United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - Mrs Brown, Fabinho, #FortniteSeason5, #nakedattraction, Garcia, Varane, Steff, Lani, Town Called Malice.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.#GivingTuesday 177280
2.Apple Music 170111
3.Barr 133492
4.#WorldAIDSDay 102492
5.MARK LEE 90389
6.1st of December 90030
7.Gini 82433
8.Garcia 78104
9.Real Madrid 77085
10.Lewis 72001
11.Juice 71558
12.Hamilton 66896
13.Galactus 66263
14.Champions League 64683
15.Elliot 48702
16.Mane 48373
17.Bayern 42026
18.Russell 40738
19.Zidane 36149
20.Shakhtar 35566
21.Adrian 35192
22.#2020Wrapped 34216
23.Porto 33711
24.Gove 30308
25.Ramos 26448
26.Europa League 24377
27.Trier 24054
28.halsey 23780
29.Scotch 23502
30.Neco 23257
31.Varane 23119
32.florence 21781
33.Reds 20588
34.#SpotifyWrapped 19741
35.Michael Gove 18851
36.High Court 18839
37.Ajax 18660
38.Ishaq Dar 17860
39.Slack 16986
40.DOUBLED 16678
41.#PLTSuperFan 16485
42.Juno 16044
43.travis scott 15889
44.Vernon 15839
45.Debenhams 15574
46.Last 16 14929
47.Puberty 14601
48.Lush 13689
49.Anakin 13643
50.Christmas Eve 13524
51.Lukaku 13136
52.Salesforce 13104
53.Dobra 12529
54.Umbrella Academy 11369
55.mohamad 11032
56.#startcisshaming 10461
57.Paul Mescal <10k
58.#EastEnders <10k
59.McGree <10k
60.Paddington 2 <10k
61.Lani <10k
62.Alisson <10k
63.Nagy <10k
64.Tanzania <10k
65.Top 0.5% <10k
66.Jason Roy <10k
67.#bcafc <10k
68.Galaxy Quest <10k
69.Midtjylland <10k
70.Newcastle United <10k
71.Gladbach <10k
72.#LIVAJX <10k
73.Richard Marshall <10k
74.Robbo <10k
75.Buttler <10k
76.#bcfc <10k
77.Return of the Jedi <10k
78.#Newsnight <10k
79.Sports Personality of the Year <10k
80.ECHR <10k
81.#FortniteSeason5 <10k
82.Mulatto <10k
83.Stretton <10k
84.Kroos <10k
85.TERFs <10k
86.#nakedattraction <10k
87.#ENGvSA <10k
88.Jackett <10k
89.#pnefc <10k
90.WIN a £250 <10k
91.Ivan Toney <10k
92.Cupboard <10k
93.Julia Donaldson <10k
94.Burton <10k
95.Mase <10k
96.town called malice <10k
97.Kieffer Moore <10k
98.GIDS <10k
99.Mo Farah <10k
100.Mrs Browns <10k
101.Leko <10k
102.Toney <10k
103.#LGOLEDxXboxSeriesX <10k
104.Dave King <10k
105.Schuurs <10k
106.Worzel Gummidge <10k
107.Huntelaar <10k
108.#SAvENG <10k
109.Windsor <10k
110.Burna <10k
111.Hungarian MEP <10k
112.McManaman <10k
113.Pedersen <10k
114.EasyJet <10k
115.Kung Fu Panda 2 <10k
116.Hogan <10k
117.lord kerr <10k
118.Onana <10k
119.Dunkirk <10k
120.Mrs Brown <10k
121.FTPA <10k
122.Asensio <10k
123.Curtis Jones <10k
124.Fabinho <10k
125.Kung Fu Panda <10k
126.Happy Birthday Amelia <10k
127.Canavan <10k
128.BBC Sports <10k
129.Coventry <10k
130.Embleton <10k
131.Redmen <10k
132.Kimmich <10k
133.Yoruba <10k
134.Bielik <10k
135.Joao Felix <10k
136.TOTY <10k
137.#YNWA <10k
138.Club 1872 <10k
139.Sarr <10k
140.Graham Brady <10k
141.Diallo <10k
142.#LIVAJA <10k
143.#SPOTY <10k
144.Chris Jordan <10k
145.Susie Green <10k
146.Hozier <10k
147.Vanya <10k
148.Gravenberch <10k
149.Sandringham <10k
150.Karanka <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

