United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - Jeremy Clarkson, Sundar, Tests, Giannis, Dido Harding, Shubman Gill, #IndiavsAustralia, Sundar, #honktwtselfieday.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.Biden 1449482
2.Martin Luther King 915913
3.Australia 334094
4.Sehun 297627
5.Baekhyun 257521
6.Melania 209135
7.Arsenal 188101
8.jungwoo 177413
9.Melania Trump 171523
10.Tests 145888
11.First Lady 137422
12.Assange 129271
13.Run BTS 129214
14.Gill 112674
15.#AUSvIND 83760
16.Warriors 78177
17.Bidens 76046
18.joon 74145
19.#ARSNEW 73215
20.Travis 69155
21.#TeamIndia 66005
22.Saka 60782
23.Lil Wayne 59075
24.Kyrie 57394
25.Nets 56315
26.Harden 55078
27.Newcastle 52037
28.Bruce 51364
29.Lakers 50683
30.Siraj 50060
31.Mac Miller 49784
32.Wyoming 48404
33.Test Match 47983
34.#InaugurationDay 46509
35.Steph 46311
36.Zlatan 46300
37.John Lewis 45637
38.Adelaide 45510
39.Lebron 41530
40.Curry 40987
41.Bucks 37844
42.#WWERaw 37553
43.Rishabh Pant 37045
44.Durant 34259
45.smith-rowe 34095
46.Partey 33632
47.Smith Rowe 33266
48.Indians 31513
49.Joe Harris 31335
50.Asuka 30931
51.Auba 30634
52.Sundar 30568
53.Ashley 29654
54.#AUSvsIND 28593
55.Lady Gaga 27055
56.Hale 25840
57.Kohli 25684
58.Pant 25163
59.Test Cricket 24412
60.Gwyneth Paltrow 23826
61.#honktwtselfieday 23767
62.Lyon 23703
63.Gabba 23068
64.Cedric 23022
65.#askASHE 22378
66.Willian 21780
67.Nani 21565
68.Brisbane 21291
69.Alaba 21043
70.Didi 20582
71.Giannis 20490
72.#nufc 20478
73.Emile 20469
74.Warner 20158
75.Congratulations India 18372
76.Ashwin 18063
77.gloves 17230
78.Rahane 16857
79.JUNGKOOKS 16499
80.#tuesdaymotivations 15404
81.#NoMannersMehn 15280
82.Kevin Durant 13853
83.Dolly 13367
84.Isaiah 13148
85.#911onFOX 12379
86.#IndiavsAustralia 12354
87.rosita 12267
88.Nathan Lyon 11896
89.#BrexitCarnage 11299
90.Ashes 11283
91.Lucie 11199
92.#BorderGavaskarTrophy 11009
93.From 36 10996
94.Pujara 10849
95.Hannah Arendt 10733
96.Michelin 10612
97.Canucks 10419
98.Jeremy Clarkson <10k
99.Starc <10k
100.Klay <10k
101.Charlie Mullins <10k
102.Lacazette <10k
103.#bruceout <10k
104.Morning Ian <10k
105.#IndianCricketTeam <10k
106.joelinton <10k
107.Xhaka <10k
108.Richard Keogh <10k
109.Oubre <10k
110.Debs <10k
111.HCAs <10k
112.Eddie Howe <10k
113.happy 75th <10k
114.#earlybiz <10k
115.Yewande <10k
116.Clarkson <10k
117.Swansea <10k
118.Shayna <10k
119.#TinyVoiceTalks <10k
120.Dr Hilary <10k
121.#ghanagirlswedey <10k
122.Shelvey <10k
123.Devo Max <10k
124.david joseph <10k
125.Charmaine <10k
126.Whitty <10k
127.#r4today <10k
128.#growingupblack <10k
129.Morning Steve <10k
130.Lascelles <10k
131.NHS Test and Trace <10k
132.#politicslive <10k
133.Alexa Bliss <10k
134.headingley <10k
135.Randy Orton <10k
136.US-Mexico <10k
137.Shubman Gill <10k
138.Conor Hourihane <10k
139.#LakeShow <10k
140.Bellerin <10k
141.Aussies <10k
142.Stephen Bear <10k
143.Sanson <10k
144.The Fiend <10k
145.#tuesdayvibe <10k
146.Bill Wurtz <10k
147.#popmaster <10k
148.Dido Harding <10k
149.Morning Paul <10k
150.rob holding <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

Double Down News
Double Down News ()

World Beating UK now has highest Covid death rate in the world

World Beating,UK twitter trends now

The are a lot of pronunciation differences between Americans and Europeans that I happily accept. But what I will never accept is Americans pronouncing the word “niche” as NITCH. NITCH?!

Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

🎥 Jamie Carragher: “I am worried for Roberto Firmino.” #awlfc [sky]

steve wraith
Steve wraith ()

From that starting line up tonight my #nufc player ratings Darlo 10 Krafth 1 Lascelles 1 Clark 2 Lewis 2 Shelvey 0 Longstaff 3 Almiron 5 Joelinton 1 Carroll 5 Wilson #BRUCEOUT

John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith)
John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith) ()

Between #BrexitCarnage and 10 years and counting of austerity, the hopes, aspirations and prosperity of the younger generations has been sacrificed to the profit of the few.

Amjad Taha أمجد طه
Amjad Taha أمجد طه ()

من هرمنا إلى ندمنا... هكذا يدمر الإخوان الأوطان من تونس ليبيا مصر الى سوريا فاليمن. #امجد_طه

BBC Scotland Comms
BBC Scotland Comms ()

We are sending love to family, friends and his colleagues here at BBC Scotland following the death of comedy actor Andy Gray.

Andy Gray,UK twitter trends now
The New European
The New European ()

Rufus Hound calling out our disgusting government live on prime time TV. Perfect.

Dan Bardell
Dan Bardell ()

We actually all got this trending on twitter this evening, which is amazing. RIP Jack The biggest thing though is to get the petition signed, it’s now got well over 5k signatures, incredible. Please sign it and try and prevent this road ever causing damage like this again #avfc

RIP Jack,UK twitter trends now
The New European
The New European ()

The way Rufus Hound just called out our government for not feeding hungry children, this man has won already #DancingOnIce

Amjad Taha أمجد طه
Amjad Taha أمجد طه ()

الي ما يعرف هالحركه ماله تاريخ كوروي ابداً... 😀 #جيل_الثمانينات #امجد_طه

#جيل_الثمانينات,UK twitter trends now
AFC Telford United
AFC Telford United ()

Sending our best wishes to Steve Cotterill who is currently in hospital recovering from COVID-19 🙏

Grant McCann
Grant McCann ()

Best wishes and I hope you get well soon Steve Cotterill @shrewsweb 👊🏼🙏⚽️

WHF!🇾🇪 ()

I didn’t watch the first half of Arsenal v Newcastle but honestly, please tell me this is not real and it’s been photoshopped?!😳😳🤣🤣🤣

Arsenal v Newcastle,UK twitter trends now
Sandieshoes ()

Yes we’re Julia Hartley-Brewer has gone all hysterical this last year. Rachel Johnson is a Lib Dem! Nick Ferrari✅ Don’t even think about Kay Burley & Beth Rigby @afneil ready for a British Fox News? The people behind GB News hope so


🗣 Auba bossed it on the pitch & bussed it off the pitch! (@KelechiAFC) 🔴 Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle ⚫️ 📺 ➡️ Join Profit Accumulator FREE TODAY ⚠️ UK only and 18+. Please gamble responsibly. #AD

John Grant of #horror👻🚫
John Grant of #horror👻🚫 ()

I just told my we must never wonder why we are who we are you wanna know why I told my sister this? Cos mum is currently watching Terminator 2! 😁🤘

Terminator 2,UK twitter trends now

🗣 Who said to take off Aubameyang?!? (@leemarkjudges) 🔴 Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle ⚫️ 📺 ➡️ Join Profit Accumulator FREE TODAY ⚠️ UK only and 18+. Please gamble responsibly. #AD

Tracy Zille
Tracy Zille ()

Black people call him Dr Death for killing many black freedom fighters in Namibia & RSA during Apartheid years and, possibly beyond. He is still allowed to practice medicine in South Africa. His fellow White people gave him a job because to them he is a hero for killing Blacks

Dr Death,UK twitter trends now
JOE ()

Joe Exotic expects to be pardoned by Trump today, and even has a limo waiting The first thing Joe wants to do, he wants his hair done. He hasn’t had his hair done in two-and-a-half years. Then we’ll probably go and get some pizzas.