United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - Lingard, Alexa Bliss, Scots, Drew, Goldberg, Lexi, #COYS, Holocaust, Vanessa Hudgens.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.kyungsoo 870136
2.Senate 601710
3.Lampard 494505
4.I Vote 395252
5.Frank Lampard 277394
6.McConnell 237185
7.Tuchel 199276
8.Bread 185673
9.Washington 176411
10.Dems 144893
11.Delivery 136959
12.Rudy 136297
13.Lebron 135381
14.Dominion 129061
15.Scotland 126639
16.Pakistan 120442
17.Schumer 117867
18.Giuliani 114664
19.Harry Potter 110765
20.Payment 101531
21.Sanchez 100463
22.Kobe 96881
23.Harriet Tubman 94339
24.Chicago 89002
25.Drew 82832
26.The EU 79651
27.Burns 79239
28.Lakers 75396
29.Manchin 73262
30.vine 73198
31.Orlu 68697
32.Gigi 54478
33.Rumble 54027
34.Edge 51476
35.AstraZeneca 51170
36.Australia Day 49109
37.Lance 47292
38.Drake 45744
39.NIKI 41120
40.Bad Bunny 40818
41.Holocaust 39468
42.Steph 34851
43.Spurs 32129
44.Charlotte 31886
45.Asuka 30040
46.GameStop 29584
47.Mania 27253
48.Imran 27139
49.Cavs 26488
50.Luka 25690
51.Mamba 25394
52.#AnimalCrossingxColourPop 24673
53.Hawaii 24130
54.Washington DC 23966
55.Ines 22484
56.Cardi 21547
57.#BurnsNight 21497
58.Hart 21198
59.Harvey 21127
60.#WWERaw 20973
61.Alonso 20748
62.Harden 19247
63.SAM NOOK 18882
64.Haggis 18767
65.Scots 18427
66.Hasan 18090
67.Moura 17832
68.Gianna 17647
69.Royal Rumble 17023
70.Hogwarts 16833
71.Konami 15907
72.JK Rowling 15512
73.King James 15458
74.Bale 14974
75.The Lion 14829
76.Rudiger 13252
77.Vinicius 12905
78.WWE Network 12859
79.Priya 12737
80.Mastercard 12669
81.j cole 12628
82.#THFC 12118
83.Silent Hill 11238
84.Debenhams 11226
85.Happy Burns Night 10973
86.Riddle 10756
87.Bard 10718
88.Kofi 10366
89.#COYS 10340
90.McGee 10122
91.Set Me Free <10k
92.George Washington <10k
93.Jenny Harries <10k
94.#CelebsGoDating <10k
95.Argos <10k
96.Sheamus <10k
97.Joe Hart <10k
98.Fanny <10k
99.Lacey <10k
100.Tanganga <10k
101.Irn Bru <10k
102.National Star <10k
103.#ps5ukstock <10k
104.#UniversityChallenge <10k
105.Congolese <10k
106.Paul Nixon <10k
107.Getafe <10k
108.Daily Express <10k
109.Tom Zanetti <10k
110.#NOOTNOOT <10k
111.Lingard <10k
112.Dwight Yorke <10k
113.Rabbie <10k
115.Marauders <10k
116.#ps5stockuk <10k
117.Tommy Wiseau <10k
118.#OppositeAMovieSweeps <10k
119.#ASOSGIFT <10k
120.Uche <10k
121.Talisker <10k
122.Handelsblatt <10k
123.#MICHELINSTAR21 <10k
124.Wiseman <10k
125.Jenners <10k
126.#PAKvsSA <10k
127.#longlostfamily <10k
128.Slainte <10k
129.Ikpeazu <10k
130.Lamela <10k
131.Slàinte Mhath <10k
132.Wycombe <10k
133.Shayna <10k
134.Booker T <10k
135.Adams Park <10k
136.#TinyVoiceTalks <10k
137.Michelin <10k
138.Cranachan <10k
139.Winks <10k
140.#Corrie <10k
141.Mighty Gurkha <10k
142.Tanguy <10k
143.#LakeShow <10k
144.Gareth Bale <10k
145.Chris Grayling <10k
146.Alderweireld <10k
147.Ndombele <10k
148.Gareth Ainsworth <10k
149.Lexi <10k
150.Auld Lang Syne <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson ()

The opening of 32 new large-scale Vaccination Centres this week is another step in our fight against COVID. When you are invited to get vaccinated, please do so. You’ll be protecting yourself and helping us defeat the virus.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson ()

Burns Suppers are one of the highlights of the year and I’m sad that millions of Scots in the UK and across the world won’t be able to come together to toast one of our finest poets and celebrate in the usual way. We will do so again, but this #BurnsNight please #StayHome

Dr Ellie 😷🧼 🤲🏼
Dr Ellie 😷🧼 🤲🏼 ()

Make no mistake, schools are not closed because this virus is so deadly. Schools are closed because NO creativity was put into opening them safely: where are the Nightingale schools? Where are the school testing centres? This is not virus. This is failure. #REOPENSCHOOLS

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall
The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall ()

“With Auld Lang Syne, he gave us words which have become a symbol of fellowship the world over - and never has that sense of connection been more important than now.” 🎥 During virtual celebrations with @RobertBurnsFed, The Prince recited one of Burns’ most famous poems.

