies <10k
127.gregg <10k
128.#MorningTom <10k
129.George Clooney <10k
130.#Lions2021 <10k
131.Sharon Stone <10k
132.Brexiters <10k
133.Sinckler <10k
134.#UseYourVote <10k
135.Rodders <10k
136.Falklands <10k
137.Navidi <10k
138.Pacers <10k
139.#teacher5oclockclub <10k
140.Gunboats <10k
141.Ringrose <10k
142.Police and Crime Commissioner <10k
143.Green Party <10k
144.Calais <10k
145.Ipswich Town <10k
146.#VoteLibDem <10k
147.#asongormovieforbeverages <10k
148.Darby <10k
149.Jonny Hill <10k
150.Britt <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

The Royal Family
The Royal Family ()

Wishing Archie Mountbatten-Windsor a very happy 2nd birthday today. 🎈 📸 Dominic Lipinski / PA Images

Archie,UK twitter trends now
Keir Starmer
Keir Starmer ()

Tomorrow, you have a chance to vote for the first step towards a brighter future and a Britain that works for you. #VoteLabour

#VoteLabour,UK twitter trends now
TalkSPORT ()

At Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel has beaten: ✅ Zinedine Zidane ✅ Pep Guardiola ✅ Jurgen Klopp ✅ José Mourinho ✅ Carlo Ancelotti ✅✅ Diego Simeone And without conceding a goal against any of them! 👏

Carlo,UK twitter trends now
Keir Starmer
Keir Starmer ()

Today, vote for a brighter, better future for you, your family and your community. #VoteLabour

#VoteLabour,UK twitter trends now
Amazon Prime Video Sport
Amazon Prime Video Sport ()

Thomas Tuchel has beaten the following managers since joining Chelsea: Diego Simeone (twice) Sergio Conceicao (twice) Jose Mourinho Jurgen Klopp Carlo Ancelotti Zinedine Zidane Pep Guardiola

Carlo,UK twitter trends now
James Melville 🌸
James Melville 🌸 ()

Eating out in any food outlet or restaurant was not associated with increased odds of becoming a COVID-19 [case] in any of the case-control studies. - SAGE report, published last week.

Dogs Trust 💛🐶
Dogs Trust 💛🐶 ()

Taking your pooch to the polls? You know the drill, send us your pics! 📸 #DogsAtPollingStations Here’s Max to show you how it’s done:

#dogsatpollingstations,UK twitter trends now
TalkRADIO ()

Liz Cole from Us For Them says children are suffering wearing masks all day at school. Mark Dolan: Why are we doing this to kids without overwhelming evidence that masks make a difference? @mrmarkdolan | @UsforThemUK

James Melville 🌸
James Melville 🌸 ()

The government are planning a 50% funding cut to arts subjects at universities. Our arts sector is something that should be enhanced rather than diminished. The government appear to be hell-bent on destroying critical thinking and artistic creativity.

Geoff Norcott
Geoff Norcott ()

I’m voting Green Party. They’d have solved this Jersey thing by scrambling a team of daredevil counsellors.

TalkSPORT ()

🇧🇷 Ray: “Neymar is one of the greatest Brazilian’s of all time. Is he not a top ten Brazilian of all time?” 🤩 Andy: “Pele, Carlos, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Zico, Cafu, Socrates, R9, Dani Alves, ” Ray the Chelsea fan made a big claim about Andy wasn’t having it 🤣

Dogs Trust 💛🐶
Dogs Trust 💛🐶 ()

Many polling stations will allow dogs inside. But if you’re not sure yours does, take a voting buddy or leave your dog at home. Please don’t leave your dog tied up outside, or in your car. #DogsAtPollingStations

Jamie Greene
Jamie Greene ()

This one is definitely worth a good airing this morning as the polls #SuperThursday #Election2021 👇

All The Right Movies
All The Right Movies ()

ORSON WELLES was born today in 1915. Here he is telling a funny anecdote about Winston Chruchill.

James Melville 🌸
James Melville 🌸 ()

Where’s the Duke of Wellington when you need him most? #warwithfrance

Neil ®️
Neil ®️ ()

Well done Chelsea!! Bursting with pride right now!! Would have loved to have been there tonight. Every player gave absolutely everything!! One Step Beyond!!!! 💙⚽️🏆

Bevan Shields
Bevan Shields ()

Niki Savva: ‘The least every citizen should expect is if they are in danger somewhere their government will not forsake them, not cancel them, but move heaven and earth to get them home. Threatening to jail if they dare return is grotesquely unAustralian’

Astros Fans UK
Astros Fans UK ()

I hate to single players out but what is it Dusty Baker sees in Brooks Raley that I’m missing? Dusty appears to view Raley as a relief-pitching Swiss Army knife useful for multiple high-leverage scenarios but he simply isn’t that guy. It’s really starting to bite us. #Astros

Burgh Watch
Burgh Watch ()

Big rugby news of the day. Hamish Watson is not For Edinburgh v Glasgow😆

HeadteacherChat.com 🙋🏻‍♂️ 👂
HeadteacherChat.com 🙋🏻‍♂️ 👂 ()

#teacher5oclockclub Morning. Looking forward to the day of meetings. Coffee is on! What are your plans for today?

#teacher5oclockclub,UK twitter trends now