United Kingdom | Top Twitter Trends In UK

Updated: January 31st, 2023 01:43 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendTweet Volume
1.The Who 1M+
2.Eagles 741K+
3.49ers 363K+
4.Chelsea 259K+
5.Johnson 197K+
6.Enzo 169K+
7.Putin 165K+
8.Loan 122K+
9.Zahawi 115K+
10.Liverpool 100K+
11.Bayern 99K+
12.Enzo Fernandez 96K+
13.Super Bowl 86K+
14.#Peshawarblast 84K+
15.Brighton 83K+
16.Dinner 82K+
17.Gomez 78K+
18.Caicedo 77K+
19.Roma 77K+
20.Benfica 75K+
21.Annie Wersching 71K+
22.Breakfast 67K+
23.Mitoma 64K+
24.Mr Beast 58K+
25.One Show 57K+
26.Episode 3 57K+
27.On Friday 56K+
28.Rui Costa 52K+
29.#TheLastOfUsHBO 48K+
30.Cancelo 47K+
31.Sporting 41K+
32.Torres 40K+
33.Asake 37K+
34.Sam Smith 34K+
35.Nick Offerman 34K+
36.Gordon 34K+
37.Porro 32K+
38.Masters 30K+
39.#MondayMotivation 27K+
40.Wrexham 23K+
41.Klopp 22K+
42.sabrina 20K+
43.Reed 19K+
44.Madonna 18K+
45.Kremlin 16K+
46.Rams 14K+
47.Rory 13K+
48.Portuguese 13K+
49.British Army 13K+
50.Gallagher 13K+
51.Derby 12K+
52.Dembele 11K+
53.#mondaythoughts 10K+
54.Russo 10K+
55.Kante 10K+
56.#JDGiveaway <10K
57.jd sports <10K
58.Fleetwood <10K
59.#NationalStorytellingWeek <10K
60.#TeacherStrike <10K
61.Daily Quordle 371 <10K
62.Llorente <10K
63.#MondayMorning <10K
64.#TheChase <10K
65.Bristol City <10K
66.St Johnstone <10K
67.Berge <10K
68.Raskin <10K
69.#ToryLiars <10K
70.Shola <10K
71.#gtfc <10K
72.#PoliticsLive <10K
73.Helen Whately <10K
74.Sean Dyche <10K
75.#wreshu <10K
76.Drogba <10K
77.Elneny <10K
78.#SwanFlashGiveaway <10K
79.Clayton <10K
80.Princess Zoe <10K
81.Fabinho <10K
82.Eddie Howe <10K
83.#FACupDraw <10K
84.Cullen <10K
85.Ross Smith <10K
86.#FreeJoaoGomes <10K
87.Ryan Reynolds <10K
88.Cresswell <10K
89.Grimsby <10K
90.Sander Berge <10K
91.Molly Mae <10K
92.Aspinall <10K
93.Tielemans <10K
94.#DERWHU <10K
95.#RequestABetRewards <10K
96.Willian <10K
97.Noppert <10K
98.Rico Lewis <10K
99.Sheffield <10K
100.Salford <10K
101.Cech <10K
102.Dobey <10K
103.Watmore <10K
104.Shelvey <10K
105.Sheff Utd <10K
106.Tyson <10K
107.#BHALIV <10K
108.Marquinhos <10K
109.#DubaiDesertClassic <10K
110.Lincolnshire <10K
111.Dundee <10K
112.#COYI <10K
113.Konate <10K
114.Humphries <10K
115.#BorisTheLiar <10K
116.Wordle 590 X <10K
117.#Transfers <10K

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Today

And I’m liking Will more and more. He backed Zara and completely understood and set Jessie at ease #loveisland

Lana repeating why Zara is upset, incorrectly might I add in-front of Olivia is SO neeky. None of them girls are her friend and she needs to stop confiding in them. #TALKSWITHASH #loveisland

Man City,LFC & Chelsea had 3 world class full-backs thriving under 3 world class coaches. Fast forward a year and Cancelo has been loaned,Trent out of form & James beset by injuries. Whilst Pep’s usual standards slipped,Klopp struggling & Tuchel sacked. Football changes so quick.

Jack has a stoma bag and is NG tube fed. He doesn’t let his disabilities stop him from playing the game he loves. He plays with a smile on his face. He is waiting for more surgery to help prevent the daily prolapse. Jack shows us all to never give up and to always smile.

UK twitter trends - The Smile by Grassroots

Left: Tory Minister Helen Whately says our biggest achievement after 3 years of Brexit was the vaccine roll out Right: Dr Raine explains that our vaccine roll out was done while the UK was under EU rules So our greatest Brexit achievement was while we were still in the EU 🤷‍♂️

You know, its interesting that the most poignant, compelling and emotionally satisfying episode of The Last Of Us is the one that has almost nothing to do with Joel and Ellie.

A condemnable act of terrorism inside the highly fortified police lines. Security failure or an attempt to delay the elections? Answers must be sought.

Better watch out for Napoli in the Champions League- wins like today show the depth of their only can they attack with top passing sequences & star quality of they can also defend in a low block & counter plus have subsitute game-changers.


😬 Laura: “I hate to break this to ” 😡 Jamie: “If that’s the case, Levy needs to leave! We can’t be stuck with Emerson!” Jamie O’Hara reacts live to news that Pedro Porro to #THFC is reportedly OFF.

Need AC Milan to miss out on UCL next season so we can sign Maignan.

UK twitter trends - Maignan by ًEl.

Can’t believe there’s only one episode left 😭😭😭 I want: Tommy Lee Royce dead Ryan to not be an idiot (hoping he’s playing his dad to save his granny) Catherine to live And Clare to ditch Neil #HappyValley

UK twitter trends - Tommy Lee Royce by Joe

🚨 NEW: Jurgen Klopp is a firm fan of Sheffield United midfielder Sander Berge. #lfc [the athletic]

Paul Mullin of @Wrexham_AFC is now level in the top-scorer charts for the race for the @MitreSports Golden Ball ⚽️ #EmiratesFACup

UK twitter trends - Mullin by Emirates FA Cup

John Egan shushing because he scored an equaliser against a National League team is so fucking funny

Por aqui não se fala em outra coisa: Wrexham AFC. Ontem o time galês da 5ª divisão 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 empatou com o Sheff Utd (2ª divisão) e forçou o replay na FA Cup. O time ficou famoso depois que foi comprado por Ryan Reynolds e Rob McElhenney, mas a história vai muito além! Segue a 🧵

UK twitter trends - Ryan Reynolds by 👑 Rafa Souza Tips