United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - #PitMad, Hartbeat, #Abyss, International Day of Persons, #moderatorsbemoderating, Luton, Morning Sean, Sting, Gavin Williamson.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.Trump 1417017
2.blackpink 836908
3.#Abyss 490288
4.Democrats 385680
5.seokjin 364572
6.Martial 299221
7.Wall 297313
8.#BackDoor100M 251912
9.Giroud 180967
10.Steelers 166114
11.Neymar 157202
12.Impact 155362
13.#OurMoonJinDay 146341
14.Brexit 121039
15.Rudy 112943
16.#HappyBirthdayJin 111928
17.John Wall 110046
18.Ravens 105738
19.Houston 105474
20.Westbrook 101569
21.Giscard 96924
22.Liar 83770
23.BBC News 81505
24.Sevilla 74844
25.#MiSpotify2020 70824
26.Mbappe 69622
27.Britney 69382
28.#MaplestoryForJin 68475
29.Sting 66355
30.#MUNPSG 65850
31.#AEWDynamite 64534
32.#SEVCHE 63870
33.Olivier Giroud 61395
34.Disabled 54414
35.Wizards 53225
36.Mogg 51784
37.Rockets 50589
38.Jacob Rees-Mogg 46014
39.Leipzig 45096
40.#VisibleNonbinary 43989
41.Rashford 43267
42.Rees-Mogg 42581
43.Jacob Rees 42291
44.On the 3rd 41296
45.Harden 38464
46.Russ 37892
47.Dynamight 37840
48.Turkish 37689
49.Fauci 32689
50.bakugou 31285
51.3rd of December 29428
52.Belgium 28672
53.Beal 28415
54.Kaka 28043
55.Visible 27599
56.İstanbul 27042
57.Pogba 26277
58.Herrera 26062
59.Fabricant 24361
60.Jericho 23809
61.Tragedy 21107
62.Maguire 20608
63.Shane 19601
64.Deku 19508
65.Education Secretary 19295
66.Shiv 17957
67.mctominay 17046
68.Bandcamp 16835
69.Kacchan 16444
70.#WWENXT 16271
71.Tammy 16189
72.Solskjaer 14812
73.Home Alone 14659
74.#CallioP3 14285
75.Femi 13778
76.International Day of Persons 13514
77.Vision On 12202
78.Persona 3 12024
79.Clubhouse 11564
80.Chet 10703
81.Jamaican 10603
82.#ThursdayMotivation 10169
83.Not all Disabilities <10k
84.Fresh Prince <10k
85.England and Wales <10k
86.#Kwikmas <10k
87.Jazza <10k
88.#ThursdayThoughts <10k
89.Van Tam <10k
90.#BBCBreakfast <10k
91.#ManUtd <10k
92.Naga Munchetty <10k
93.Morning Bob <10k
94.Bissouma <10k
95.Morning Sean <10k
96.#12DaysofNuie <10k
97.Namibia <10k
98.Morning Tracey <10k
99.Mo Farah <10k
100.Killie <10k
101.Morning Steve <10k
102.Scholes <10k
103.#bbcyourquestions <10k
104.Luton <10k
105.#KFOnline <10k
106.#ps5ukstock <10k
107.Ofsted <10k
108.Naomi Wimborne <10k
109.#thursdaymorning <10k
110.#ToryLies <10k
111.Goldberg <10k
112.Kilmarnock <10k
113.#KochmasDay2 <10k
114.#KayBurley <10k
115.#AEWWinterisComing <10k
116.hartbeat <10k
117.Family in South Australia <10k
118.Owen Jones <10k
119.Morning Debs <10k
120.#Day3 <10k
121.#PitMad <10k
122.Morning Paul <10k
123.Aberdeen and Celtic <10k
124.Tony Hart <10k
125.Gavin Williamson <10k
126.Frank Spencer <10k
127.The DfE <10k
128.#snow <10k
129.#FMQs <10k
130.#teacher5oclockclub <10k
131.Celtic and Aberdeen <10k
132.Black Mirror <10k
133.Morning Rich <10k
134.Ritual <10k
135.Avonmouth <10k
136.#thursdayvibes <10k
137.#earlybiz <10k
138.#antivaxxers <10k
139.North Macedonia <10k
140.Argos <10k
141.SPFL <10k
142.#OleOut <10k
143.Morning Wayne <10k
144.maria fyfe <10k
145.BiFab <10k
146.Bob Ross <10k
147.Tracey Emin <10k
148.Jamaicans <10k
149.3 French Hens <10k
150.Pat McAfee <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson ()

