United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - Peston, Roscoe, #indiedisco, Blizzard, scarlets, RIP Luton, Sami, Colin, Stoke.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.sabrina 316772
2.Hank Aaron 265950
3.olivia 253081
4.The R 225541
5.#WandaVision 198779
6.#ImpeachBidenNow 154240
7.namjoon 152472
8.hobi 136997
9.All 4 115843
10.TOTY 109276
11.New UK 94623
12.Shirt 92761
13.yeonjun 82760
14.#연준이에게_물어봐 80065
15.#Berniememes 74613
16.Neymar 73113
17.K-pop 68171
18.Messi 67043
19.chenle 61370
20.Nets 55889
21.Rolex 41312
22.Episode 3 39275
23.Sofia 39205
24.Nissan 38534
25.Asuka 38101
26.WILBUR 34574
27.dunkirk harry 34281
28.#FridayFeeling 32329
29.GENE 32195
30.The Nets 31298
31.Cavs 30001
32.McGregor 28426
33.#BernieSandersMittens 27161
34.Harden 26969
35.sasha 26825
36.Femi 25267
37.Bianca 25192
38.Jesse 23987
39.Colin 23058
40.Kyrie 22842
41.Mbappe 22725
42.Tomori 22304
43.Reyes 21436
44.#SmackDown 20392
45.Ines 20360
46.Zach 19923
47.Sami 19807
48.Sixers 19637
49.Celeste 19601
50.#FateTheWinxSaga 19008
51.Jimmy Carter 18968
52.Sharon 17650
53.Xbox Live Gold 17552
54.Ferguson 16703
55.Dustin 16433
56.Simmons 16309
57.Dortmund 16204
58.Adele 14257
59.Haaland 13652
60.B.1.1.7 13502
61.Blizzard 13301
62.Channel 4 13151
63.Embiid 13075
64.Troy 12727
65.AIDS 12551
66.Marvin 11035
67.Lingard 11019
68.#dreamwaswrong 10581
69.Mikel 10257
70.Symone 10238
71.#wwfc <10k
72.NERVTAG <10k
73.Carmella <10k
74.Cutrone <10k
75.Prince Harry <10k
76.Another Friday <10k
77.jojo siwa <10k
78.#thelastleg <10k
79.Jordan Morris <10k
80.Chalobah <10k
82.Heyman <10k
83.Lewa <10k
84.Billie Kay <10k
85.Ian Beale <10k
86.Zach Clough <10k
87.#ItsASin <10k
88.#YorubaWorshipCH <10k
89.Archie <10k
90.Bronson <10k
91.Dundee <10k
92.Lower Decks <10k
93.Phil Asher <10k
94.Kevin Owens <10k
95.inspiral carpets <10k
96.Arhip <10k
97.Victory Park <10k
98.Magpies <10k
99.Thunderbirds <10k
100.Jon Sopel <10k
101.Deacon Blue <10k
102.Moutinho <10k
103.Roscoe <10k
104.Chorley <10k
105.Jaylen <10k
106.Vicarious Visions <10k
107.#mymassiveweek <10k
108.Russell T Davies <10k
109.#totp <10k
110.Arbroath <10k
111.Neil Ferguson <10k
112.Ruddy <10k
113.Olly Alexander <10k
114.Simmonds <10k
115.Marcus Smart <10k
116.Jimmy Anderson <10k
117.Jarrod Evans <10k
118.YesCymru <10k
119.Vallance <10k
120.Ribery <10k
121.Whitty <10k
122.Kief <10k
123.Scarlets <10k
124.Fletcher <10k
125.Eddie Jones <10k
126.Kemba <10k
127.mathews <10k
128.Anthea <10k
129.#isitok <10k
130.#askwilsh <10k
131.Sancho <10k
132.Kieftenbeld <10k
133.Neil Diamond <10k
134.#FSGOUT <10k
135.Andy Murray <10k
136.#EastEnders <10k
137.Bursik <10k
138.Graeme Jones <10k
139.DeAndre Jordan <10k
140.Gwen Stefani <10k
141.Bayley <10k
142.MC Hammer <10k
143.Sweet Caroline <10k
144.Harry Randall <10k
145.#grahamnorton <10k
146.Jack Clarke <10k
147.Neil Patrick Harris <10k
148.#BBAA <10k
149.Festival of Brexit <10k
150.RIP Luton <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

Little Mix
Little Mix ()

Thanks for adding the PS1 remix of Sweet Melody to Hits Remixed @youtubemusic 🔥. Will be bopping to this around the kitchen this weekend 😂

The Weekend,UK twitter trends now
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson ()

This is a great vote of confidence in the UK and fantastic news for the brilliant @Nissan workforce in Sunderland and electric vehicle manufacturing in this country.

