United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.#8YearsToInfinityWithBTS 838456
2.#BTS8thAnniversary 619268
3.#KeepitOn 439615
4.#June12thProtest 310319
5.Johnson 240185
6.Nigeria 190623
7.Djokovic 183313
8.Building 154485
9.Macron 116143
10.Eden 100963
11.Horrible 91805
12.Please God 89397
13.Never Forget 76185
14.Delete 75580
15.Gabriel 72313
16.The BBC 72091
17.Wizkid 67609
18.Awful 63195
19.Wales 59699
20.#BuhariMustGo 59219
21.Seyi Makinde 58528
22.Dame 57514
23.Root 54553
24.Awake 54130
25.#SmackDown 44061
26.Cameras 43637
27.Darnella Frazier 42209
28.Sixers 39327
29.GAME DAY 37611
30.Happy 8 36864
31.Allen 36159
32.Trudeau 36076
33.karl 32528
34.Camilla 32309
35.May God 31364
36.Merkel 30284
37.Collapsed 29360
38.Pulse 25552
39.Carrie 25336
40.Brands 25036
41.Moore 24962
42.Horrific 24598
43.Switzerland 22752
44.Denver 22694
45.Lavender 22504
46.majesty 22399
47.Theresa 18757
48.Bale 17474
49.Mendes 17385
50.Priya 17328
51.Neco 16005
52.Ubisoft 15720
53.#SaturdayMotivation 15716
54.#DemocracyDay 15715
55.Baku 15606
56.Danish 15560
57.Finland 15356
58.Roberts 15333
59.#EnoughIsEnough 14609
60.#ASuperstarMadeinLagos 14474
61.Wolves 14276
62.Brooks 13112
63.Swiss 13044
64.Nuno 12809
65.Everton 12598
66.Carlo 12536
67.Many Congratulations 12449
68.Wesker 12124
69.Welsh 10865
70.#SaturdayThoughts 10812
71.Cape Cod 10741
72.Pope 10731
73.Her Majesty The Queen 10521
74.#ENGvNZ 10092
75.Ursula 10083
76.Denmark v Finland <10k
77.Anthony Taylor <10k
78.Aer Lingus <10k
79.Richly <10k
80.Embolo <10k
81.#June21st <10k
82.Granit Xhaka <10k
83.James Cleverly <10k
84.#UKGiftAM <10k
85.Alex Scott <10k
86.Knighthood <10k
87.Patrice <10k
88.Stokes <10k
89.2nd XI <10k
90.British Empire Medal <10k
91.Notts County <10k
92.Bracey <10k
93.Robbie Savage <10k
94.Jorge Mendes <10k
95.Offside <10k
96.Neil Oliver <10k
97.Erisken <10k
98.Ross Taylor <10k
99.Jonathan Pearce <10k
100.#TroopingTheColour <10k
101.tom baker <10k
102.Schar <10k
103.1st XI <10k
104.#TogetherStronger <10k
105.Larsson <10k
106.First Folio <10k
107.#ASongOrMovieForDrinks <10k
108.Muamba <10k
109.St Patrick <10k
110.#WALSUI <10k
111.Atalis Bay <10k
112.Martin Keown <10k
113.Windsor Castle <10k
114.MATCH DAY <10k
115.Ashton Gate <10k
116.Red Arrows <10k
117.Joe Allen <10k
118.Angelika <10k
119.#EXEvSAL <10k
120.Morning Karen <10k
121.Delaney <10k
122.Foden and Grealish <10k
123.Footlocker <10k
124.Bristol <10k
125.#WorldGinDay <10k
126.Copenhagen <10k
127.John Redwood <10k
128.Kieffer Moore <10k
129.#SaturdayMorning <10k
130.Yann Sommer <10k
131.Cesc <10k
132.Yoda <10k
133.Moshiri <10k
134.Zakaria <10k
135.Rupert Murdoch <10k
136.#bbccricket <10k
137.Danny Wright <10k
138.Bairstow <10k
139.London Irish <10k
140.Azerbaijan <10k
141.Crawley <10k
142.Loch Tay <10k
143.Ramsey <10k
144.Mazel Tov <10k
145.Daniel James <10k
146.Torquay <10k
147.Rob Page <10k
148.Prue Leith <10k
149.Giggs <10k
150.Kieffer <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

The Royal Family
The Royal Family ()

Her Majesty The Queen with @G7 Leaders at the #G7UK @edenproject. 🇬🇧 🇨🇦 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇮🇹 🇯🇵 🇺🇸 🇪🇺

majesty,UK twitter trends now
The Royal Family
The Royal Family ()

The Queen, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge join @G7 leaders at a #G7UK summit reception hosted by Prime Minister @BorisJohnson at the Eden Project.

