United Kingdom Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 21st, 2021 03:46 AM IST
S.No.Hashtags / Topics United KingdomTweet Volume
1.#BTSatUNGA 815K+ tweets
2.Emmys 614K+ tweets
3.#GotARMYRightBehindYou 594K+ tweets
4.#OurPrideBTS 549K+ tweets
5.#HappySunshineDae 523K+ tweets
6.Permission to Dance 389K+ tweets
7.Emmy 350K+ tweets
8.Gabby Petito 295K+ tweets
9.And God 274K+ tweets
10.Bangtan 195K+ tweets
11.Squid Game 185K+ tweets
12.hobi 154K+ tweets
13.Cross 139K+ tweets
14.The Crown 97K+ tweets
15.Kena 95K+ tweets
16.Josh 80K+ tweets
17.Hide 78K+ tweets
18.Trudeau 78K+ tweets
19.Pisces 77K+ tweets
20.Michaela Coel 69K+ tweets
21.#MondayMotivation 65K+ tweets
22.Ted Lasso 63K+ tweets
23.On Friday 58K+ tweets
24.Saga 58K+ tweets
25.Pere 54K+ tweets
26.Nini 51K+ tweets
27.Granada 47K+ tweets
28.Emmanuel 46K+ tweets
29.Oloni 43K+ tweets
30.Evergrande 43K+ tweets
31.Araujo 43K+ tweets
32.Owen 39K+ tweets
33.shawn 38K+ tweets
34.Stella 34K+ tweets
35.Tube 34K+ tweets
36.Justin Trudeau 31K+ tweets
37.FIFA 22 30K+ tweets
38.Koeman 30K+ tweets
39.Gillian Anderson 29K+ tweets
40.Pique 29K+ tweets
41.Castro 29K+ tweets
42.I May Destroy You 28K+ tweets
43.Capitalism 28K+ tweets
44.Martha 25K+ tweets
45.thanksgiving 22K+ tweets
46.ARIA 22K+ tweets
47.#PAKvENG 21K+ tweets
48.iOS 15 19K+ tweets
49.Carlo 17K+ tweets
50.Qatar 16K+ tweets
51.Olivia Colman 16K+ tweets
52.Duffield 15K+ tweets
53.#iOS15 15K+ tweets
54.Balenciaga 15K+ tweets
55.UK and EU 15K+ tweets
56.Camp Nou 14K+ tweets
57.Manny Pacquiao 13K+ tweets
58.Tems 13K+ tweets
59.EU and UK 13K+ tweets
60.Safari 12K+ tweets
61.Ancelotti 12K+ tweets
62.Luuk de Jong 11K+ tweets
63.Astra Zeneca 10K+ tweets
64.Rosie Duffield 10K+ tweets
65.CBeebies <10K tweets
66.Martin Clunes <10K tweets
67.#BeatlesConspiracists <10K tweets
68.Karas <10K tweets
69.Harry Kewell <10K tweets
70.Wembley Park <10K tweets
71.Barnet <10K tweets
72.Machine Gun Kelly <10K tweets
73.Richard Madeley <10K tweets
74.Eddie Kingston <10K tweets
75.Warwick <10K tweets
76.Udinese <10K tweets
77.Congratulations George <10K tweets
78.Stratford <10K tweets
79.Franky <10K tweets
80.Battersea Power Station <10K tweets
81.Kwasi Kwarteng <10K tweets
82.Cleverly <10K tweets
83.#tippingpoint <10K tweets
84.#universitychallenge <10K tweets
85.Kaiser Chiefs <10K tweets
86.Pfizer Chiefs <10K tweets
87.San Miguel <10K tweets
88.Simpson <10K tweets
89.Piers Corbyn <10K tweets
90.New Cumnock <10K tweets
91.#onlyconnect <10K tweets
92.James Rodriguez <10K tweets
93.Dermot Gallagher <10K tweets
94.Marilyse <10K tweets
95.OFGEM <10K tweets
96.Peroni <10K tweets
97.Nine Elms <10K tweets
98.Jamie Oliver <10K tweets
99.sochi <10K tweets
100.Killamarsh <10K tweets
101.#TheChase <10K tweets
102.Gretna <10K tweets
103.London Underground <10K tweets
104.Harvest Moon <10K tweets
105.Jeff Bezos <10K tweets
106.Nigel Kennedy <10K tweets
107.Octopus <10K tweets
108.Usyk <10K tweets
109.Irn Bru <10K tweets
110.David Jason <10K tweets
111.Owen Hart <10K tweets
112.#TwitterDown <10K tweets
113.Carling <10K tweets
114.Step It Up <10K tweets
115.Frankie <10K tweets
116.Slipknot <10K tweets
117.Classic FM <10K tweets
118.goldson <10K tweets
119.Morag <10K tweets
120.#TransWomenAreWomen <10K tweets
121.Ryder Cup <10K tweets
122.Zeedan <10K tweets
123.Rainie <10K tweets
124.gordon brown <10K tweets
125.#MAFSUK <10K tweets
126.Princess Beatrice <10K tweets
127.David Icke <10K tweets
128.Dan Jarvis <10K tweets
129.#mastermind <10K tweets
130.#FeverPitch <10K tweets
131.#RecycleWeek <10K tweets
132.Trello <10K tweets
133.Moretti <10K tweets
134.Hendrix <10K tweets
135.#MarriedAtFirstSightuk <10K tweets
136.Labour MP <10K tweets
137.#PrettyLittleXmas <10K tweets
138.Abdi <10K tweets
139.Bateson <10K tweets
140.Saga and Nini <10K tweets
141.#GardensHour <10K tweets
142.carson shephard <10K tweets
143.Dutch PM <10K tweets
144.Wycombe <10K tweets
145.Northern Line <10K tweets
146.#firstdates <10K tweets
147.British Gas <10K tweets
148.Welcome Week <10K tweets
149.Vatican <10K tweets
150.#MAFS <10K tweets
United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice and Mr Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi are delighted to announce the safe arrival of their daughter on Saturday 18th September 2021, at , at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London. Read the announcement in full -

