United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - Humza, Nagelsmann, Maude, #swfc, FLIP YOUR FEARS, #SVT_PrimeMinisterAward, Alpha Tauri, Kim K, #XSXFridgeSweeps.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.Macron 497085
2.Corruption 452768
3.Channel 360265
4.THE LINK 334461
5.Wisconsin 334400
6.Japan 298091
7.World Series 256776
8.#SVT_PrimeMinisterAward 219436
9.Switch 184491
10.Rashford 152349
11.Messi 139152
12.Charlie Hebdo 138374
13.Ningning 134922
14.Flip 118059
15.chanyeol 117756
16.Iran 106837
17.ASAHI 105005
18.Danger 95984
19.Germany 87458
20.Benzema 86826
21.Julia 84294
22.Champions League 83149
23.#JuveBarca 79956
24.Pumpkin 77954
25.Miles Taylor 67847
26.Jack Dorsey 58160
27.Juve 47947
28.lee sooman 45819
29.Route 42760
30.Alex Jones 42267
31.#XSXFridgeSweeps 39949
32.Kim Kardashian 38542
33.#KDAMORE 36985
34.JOONIE 36231
35.Dembele 35664
36.Pierre 34359
37.Greenwood 33606
38.Rb Leipzig 30359
39.Werner 28288
40.Mason 27951
41.#ChampionsLeague 27270
42.Sandy 26983
43.Donny 26163
44.Leipzig 25919
45.Jinkook 25041
46.Frank Ocean 23423
47.Drone 23018
48.Tier 1 22482
49.Xbox Series X 22462
50.Griezmann 22373
51.Soy Sauce 22268
52.Isabel 22078
53.seungkwan 20883
54.#WednesdayMotivation 20519
55.Hakim 20121
56.Morata 19490
57.Netherlands 18771
58.Pato 18488
59.Anita 18196
60.Fernandes 16728
61.#WednesdayWisdom 16586
62.Nvidia 16288
63.Titanic 15960
64.#KRACHE 15485
65.Pirlo 15418
66.Ziyech 15274
67.Lil Baby 15228
68.Watch Dogs 14395
69.Havertz 13471
70.Soya 12975
71.bowie 12035
72.Mason Greenwood 12027
73.Timo 11709
74.Tammy 11590
75.Valverde 11436
76.Lord Sumption 10072
77.Admiral Duncan <10k
78.Don Goodman <10k
79.cans <10k
80.Dawson <10k
81.Grease <10k
82.Peter Walton <10k
83.#UltimatePlay <10k
84.Konate <10k
85.Halo Infinite <10k
86.Aluminium <10k
87.Bohemian Rhapsody <10k
88.#ASongOrMovieForMonuments <10k
89.Tracey Emin <10k
90.Papa John <10k
91.Waggy <10k
92.Red Bull <10k
93.tayler <10k
94.royal marines <10k
95.Starboy <10k
96.No Telles <10k
97.#htafc <10k
98.Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe <10k
99.John Penrose <10k
100.Matic <10k
101.Kish <10k
102.Krasnodar <10k
103.Callum Hudson <10k
104.Alpha Tauri <10k
105.#therepairshop <10k
106.Barclays <10k
107.#GGMU <10k
108.Maude <10k
109.Kikkoman <10k
110.Piers <10k
111.Hyrule Warriors <10k
112.#TheSister <10k
113.David Silva <10k
114.Gasly <10k
115.Brody <10k
116.Nagelsmann <10k
117.Ed Balls <10k
118.PS Plus <10k
119.Kurdish-Iranian <10k
120.Pints <10k
121.Martin Keown <10k
122.Bundesliga <10k
123.Roddy <10k
124.EFL Trophy <10k
125.#pnefc <10k
126.Shadow of War <10k
127.#NS10v10 <10k
128.Watch Dogs Legion <10k
129.#rufc <10k
130.trisha paytas <10k
131.Fried Rice <10k
132.Rudiger <10k
133.Beek <10k
134.Kingston <10k
135.Upamecano <10k
136.#ManUtd <10k
137.Farnell <10k
138.Humza <10k
139.Nottinghamshire <10k
140.bacuna <10k
141.Fannie <10k
142.Millwall <10k
143.Etonians <10k
144.Captain America <10k
145.Liz Truss <10k
146.No More Heroes <10k
147.Odoi <10k
148.Peter Smith <10k
149.DAZN <10k
150.Bannan <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

Little Mix
Little Mix ()

You guys mannnn! Thank you for just being the best fans to ever grace this earth 😩😩 we ADOREEEE YOU! x Leigh

Little Mix
Little Mix ()

Hiyaaaaaaaa cuties it’s perrie 😊ANYTHING YA WANNA ASK ME? #StreamSweetMelody 🥰

Little Mix
Little Mix ()

Alright listen up we wanna have a streaming party with you TONIGHT 🎉🔥 Get ready to stream Sweet Melody with us at 8pm GMT!! Let’s all have a dance together and we’ll stick around to chat with you afterwards too #StreamSweetMelody READY?!