Tom Bellingham
Tom Bellingham ()

George Russell after getting lapped six times by Stoffel Vandoorne at the Sakhir GP

George Russell,UK twitter trends now
Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

Jurgen Klopp on Wijnaldum: Gini - I have no words for him to be honest. #awlfc [bt]

Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

Possible #lfc XI tonight, as per @_pauljoyce: Possible 4-2-3-1: Alisson - Neco Williams, Joel Matip, Fabinho, Andy Robertson - Jordan Henderson, Gini Wijnaldum - Diogo Jota, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mané - Mohamed Salah. #awlfc [times]

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson ()

On #WorldAIDSDay we remember those who have died of AIDS and stand with those living with HIV today. Our aim is to end HIV transmission by 2030 and help better the lives of HIV+ people with quick access to antiretroviral therapies and the roll out of PrEP across the country.

Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

🚨 BREAKING: Caoimhin Kelleher starts for Liverpool tonight. Alisson is out as a precaution due to a tight leg muscle. #awlfc [lfc]

Kelleher,UK twitter trends now
Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

🚨 BREAKING: Jordan Henderson has been named on the shortlist for the 2020 BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.⁣ ⁣Fully deserved 👏🏻

TalkRADIO ()

Julia asks Shadow Business Minister Lucy Powell what is the point of the Labour Party not opposing the government and abstaining in the vote on coronavirus restrictions: It’s an act of moral cowardice by saying we don’t want to take any responsibility. @JuliaHB1 | @LucyMPowell

Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

Jurgen Klopp: Robbo had a proper, proper knock on his ankle but he played through. Hendo had a stiff back but he played on. The boys gave everything. #awlfc [bt]

James Melville
James Melville ()

“Remember, when you are dead, you do not know you are dead. It is only painful for others. The same applies when you are stupid.” ~ Ricky Gervais #TuesdayThoughts

Melissa Reddy
Melissa Reddy ()

No Alisson (tight leg muscle) for #LFC Starting XI: Kelleher, N Williams, Matip, Fabinho, Robertson, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Jones, Jota, Mane, Salah Subs: Adrian, Jaros, Firmino, Minamino, Tsimikas, Origi, R Williams, Cain, Clarkson

Judicial Office
Judicial Office ()

The judgment in R (on the application of) Quincy Bell and A -v- Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust can now be found online

Mermaids ()

The #KeiraBell decision drives a coach and horses through Gillick Competence, which many suspect is the long-term plan of those behind this case. This is a dark day for the rights of ALL young people to make decisions about their own bodies.

FootballJOE ()

Caoimhin Kelleher Champions League clean sheets: 1 Lev Yashin Champions League clean sheets: 0

James Melville
James Melville ()

MPs are elected by their constituents and should act with that knowledge and should vote either in favour or against whatever they are voting on in parliament. Abstaining should not be an option. Please retweet if you think abstaining on parliament votes should be banned.

Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

Jordan Henderson: There’s a banner that gets displayed on the Kop sometimes and I love it because of its simplicity. It just says ‘Liverpool FC: European Royalty’ and is one of many things that makes me incredibly proud to captain this club. #awlfc [lfc]

Mermaids ()

STATEMENT: Susie Green, CEO: An unforgivable & shameful betrayal of young people’s rights to autonomy over their own bodies. Lui Asquith, Dir. Policy & Legal: It may potentially open the floodgates to other Qs around bodily autonomy & who has the right to govern their own body.

Susie Green,UK twitter trends now
Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

Jordan Henderson: “A lot has been said about the schedule and, without wanting to reopen the debate, it’s fair to say that this season’s is tougher than ever. But it is what it is and our job as players is to try to clear every obstacle that is placed in our way. #awlfc [lfc]

Scott Innes
Scott Innes ()

I once had an ECG and because the technician was silent while prepping me, I nervously tried to make conversation. “These sensor pads make me look like ET at the end of the film,” I said. He paused, then said, “Never seen it. I’ve only seen one film: Galaxy Quest. It was okay.”

Melissa Reddy
Melissa Reddy ()

Ajax starting XI: Onana, Schuurs, Alvarez, Klaassen, Neres, Gravenberch, Tadic, Mazraoui, Blind, Tagliafico, Antony

My Racing Tips
My Racing Tips ()

Hollie Doyle has been nominated for BBC Sports Personality of the Year 👏

Hollie Doyle,UK twitter trends now