United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.Morning Twitter 563858
2.You Right 531115
3.Miami 246658
4.Rudy 238422
5.The PM 211659
6.kyungsoo 174110
7.Windows 11 169305
8.The Sun 138052
9.Rihanna 122235
10.Tyler 92967
11.Suns 88337
12.Doja 73106
13.#GoHabsGo 70795
14.Clippers 60980
15.Lucy 57834
16.Boris 51776
17.Ka3na 50743
18.Booker 50696
19.Montreal 49906
20.Cheating 48212
21.Gina 47307
22.Jared 47069
23.Privacy 42166
24.Dean 42082
25.Villa 41692
26.Aide 40688
27.Sons 39414
28.#ShangChi 38873
29.Abel 38799
30.#KpopVZ 35910
31.Merkel 35328
32.CCTV 34651
33.The Crown 33802
34.Cabinet 32155
35.Elon 30932
36.Palace 29747
37.Halloween 29209
38.Riquelme 27794
39.lorde 26164
40.#AllStars6 25430
41.Supernatural 24000
42.Chris Paul 23947
43.Jensen 22395
44.Tochi 22307
45.Wong 22284
46.Paul George 20436
47.Igor 19821
48.#BadHabits 19770
49.Jungle 18204
50.Sack 15955
51.Abomination 15888
52.Hopeless 15820
53.#FridayThoughts 15665
54.Winston 14806
55.Mumford 14157
56.#Legacies 14002
57.Murdoch 13955
58.Prince Harry 13488
59.Man City 13411
60.Manchester City 13284
61.Nuno 12306
62.Halloween Kills 12193
63.Youngboy 12148
64.Matty 12144
65.BIOS 11849
66.andrew neil 11586
67.Talksport 11459
68.Bernardo 11454
69.Marvin 11191
70.ticketmaster 10654
71.lizzie 10653
72.Reggie Jackson 10028
73.Morning Maddie <10k
74.#TheSun <10k
75.Katrina <10k
76.#fridaymorning <10k
77.Neil Ferguson <10k
78.ed sheeran <10k
79.john winchester <10k
80.#NationalCreamTeaDay <10k
81.John Major <10k
82.Fast 9 <10k
84.#manifoldspace <10k
85.Mahrez <10k
86.Gove <10k
87.#FridayFeeling <10k
88.Oliver Bonas <10k
89.Fredo <10k
90.landon <10k
91.#GeorgeMichael <10k
92.Teflon <10k
93.#callmeifyougetlost <10k
94.#matthanock <10k
95.George Galloway <10k
96.Ministerial Code <10k
97.Dom McKay <10k
98.David Frost <10k
99.Christmas Day <10k
100.Andy Ngo <10k
101.lil wayne <10k
102.#MorningTom <10k
103.Richard Wilson <10k
104.Caroline Lucas <10k
105.#FridayMotivation <10k
106.Hands Face Space <10k
107.#PlanetHer <10k
108.Kane and Grealish <10k
109.Swindon Town <10k
110.Morning Stan <10k
111.DHSC <10k
112.Gerrard <10k
113.Guardiola <10k
114.She-Hulk <10k
115.#TorySleaze <10k
116.George Orwell <10k
117.#CPFC <10k
118.Matts <10k
119.Danneel <10k
120.Luther Pendragon <10k
121.#ExandriaUnlimited <10k
122.Grealish and Kane <10k
123.John McGreal <10k
124.#ARenewedHope <10k
125.#bbcqt <10k
126.Ms Coladangelo <10k
127.Fearne <10k
128.#12YearsWithoutMichaelJackson <10k
129.#BankOfMissguided <10k
130.Edwina Currie <10k
131.AOTY <10k
132.Morning Sue <10k
133.Arcuri <10k
134.Tony Selby <10k
135.Eat Out to Help Out <10k
136.Rondo <10k
137.Jim White <10k
139.#FridayVibes <10k
140.David Mellor <10k
141.Paratici <10k
142.Test and Trace <10k
143.Balearics <10k
144.Dyche <10k
145.Roundhouse <10k
146.Melinda <10k
147.MyGers <10k
148.John and Mary <10k
149.Glastonbury <10k
150.Department of Health <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

Little Mix
Little Mix ()

In case you hadn’t heard, @inaseashell is now available on @ASOS! This is such a proud moment for Gabrielle and I and the brand! We really hope you enjoy shopping the collection 😍✨