Little Mix
Little Mix ()

Guys I love and miss you all soooooo MUCH! I’m signing off now! Thank you so much for all your questions! Please #StreamSweetMelody ILY P <3

TalkRADIO ()

Julia clashes with epidemiologist Professor Paul Elliott over coronavirus immunity: “This is widely accepted in your field. Why is it not possible that a lot of people in this country have already developed a level of immunity through T cells, not just antibodies?” @JuliaHB1

Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

Jordan Pickford and his wife are being protected by bodyguards. Pickford has created a ‘ring of steel’ around his family amid growing fears he could be targeted by rival fans.  Pickford has asked a specialist security firm to look after him and his family. #awlfc [mail]

Jordan Pickford,UK twitter trends now
Ummah Welfare Trust
Ummah Welfare Trust ()

He was the Most pleasant of people. “I have never seen a man who smiled as much as the Messenger of Allah.” (Tirmidhi) #KnowYourProphet

The Spurs Express
The Spurs Express ()

Peter Crouch on Jose and Tottenham: “People have criticised Mourinho a lot. He seems to be getting a team together and building something again and you wouldn’t put it past him to win [something]. Can Tottenham win it? I think they’ve got as good a chance as anyone” #COYS #THFC

Crouch,UK twitter trends now
Ch❤️ryl 👱🏻‍♀️👗
Ch❤️ryl 👱🏻‍♀️👗 ()

I’ve been awake for 3hrs in the night so feeling too tired for #DUND so here a photo from Saturday in my mustard winter coat that always brightens me up on a cloudy winter/Autumn day. @TheofficialDund

#DUND,UK twitter trends now
Amjad Taha أمجد طه
Amjad Taha أمجد طه ()

#كذبه_صدقها_كثيرين قطر دولة و اردوغان انسان و فلسطين قضيتهم. #امجد_طه

JOE ()

I feel we need some working-class people, people who have lived a real life.

The CWU ()

Oi oi! We are with Danny Dyer. Any one of our 200,000 members would do a better job than this current shower. Put yourself forward by emailing politics@ and we’ll get behind ya 👊

TalkSPORT ()

“Right now, give me Kane and Son over Firmino and Salah! #LFC #THFC

alex thomson
Alex thomson ()

Friends of the Kurdish-Iranian family killed in the Channel say they had sold everything to seek a better life in the west and paid smugglers €24,000 to do so.

Archiesdaddy ()

Alex Salmond inquiry: Government lawyers astoundingly inept. Mackinnon had had contact with two witnesses and was put in charge of the inquiry. She should have declared an interest. She needs to go. Sturgeon is clearly in resignation territory now.

Joshua Stacey🏇🏻
Joshua Stacey🏇🏻 ()

Workmanlike but plenty of positives to take from Latest Exhibition’s debut over fences 👏 Can’t wait to see Monkfish now!

TalkSPORT ()

✅ Cesc Fabregas ✅ David Silva ✅ Fernando Torres ✅ Diego Costa 👏 “Torres at #LFC, oh my word. I’ve never seen anything like that.” @DGoughie & @talkSPORTDrive discuss their favourite Spaniards to play in the Premier League 🇪🇸

💞🍹🦋 STACEY 🦋🍹💞
💞🍹🦋 STACEY 🦋🍹💞 ()

Today for #DUND I’m all in black I feel it hides a multitude of sins as I’ve over indulged a little lately 🙈 Hope you all have a great day & stay safe happy Wednesday & #DressUPnotdown day 🤗

#dund,UK twitter trends now
TalkSPORT ()

Rotherham vs Sheffield Wednesday was stopped after just five minutes because of a drone

Chris Scullion
Chris Scullion ()

Looking forward to Nottinghamshire moving into Tier 3 & Knuckles