Princess Beatrice - UK twitter trends now

Congratulations to Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi on the happy news of the birth of their daughter.


FIFA 22 GIVEAWAY! Retweet + Follow me to enter! Winner will receive either an Ultimate Edition copy of FIFA or 12,000 FIFA points! Good luck!

FIFA 22 - UK twitter trends now

Should I check why David Icke is trending or is that not a good way to start a working week? πŸ€”

Saga and Nini have tried. But it’s time to come home please. So that when Nini is strolling from the river, Saga will carry her firewood on his head and also lift the bucket of water as he tells her sweet tales by the evening moonlight.

This is the story of when Mario Balotelli played at Liverpool ✍️ @Simon_Hughes__ 🎨 Craig Silcock Try The Athletic for FREE for 30 days:

But when have β€˜truth’ or β€˜facts’ ever mattered to this Prime Minister?

Wow, this looks amazing! 😍 @jamieoliver. Catch Jamie Oliver: Together tonight at 8pm.

When Talbot mowed the Meadow, @ScottishCup magic hits Ayrshire πŸ† First-round action continues πŸ™Œ ⚽️ Berwick Rangers v Gretna 2008 ⏰ , Monday 20th September πŸ“Ί @BBCScotland

Pop group, Kaiser Chiefs have sparked debate after singer Ricky Wilson asked Isle of Wight Festival attendees to raise their hands and cheer depending on which Covid vaccine they have received. Should your vaccine status be private?

Kaiser Chiefs - UK twitter trends now

First 20 mins: Cresswell throughball, Vlasic offside. McTominay header wide. Bowen shot blocked. Soucek shot wide.

Lijnders on the @Carabao_Cup: It is an important competition for us despite what people are saying. We want to bring in new players [to play] - we are really looking forward to this. You need to be lucky as well with the draw. We respect this cup. #awlive [lfc]