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Updated: July 27th, 2021 06:47 AM IST
RankingHashtags / Topics United KingdomTweets Volume
1.Gold 646569
2.Varane 224605
3.#Butter8thNo1OnHot100 188335
4.#LoveIsland 171236
5.Silver 163675
6.Nnamdi Kanu 125534
7.Manchester United 119411
8.Jake 115926
9.Here We Go 107812
10.Schools 103089
11.#MondayMotivation 98449
12.Mary 87662
13.Hugo 87208
14.DaBaby 85389
16.Man United 70618
17.Coco 64955
18.Post 4 62320
19.Suarez 52085
20.Tyler 45841
21.Salam 42724
22.#WeMissYouMoreNamjoon 40858
23.Sagittarius 37428
24.Casa Amor 36447
25.Teddy 35127
26.Ramos 33630
27.Liberty 33544
28.#TeamGB 30576
29.Condolences 29672
30.Tom Daley 29660
31.Keir Starmer 28441
32.Ben Affleck 28369
33.Sevilla 28344
34.sunwoo 27838
35.Gundam 26219
36.Alba 25367
37.Romero 25171
38.Erik 25145
39.Salma 25107
40.The Flash 24013
41.Yousef 23003
42.joonie 22630
43.Ally 22348
44.Issa Rae 21188
45.Martial 19895
46.Ben White 17751
47.Lamela 17239
48.Usman 15773
49.Bledsoe 14702
50.#Triathlon 13899
51.Mosquera 12010
52.Bryan Gil 11708
53.Millie 11248
54.piers 11157
55.Femi 11062
56.Tether 10661
57.Plan B 10033
58.Trevor Sinclair <10k
59.Selfridges <10k
60.Konate <10k
61.Willey <10k
62.Not Liam <10k
63.Lauren Williams <10k
64.#aplaceinthesun <10k
65.Rashid Khan <10k
66.Nah Liam <10k
67.Chaplin <10k
68.Kim Kardashian <10k
69.Dalot <10k
70.Van Dijk <10k
71.Piers Morgan <10k
72.Oh Liam <10k
73.Matt Carter <10k
74.Bailly <10k
75.Fiji <10k
76.Tuanzebe <10k
77.Hales <10k
78.Chloe island <10k
79.John Terry <10k
80.Damon <10k
81.Lindelof <10k
82.Glazers <10k
83.#onlyconnect <10k
84.#TrentRockets <10k
85.#GardensHour <10k
86.McFred <10k
87.Only Connect <10k
88.Woodward <10k
89.Trent Bridge <10k
90.The Green Knight <10k
91.#TheMiddleEastInSongOrFilm <10k
92.Murtough <10k
93.Clarrise <10k
94.Ovie <10k
95.#KentuckyFriedFalcon <10k
96.Clarisse <10k
97.Malan <10k
98.Kepa <10k
99.Origi <10k
100.Ipswich <10k
101.Ben Stokes <10k
102.#TheHundred2021 <10k
103.Luton <10k
104.Shane and Angel <10k
105.Aseem <10k
106.Fabrizio <10k
107.#longlostfamily <10k
108.Vidic <10k
109.Taylor-Brown <10k
110.#CasaAmor <10k
111.Alex Hales <10k
112.Liams <10k
113.Home and Away <10k
114.#Corrie <10k
115.Russian Olympic Committee <10k
116.Zouma <10k
117.John Murtough <10k
118.Bermuda <10k
119.Goodwood <10k
120.Iwobi <10k
121.Stokes <10k
122.#nationaldogphotographyday <10k
123.#UniversityChallenge <10k
124.Ferguson <10k
125.Truth or Dare <10k
126.#IstandwithRosieDuffield <10k
127.Phil Jones <10k
128.Leon Bailey <10k
129.Falcao <10k
130.Kaila <10k
131.Congolese <10k
132.Thiago Silva <10k
133.Detective Pikachu <10k
134.Trippier <10k
135.Rosie Duffield <10k
136.Sir Bobby <10k
137.Cantwell <10k
138.Trent Rockets <10k
139.Drogba <10k
140.Flora Duffy <10k
141.Smalling <10k
142.Adil Rashid <10k
143.Babylon <10k
144.Mehdy <10k
145.Shaqiri <10k
146.Matip <10k
147.Dieter Brummer <10k
148.Colby <10k
149.Summer School <10k
150.RIP Sam <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now