TalkRADIO ()

People have to got to rise up and bring it down! Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne says the idea people will accept endless lockdown restrictions and go on living like troglodytes is absurd. 📺 Watch the show ► @JuliaHB1 | @DesmondSwayne

The Last Leg
The Last Leg ()

🚨OUR POLL TONIGHT! 🚨 What mundane thing have you done this week that we can make sound impressive? Tweet us now with #MyMassiveWeek

Amazon Prime Video Sport
Amazon Prime Video Sport ()

Out of nowhere, Brighton goalkeeper Maty Ryan has joined Arsenal on loan until the end of the season.

Maty,UK twitter trends now
TalkRADIO ()

Julia criticises reports the Government will be giving £500 to people who test positive for Covid to self-isolate, telling Environment Secretary George Eustice: How on earth can people working in Cabinet in any way have an idea how ordinary people are coping? @JuliaHB1

TalkRADIO ()

Julia asks Environment Secretary George Eustice what criteria are going to be used to come out of lockdown after Boris Johnson refused to rule out the measures being in place until the summer. 📺 Watch the show ► @JuliaHB1

PF | Transfer News
PF | Transfer News ()

🇦🇺 Maty Ryan✅ 🇳🇴 Martin Ødegaard⏳ Arsenal have had a decent January transfer window so far.👏🔴

Maty,UK twitter trends now

🧤 Welcome to Arsenal, Mat Ryan! 💰 AFTV Transfer Daily EXTRA 📺 📲 Play @AFTVPicks for FREE to WIN a share of £1,000, just select your Picks ahead of kick-off! 👉 🔞 T&Cs Apply. Play Responsibly.

Bad Wolf Archives
Bad Wolf Archives ()

I love it when the greatest television writer of all time starts trending x Russell T Davies is a gift to storytelling everywhere ❤️

Russell T Davies,UK twitter trends now
Channel 4
Channel 4 ()

#ItsASin first look: Meet Roscoe ✨ Peckham born with Nigerian roots, he doesn’t care what you think of him - and he’s not afraid to show it. For help and support, visit

Traylor Holmes
Traylor Holmes ()

Celeste’s hair is fabulous (as is she) #TheGNShow #GrahamNorton

#grahamnorton,UK twitter trends now
Channel 4
Channel 4 ()

Don’t adjust your TVs! All-day, on-air, we’ve time travelled back to the 1980s ahead of #ItsASin. Who remembers when the telly looked and sounded like this? 😲

Wizards of Drivel
Wizards of Drivel ()

Stoke defeats just don’t register the same anymore. Partly it’s because I like our manager and I don’t think every defeat means impending doom. But mainly it’s the not going.

Channel 4
Channel 4 ()

Feel free to reference this tweet every time someone asks what your weekend plans #TheLastLeg

Travis ()

“one thing that struck me is that it isn’t on anyone else’s terms; it doesn’t bother itself with the parameters of a “debate”..Instead, Alabanza carves out a space of warmth, ” yo @Micha_Frazer this write up of #Overflowonline rly got me!

Jewish Leadership Council
Jewish Leadership Council ()

Statement from our Chair @jonnysgoldstein on the shameful event that took place last night in Stamford Hill.

Stamford Hill,UK twitter trends now
USM Adam
USM Adam ()

Gbamin missed games at Mainz: 12 Gbamin missed games at Everton: 59 😬🤦‍♂️

Gbamin,UK twitter trends now
TalkSPORT ()

KICK-OFF: Chorley v Wolves 👏 We’re underway at Victory Park! 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝘁𝗲𝗮𝗺: 🎤 @SamMatterface 🎤 @MattMurray20 Tune in for #FACup action! 🔥 📲 App → 📻Listen →

Victory Park,UK twitter trends now
Rashid ()

I would say I’m most like Rutherford. #StarTrekLowerDecks #StarTrek

#StarTrekLowerDecks,UK twitter trends now