United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - Bernardo Silva, Amanda Gorman, lenny, Pele, #ncfc, Ashleigh, J-Lo, RnB or Rock, Ashleigh.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.Biden 4090102
2.President Biden 1750942
3.Trump 1509186
4.America 1506795
5.Harris 1310992
6.White House 686652
7.Amanda Gorman 339464
8.#Inauguration2021 324800
9.Lady Gaga 263292
10.My Way 228008
11.Florida 218316
12.Papa 169409
13.Melania 154178
14.Michelle Obama 151266
15.tommy 132341
16.First Lady 129558
17.National Anthem 125802
18.Cristiano Ronaldo 124301
19.Paris Agreement 114266
20.Alcoyano 114047
21.Hillary 105636
22.Bernie 104562
23.Real Madrid 104306
24.Barack 88852
25.Lennon 82039
26.Villa 78307
27.Eugene Goodman 78095
28.Nets 76233
29.Mike Pence 73156
30.Garth Brooks 63425
31.Zidane 62389
32.Fulham 62371
33.Air Force One 58146
34.Paris Climate Agreement 58093
35.Pittsburgh 55746
36.J Lo 55496
37.Pogba 53396
38.Saga 51701
39.Jen Psaki 50547
40.joint base andrews 50463
41.Amazing Grace 50456
42.Philip Rivers 50203
43.Gloria 48783
44.Pele 45440
45.Poet Laureate 43653
46.Jennifer Lopez 43437
47.#FULMUN 38943
48.Martinez 38475
49.Marine One 36661
50.Martial 36198
51.The Hill We Climb 36086
52.YMCA 35365
53.Obamas 31849
54.Oval Office 31084
55.Leslie Knope 29878
56.Priti Patel 27844
57.Man City 27542
58.#talkswithAsh 26655
59.Cavani 26511
60.The Chase 26495
61.Offside 26469
62.Bernardo 23488
63.Barry 22180
64.#PMQs 20940
65.Greta 19651
66.Congratulations America 19105
67.#WWENXT 18574
68.Bill Clinton 18487
69.#UFCFightIsland8 18461
70.Grealish 18123
71.#AEWDynamite 16863
72.J-Lo 16211
73.Sleepy Joe 16131
74.Home Secretary 16040
75.Greenwood 15244
76.Sinatra 15058
77.Star Spangled Banner 14583
78.Cavs 14567
79.Sokratis 14271
80.Village People 14189
81.Nigella 13770
82.#unity 13574
83.Second Gentleman 12728
84.Chiesa 12703
85.Roger Daltrey 12486
86.Embiid 12280
87.Number 4 11880
88.Foden 11740
89.Cancelo 11365
90.Rodri 11321
91.Mings 11097
92.Lerone Murphy <10k
93.Sophie Ingle <10k
94.#SportAndEquipmentInSongOrFilm <10k
95.Ajer <10k
96.Didsbury <10k
97.#POTUS <10k
98.Rio Ferdinand <10k
99.Scott Brown <10k
100.Air Force 1 <10k
101.RnB or Rock <10k
102.#FMQs <10k
103.Traore <10k
104.Jermaine Jenas <10k
105.Best 0-0 <10k
106.Harry Maguire <10k
107.Captain Hindsight <10k
108.Parisians <10k
109.Willian Jose <10k
110.Wan Bissaka <10k
111.MUAs <10k
112.Loftus <10k
113.Police Academy <10k
114.Steve McManaman <10k
115.livingston <10k
116.Ruben Dias <10k
117.Elyounoussi <10k
118.neil taylor <10k
119.Turnbull <10k
120.#HesGone <10k
121.Hugill <10k
122.Areola <10k
123.#ladiesshallwe <10k
124.McManaman <10k
125.Dean Smith <10k
126.Halilovic <10k
127.#PenguinAwarenessDay <10k
128.Woody Guthrie <10k
129.Lookman <10k
130.#Snowing <10k
131.#MCIAVL <10k
132.Robbie Savage <10k
133.Mahrez <10k
134.Britt <10k
135.Tom Baker <10k
136.Targett <10k
137.Christie <10k
138.Jenas <10k
139.1,820 Covid <10k
140.Sheer Glow <10k
141.#uksnow <10k
142.jojo siwa <10k
143.Jon Moss <10k
144.Space Force <10k
145.Duffy <10k
146.Broony <10k
147.Barkley <10k
148.#ncfc <10k
149.unison <10k
150.Over 1800 <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