Wales,UK twitter trends now
James Melville
James Melville ()

The G7 leaders arrived at the G7 summit in Cornwall by private jet with no testing and quarantining. They didn’t wear masks. They didn’t socially distance. They do as they do, but not as they tell us to do. #G7Summit

#G7Summit,UK twitter trends now
E ()

Exactly 10 years ago today, EME released Wizkid ‘s Superstar album. One of the greatest ever debut albums out of Nigeria. Since then, Starboy has gone on to create his own label, dominate Africa and rub shoulders with the biggest names globally. Big Wiz - Legend!🔥🇳🇬👏🏼

Wizkid,UK twitter trends now
FootballJOE ()

YESSS! Andrea Bocelli singing Nessun Dorma. Never been more ready for a football tournament, even if that has just made me cry

Nessun Dorma,UK twitter trends now
Leanne Prescott
Leanne Prescott ()

Jordan Henderson: an immense captain, a real leader, and an inspirational man. MBE richly deserved.

TalkSPORT ()

The passion of the Italians during their national anthem 😍 #ITA

Italians,UK twitter trends now
Leave.EU ()

With illegals flooding into Britain at an alarming rate, this is exactly what our government should be doing. Well done Denmark!

Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

🚨 NEW: Jordan Henderson has been awarded an MBE for services to charity. Liverpool’s captain has been recognised for his work and contribution throughout the coronavirus pandemic. #awlive [lfc]

Jordan Henderson,UK twitter trends now
FootballJOE ()

Maximum respect to Fabian Schar. Far too hot to have Dan James and his ridiculous pace running at you. Bring him down

Amjad Taha أمجد طه
Amjad Taha أمجد طه ()

وش السالفة يا اخوان؟ وش هذا اليوم العظيم! إيطاليا تبهذل تركيا ب3 اهداف جميلة والإمارات تتربع على قمة مجلس الأمن وتأخذ العضوية الغير دائمة وتفوز على اندونسيا ب5 اهداف والسعودية تفوز 3-٠على سنغافورة. و الأمير محمد بن سلمان يرسم البسمة على وجه أمتنا بلقاءه مع الرئيس السيسي. #امجد_طه

E ()

It is interesting that there’s heavy police presence in Ojota today - but Lagosians complained for many days about constant robbery on Eko Bridge and the same police/government turned a deaf ear to their cries for help. 💔 #June12thProtest

E ()

May God protect everybody going out for the #June12thProtest 🙏🏽 and for once may our leaders understand that it is the right Nigerians to protest and exercise their civic rights. 🇳🇬🇳🇬 #KeepitOn

Historic Environment Scotland
Historic Environment Scotland ()

Absolutely heartbreaking news this morning. Our thoughts are with our friends at @ScottishCrannog

Cabinet Office
Cabinet Office ()

The 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours List has been announced: Congratulations to all recipients! #QueensBirthdayHonours #ImHonoured

#QueensBirthdayHonours,UK twitter trends now
Amazon Prime Video Sport
Amazon Prime Video Sport ()

THIS WEEKEND 😍 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Wales v Switzerland 🇨🇭 🇩🇰 Denmark v Finland 🇫🇮 🇧🇪 Belgium v Russia 🇷🇺 🇦🇹 Austria v North Macedonia 🇲🇰 🇳🇱 Netherlands v Ukraine 🇺🇦 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England v Croatia 🇭🇷 #EURO2020

We Will Be Free
We Will Be Free ()

“Mr Johnson is understood to have decided a delay of up to four weeks – but no longer.” If you believe this, you will also believe that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and leprechauns are all real. 🤪 #WeDoNotConsent

Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

🚨 NEW: Liverpool have made contact with the representatives of Borussia Monchengladbach’s Florian Neuhaus. #awlive [@dmlynch]

Neuhaus,UK twitter trends now
TalkSPORT ()

“They must rely a lot of Dan James.” José Mourinho says Dan James is the crucial play for Wales at #EURO202 Watch his guide to 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 on our YouTube. 📺

Public Health England
Public Health England ()

Congratulations to three PHE staff who have been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list - Allan Bennett being awarded an OBE and Viv Brealey and Alison Tedstone being awarded MBEs