Leave.EU ()

Italy could face snap elections as PM Giuseppe Conte prepares to resign tomorrow. With populist icon @matteosalvinimi and his allies leading in the polls, expect a big headache for the globalist establishment!

Momentum 🌹
Momentum 🌹 ()

The Parliamentary Labour Party is, to put it bluntly, a professional outfit of lawyers, former lobbyists and interns rather than a reflection of our membership and our voter base. - @mish_rahman

TalkSPORT ()

🚨 BREAKING 🚨 Ex-Borussia Dortmund and PSG manager Thomas Tuchel is set to replace Frank Lampard at Chelsea #CFC

Hong Kong Watch
Hong Kong Watch ()

Disturbing reports of HK Police searching rooms of CUHK students & arresting three individuals, including acting head of SU Owen Au Cheuk-hei, on the day EU27 FMs were supposed to discuss HK. Western democracies can no longer drag their feet on Magnitsky sanctions. They must act.

ITV News
ITV News ()

Lee Rigby murderer Michael Adebowale fighting for life after Covid-19 diagnosis

The Spurs Express
The Spurs Express ()

Tottenham are interested in Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder Florian Neuhaus. [@SPORT1] #COYS #THFC

Neuhaus,UK twitter trends now
PF | Transfer News
PF | Transfer News ()

Mustafi is looking to terminate his contact with the club early, following in the footsteps of Özil and Sokratis [@ChrisWheatley_ ]

Mustafi,UK twitter trends now
Kate Harrison
Kate Harrison ()

Name me a better father son duo than Barney and Bradley Walsh please 💕🤓👀💅

The United Stand
The United Stand ()

West Ham Approach Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard [@NewsUnitedStand] Details Below ⬇️

Marti Pellow
Marti Pellow ()

#LockdownSession My Love is Like a Red Red Rose. In case you missed it here’s my rendition of the Burns classic I performed for @thismorning. Hope you’re all having Haggis, Neeps and Tatties for your dinner?! Yum! Love to love Marti x Full song

FootballFunnys ()

Managerial casualty since Abramovich took over in 2003. Ranieri SACKED Mourinho SACKED Grant SACKED Scolari SACKED Wilkins TEMP Hiddink TEMP Ancelotti SACKED AVB SACKED Di Matteo SACKED Benitez TEMP Mourinho SACKED Holland TEMP Hiddink TEMP Conte SACKED Sarri LEFT Lampard SACKED

Di Matteo,UK twitter trends now
Last Word On Spurs🎙
Last Word On Spurs🎙 ()

🗞[@PlettiGoal] | Tottenham Hotspur head coach José Mourinho is showing a keen interest in signing German midfielder Florian Neuhaus from Borussia Mönchengladbach. 🟡However at present Spurs’ interest is not as concrete as Borussia Dortmund. #THFC #COYS

يوسف الجمري 🇧🇭
يوسف الجمري 🇧🇭 ()

البحرين | فجر ٢٦ من يناير ٢٠١٧م مليشيات مدنية مسلحة تقتحم اعتصام #الدراز قرب منزل آية الله #قاسم وتصيب الشهيد مصطفى حمدان بالرصاص

Last Word On Spurs🎙
Last Word On Spurs🎙 ()

🗞[@SPORT1] | Tottenham Hotspur are interested in Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder Florian Neuhaus. 🇵🇹Spurs head coach José Mourinho is a huge fan of the German star and would like to bring him to the football club. #THFC #COYS

Shahmir Sanni
Shahmir Sanni ()

Corruption. That is the word for what we are experiencing day after day. It saps the energy from the public, makes them feel hopeless and gives way for politicians to inflict ever more harm onto us, the public. It is violent by nature. Britain’s crisis is a crisis of corruption.

Last Word On Spurs🎙
Last Word On Spurs🎙 ()

🗞[@Lequipe] | Tottenham Hotspur have now approached Angel Di Maria with a view to signing for the club in summer. 🇦🇷The Argentine can play as either an attacking midfielder or winger and is out of contract at the end of this current season. #THFC #COYS