“I feel incredibly proud to say I am a gay man and also an Olympic champion.” Gold medal winner Tom Daley says he hopes his performance will inspire young LGBT people to realise “you can achieve anything”. Read more:


Salma is a premium babe!!!! These lads are very delusional #LoveIsland

Salma - UK twitter trends now

الف مبروك للأبطال المصريين هدايا ملاك و سيف عيسى و كل التوفيق لباقي الابطال و في انتظار المزيد باذن الله 👏🏻

سيف عيسي - UK twitter trends now

Nah you see that smile when Medhy spoke about Kaz? Nobody has complimented her so enthusiastically off the bat. #LoveIsland

Huge congratulations to @Adam_Peaty on winning @TeamGB’s first gold and making history by successfully defending his Olympic title. #TeamGB

“I know [Faye] would want me to get involved in some shape or form…” Teddy do you even know who you’re dealing with?!!!? LMAO. #LoveIsland

Kaz; we won’t hate you for getting to know Medhy. Let the spirit of your ancestors guide you sis. #LoveIsland

If Labour were to expel Ken Loach, it is done as a party for the worker, the poor, the vulnerable, the new immigrant, the marginalized. It would stand for nothing important.

🚨 NEW: It is unlikely there will be further additions to the Liverpool squad following the £36million arrival of centre-back Ibrahima Konate from RB Leipzig. #awlive [@carlmarkham]

Manchester United have been responsible for four of the five most expensive signings in Premier League history (Van Dijk is the fifth btw)

Van Dijk - UK twitter trends now

Morning big Congrats to @TomDaley1994 & his partner GOLD medal after many years of trying it goes to prove work hard eventually you will get your fulfil your ultimate dreams. I know I have been there. The Brits are starting to win medals come on GB

Morning Win - UK twitter trends now

Did Ferguson and Sage modellers even study epidemiology? ⁦@sajidjavid⁩ @SteveBakerHW⁩

Ferguson - UK twitter trends now

Xherdan Shaqiri: I told Liverpool that I feel ready for a new challenge. They accepted my wish and will seriously consider the offers that will come. They will not stop me.” #awlive [football italia]

Shaqiri - UK twitter trends now

🚨 BREAKING: Jürgen Klopp has confirmed Virgil van Dijk could make his return from long-term injury in Thursday’s friendly with Hertha BSC in Innsbruck. There is the opportunity that Virgil could play a few minutes. #awlive [lfc]

Van Dijk - UK twitter trends now

Pep Lijnders: “On his arrival, Robbo said he can get five goals this season… after this first session he said he was thinking he might even be able to get seven, maybe!” #awlive [lfc]

Robbo - UK twitter trends now

Solidarity with @RosieDuffield1 When will @UKLabour stand up to the harassment and intimidation of women? #IStandWithRosieDuffield

Swansea are in talks with Jody Morris to become their new head coach. - @TheAthleticUK

Swansea - UK twitter trends now

Throwback to when Bailly jumped during the national anthem 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

Bailly - UK twitter trends now

As a lesbian & feminist, #IStandWithRosieDuffield. @LGBTLabour doesn’t speak for me. Perhaps if certain men in the Labour Party invested the same time and energy challenging Boris Johnson as they do policing women’s likes on Twitter, we might have a prayer of winning an election.

❌ “#MCFC don’t need Jack Grealish!” 🤔 “They’ve got Foden, Sterling, Mahrez & De Bruyne. They need Harry Kane!” 🏆“Harry Kane is the one they want. If they get him, I think they’ll win the #UCL!” @MrJamieOHara1 believes Harry Kane would bring Man City guaranteed success.