On #IDPWD2020, I pay tribute to the extraordinary contribution people living with disabilities make to this country. Next year we will publish the most ambitious disability plan in a generation - so there are no barriers to anyone realising their full potential. #PurpleLightUp

Double Down News
Double Down News ()

BREAKING: Jewish Socialist Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi has been suspended from the Labour Party

Antanddec ()

This is all the story of yesterday, hence Jess and Russell are there yet will leave halfway through this show. Got it? Good. D #ImACelebrity


There are three certainties in life: Death Taxes Marcus Rashford scoring against PSG

Rashford,UK twitter trends now
John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith)
John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith) ()

#Iwillgetvaccinated because I was diagnosed with cancer in January and operated on in March to remove it. I know how precarious life is and want to survive a long time.

#Iwillgetvaccinated,UK twitter trends now
John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith)
John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith) ()

Not getting vaccinated against a deadly pandemic b/c you think it infringes on your rights is like arguing that you have a right to drive home drunk. #Iwillgetvaccinated

The Man Utd Way
The Man Utd Way ()

Ander Herrera and David De Gea having a little catch up in the centre circle before the second half #UCL

Dan Bardell
Dan Bardell ()

Wow!!!! #VAR / officiating gets worse by the day. How is that not a red card for Fred 😂😂😂 #MUNPSG

James Melville
James Melville ()

Ah. Memories of my childhood. I used to love this programme. Where’s Morph and Chas? 👇

TalkRADIO ()

Conservative MP Chris Green does not think people should be celebrating the Covid vaccine but should have cautious optimism. I want to see it work in practice and I want to see the data that proves it. @danwootton

BBC Radio 5 Live
BBC Radio 5 Live ()

🗣 “The JCVI made a very special case for Father Christmas and he is going to be at the top of our list” Prof Jonathan Van-Tam promises Father Christmas will be first in line for the coronavirus vaccine 🎅🏻 🎧 @BBCSounds 📺 @BBCNews 📲 #BBCYourQuestions

The United Stand
The United Stand ()

Maguire: We had better chances. Their two goals are scrappy goals - ricochet and pinball around the box. I feel we deserved something. [bt] #mufc

The United Stand
The United Stand ()

Maguire: Disappointing night. We wanted to win the game, win the group. Football is a game of fine margins. [bt] #mufc

The United Stand
The United Stand ()

Maguire: Every time you go to the floor, especially in Europe you get a booking. [bt] #mufc

James ()

For the avoidance of doubt, Gavin Williamson is an absolute fanny.

TalkRADIO ()

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson tells Julia he is very keen to stop the two weeks self-isolation for pupils after both his children were forced to stay home, and admits he wants to see [face masks in schools] removed. @JuliaHB1 | @GavinWilliamson

Paddy O’Brian ;)
Paddy O’Brian ;) ()

#ThrowbackThursday ⁦with #Paulwaker ⁦photography by the amazing ⁦@GDphotoarts⁩ 📸 XXX

#ThrowbackThursday,UK twitter trends now
Chelsea Extra 🏆
Chelsea Extra 🏆 ()

Sevilla goalkeeper Vaclik was injured in the warmup and has been replaced by 20 year old Alfonso Pastor.

Premier League Panel
Premier League Panel ()

PSG mainly played well but had a very weird 15 mins before Man Utd’s equaliser where they randomly sat deep & Man Utd had 67% possession PSG not set-up to defend deep - left too much space in front of back 4 & fatal deflection from Danilo (& others) sagging towards goal Tuchel?

Tuchel,UK twitter trends now
Ryan. 🔴
Ryan. 🔴 ()

@Realist_187 If he took Fred off for Matic at HT and then put Pogba on for Martial in the 55th then we probably win that game