Shopping,UK twitter trends now
Micah Richards
Micah Richards ()

Thank you for all the birthday messages! Only the best have birthdays on 24th June! 🔟 La Liga 🏆 7️⃣ Copa Del Rey 🏆 7️⃣ Supercopa 6️⃣ Ballon d’Or 4️⃣ Champions League 🏆 3️⃣ Super Cup 🏆 3️⃣ Club World Cup 🏆 1️⃣ Premier League 🏆 & 1️⃣ FA Cup 🏆... between us two alone!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🎂

Super League,UK twitter trends now
Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

Jurgen Klopp moments after winning the Premier League, 12 months ago today 😭

The CWU ()

This Saturday at Noon the CWU will join the mass @pplsassembly demonstration in London. We demand a New Deal for Workers in the UK. See you there 👋 #NotFitToGovern

#NotFitToGovern,UK twitter trends now
Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

Fabrizio Romano on Liverpool signing a centre midfielder this summer: “There are reports about Yves Bissouma but nothing is going on. It’s the same with Florian Neuhaus. Liverpool want the right opportunity in their hunt for the new Gini Wijnaldum. #awlive [here we go podcast]

Fabrizio,UK twitter trends now
TalkSPORT ()

Valerien Ismael has left Barnsley to become West Brom’s new manager #WBA

PF | Transfer News
PF | Transfer News ()

Atletico Madrid have identified Lazio centre-back Luiz Felipe as a transfer target. 🔎 The La Liga champions are ready to submit a €15 million offer for the 24-year-old, who only has one year left on his current contract. [Calcio Mercato]

luiz felipe,UK twitter trends now
TalkRADIO ()

Rob Ashton Kane from Hargreaves and Nurse Holidays blasts the Government’s representation of the travel industry. “If people cancel, we still have to pay out. I’m not even sure that Mr Shapps comprehends that. It’s costing companies money to not send people on holiday.” @Iromg


Various reports saying a bid has been accepted for Ben White to sign for Arsenal for around £50million. 🤝 Happy with that Arsenal fans? 🤔 #AFC #AFTV

Ben White,UK twitter trends now
LBC ()

CCTV images have been published appearing to show Matt Hancock kissing an aide during a close embrace in his Whitehall office, at a time when hugging was still banned

Transfer News Central
Transfer News Central ()

OFFICIAL: Burnley have signed centre-back Nathan Collins from Stoke for £12m on a four-year contract.

Nathan Collins,UK twitter trends now
Max Morgan 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
Max Morgan 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ ()

I get the feeling if Jesus wasn’t made up he would fucking despise these fuckers who claim to act in his name

Flic Everett
Flic Everett ()

Can you imagine how hellish Majorca will be in July/August now? ALL OF BRITAIN crammed onto every cubic microgram of sand.

Transfer News Central
Transfer News Central ()

OFFICIAL: West Brom have appointed Barnsley boss Valérien Ismaël as manager on a four-year contract.

West Brom,UK twitter trends now
The Spurs Express
The Spurs Express ()

#Tottenham are now negotiating with Nuno Espirito Santo as they seek to conclude the search for their next manager. [@DiMarzio]

Last Word On Spurs🎙
Last Word On Spurs🎙 ()

🗞[@FabrizioRomano] | Nuno Espirito Santo has emerged as a candidate despite the Spurs board having previously indicated that they were not interested in him. 👔Fabio Paratici holds Nuno in high regard and maintains a good relationship with super agent Jorge Mendes. #THFC #COYS

Jorge Mendes,UK twitter trends now
Adam Schwarz
Adam Schwarz ()

To be fair to Hancock, who on Twitter can honestly say they haven’t had an affair with a married employee, who they appointed, while breaking their own department’s health rules, when serving as Health Secretary in the middle of a Pandemic?

Robert Kimbell #TimeForThePeople
Robert Kimbell #TimeForThePeople ()

Codswallop. Hallam could have responded by saying that his organisation Extinction Rebellion will campaign, for example, for a UK-wide boycott of Chinese-made goods, if he agrees China is responsible for 27% of emissions. There are many ways of influencing Chinese policy.

Nate Higgins 👋
Nate Higgins 👋 ()

God Caroline Lucas is an absolute breath of fresh air on shows like these #bbcqt @CarolineLucas @TheGreenParty

james k
James k ()

#bbcqt she always looks like she’s in pain holding in a massive shite does Kate Andrews

Kate Andrews,UK twitter trends now