LBC ()

Lady Gaga performs the American national anthem at President-elect Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. Follow #InaugurationDay live:

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson ()

Congratulations to @JoeBiden on being sworn in as President of the United States and to @KamalaHarris on her historic inauguration. America’s leadership is vital on the issues that matter to us all, from climate change to COVID, and I look forward to working with President Biden.

Geoff Norcott
Geoff Norcott ()

Joe Biden is #NotMyPresident Nor was Donald Trump. Or Obama. In many ways, the US is a completely separate country.

Dan Bardell
Dan Bardell ()

Jon Moss is the worst ref in the Premier League by a mile, and that’s saying something. Not fit to referee.

Vibe Tickets
Vibe Tickets ()

Dylan O’Brien 🤝 Harry Styles bromance

The United Stand
The United Stand ()

Today marks exactly 27 years ago since Sir Matt Busby sadly passed away. Legend 👑

Matt Busby,UK twitter trends now

A lot of speculation saying that a lot more stock will be released over the coming days. People who missed the GAME and Currys drop, don’t worry there is many more chances!

The United Stand
The United Stand ()

IG Maguire: Leaving London with 3 points 😍🔴 #MUFC [harrymaguire93]

Maguire,UK twitter trends now
Premier League Panel
Premier League Panel ()

Two Man City players shutting him down and Grealish somehow creates a big chance for McGinn from this position 🤯

McGinn,UK twitter trends now
The United Stand
The United Stand ()

91’ Fulham player goes down holding his face from not quite sure there was anything in that

Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats ()

Liam Gallagher, Sir Elton John & Bob Geldof have called on the Government to make it easier for musicians to tour around Europe. Johnson’s EU trade deal makes it extremely difficult and costly for touring artists.

Bad Wolf Archives
Bad Wolf Archives ()

Wishing Tom Baker a very Happy Birthday! His performance as the Fourth Doctor has gone down as one of the most iconic and memorable TV characters ever - and for good reason. Charismatic, eccentric and naturally funny, Tom Baker remains a national treasure. Much love to him ❤️

Tom Baker,UK twitter trends now
Baron Pastor “Now’s not the time” Jimberoo 😷
Baron Pastor “Now’s not the time” Jimberoo 😷 ()

Re Edwin Poots I give him plenty of stick (unapologetically) but I dont wish cancer on anyone and wish him a full recovery.

Vic ()

SHE SHOULD BE PAYING YOU TO MODEL. Now you’re paying for the wig. She’s a wonderful scammer. #talkswithAsh

TalkSPORT ()

⭐️ “Leicester have an elite manager.” 👏 “He knows the PL, improves players, knows his best team & formation.” 🔵 “Leicester weren’t even at their best v Chelsea, they have another gear.” Perry Groves is a big fan of the job Brendan Rodgers is doing at #LCFC 🦊

TalkRADIO ()

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy says SAGE scientists have told the Labour Party lockdown restrictions could be eased sometime around April. Watch the show ► @JuliaHB1 | @lisanandy

Laura ()

@Steve_Dangle Not a good game but can we talk about how great Auston Matthews was tonight ? 1 goal, six hits, 6 shots and 14-21 on the draw

The United Stand
The United Stand ()

#mufc have now won 94 Premier League games after conceding first, more than any other team in the history of the league. [@OptaJoe]

Yan ()

Dropping the sour Chelsea fan for a minute, James Maddison is a very impressive young man. Speaks very well indeed, hope he stays at Leicester and becomes their captain.

Red Bull UK
Red Bull UK ()

Home Ground by Red Bull - the @PlayVALORANT invitational with a unique format, featuring Europe’s best teams. Live on from 28-31 of January. #RedBullHomeGround