United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.JUNGKOOK 950795
2.#EURO2020 615628
3.namjoon 410898
4.#아름다운_태일이가_저달처럼_빛나는날 387956
5.England 298475
6.#UFC263 295805
7.bryce 267707
8.Daechwita 244360
9.Draw 232388
10.The G7 231679
11.NOT TODAY 219755
12.vinnie 212273
13.seokjin 198094
14.Penguin Key To SSR Murder 189855
15.Diaz 184568
16.Taylor 169254
17.JHOPE 154716
18.Nate 152326
19.Deji 149759
20.HOSEOK 145740
21.HOBI 140271
22.Simon Kjaer 138101
23.Bryce Hall 118137
25.Macron 114862
26.Ubisoft 112798
27.Moreno 112541
28.ROBBED 99582
29.Leon 89468
30.TAEKOOK 83250
31.tayler 71450
32.Holder 66478
33.GET IN THERE 63018
34.Nate Diaz 60475
35.Kane 59874
36.Jarvis 57375
37.Rigged 51986
38.Judges 51294
39.#BTSMusterSoWooZoo 47715
40.Wilbur 47113
41.Sancho 45501
42.Tsitsipas 39171
43.First 20 38973
44.Adesanya 37915
45.MOVING ON 37152
46.Vettori 32900
47.Walker 32404
48.The FA 32336
49.Mount 31232
50.Rashford 29905
51.Austin McBroom 28912
52.Izzy 28027
53.#istandbyscott 26933
54.FNAF 26905
55.Chris Evans 26386
56.Stones 26368
57.Marvin 25224
58.GAME DAY 24378
59.Left Back 24059
60.Pools 23971
62.john smith 22316
63.Team YouTube 22105
64.Croatia 20504
65.Sterling 20256
66.Southgate 20059
67.Peston 19081
68.Trips 18962
69.Scott Cawthon 18317
70.Gareth 18251
71.New Zealand 17873
72.Wembley 17465
73.Maia 17325
74.Grealish 17047
75.Figueiredo 16154
76.Foden 15324
77.Lil Baby 14985
78.#SocialGloves 14772
79.#HappyBirthdayChrisEvans 14769
80.#Euros2021 14637
81.#youtubevstiktok 14531
82.#NOMEXI 14432
83.#SundayThoughts 13287
84.Paul George 12882
85.Usman 12747
86.#AndNew 12417
87.Raab 12308
88.Leon Edwards 12265
89.Shaw 11990
90.#SundayMotivation 11607
91.Modric 11294
92.Gibber 10249
93.JIMINS 10125
94.#LiarJohnson <10k
95.Harry Cole <10k
96.Majority Draw <10k
97.Hartlepool <10k
98.#FaZeUp <10k
99.Lampard <10k
100.#ASongOrMovieForTheKitchen <10k
101.#Therapyin15 <10k
102.Foden and Grealish <10k
103.YOONGIS <10k
104.Brozovic <10k
105.God Save the Queen <10k
106.#Marr <10k
107.Fousey <10k
108.#ghoststwtday <10k
109.Vindaloo <10k
110.Laura Kuenssberg <10k
111.Fallon <10k
112.Mhairi <10k
113.Euro 96 <10k
114.Foreign Secretary <10k
115.Colby <10k
116.#WhatsInTheQueensHandbag <10k
117.Dominic Raab <10k
118.#EngvsCro <10k
119.Trippier <10k
120.Global Britain <10k
121.#DragRaceDownUnder <10k
122.#bbcfootball <10k
123.Irish Sea <10k
124.Paul Craig <10k
125.#SundayFunday <10k
126.Bellingham <10k
127.Tope Alabi <10k
128.Rebic <10k
129.Laurel <10k
130.The Sunday Times <10k
131.Big Gibber <10k
133.Taylor Holder <10k
134.Pickford <10k
135.#ItsComingHome <10k
136.Grealish and Foden <10k
137.Corsica <10k
138.Mings <10k
139.DJ Khaled <10k
140.Ritson <10k
141.#CPRSavesLives <10k
142.Barisic <10k
143.Red Arrows <10k
144.Good Friday Agreement <10k
145.Happy 14th <10k
146.#RitsonPonce <10k
147.Ponce <10k
148.Kovacic <10k
149.#SocialistSunday <10k
150.No Grealish <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

TalkSPORT ()

🇫🇮 Finland fans: “Christian” 🇩🇰 Denmark fans: “Eriksen” Fans still inside the stadium are chanting @ChrisEriksen8’s name together. 🙏

Zel ()

If two judges scored 49-46 and one 50-46 how is that a majority draw?? Is it not a split decision?! 😂

E ()

Fabregas is visibly shaking in the studio. Gary Linekar sounds so confused and Alex Scott sounds like she wants to cry. God please come through for Eriksen and his family please. 🙏🏽

E ()

Eriksen is fine!. ❤️ Huge respect to the Denmark players for standing by their teammate all through and super respect for Kjaer and Kasper Schmeichel for reassuring his partner. Thank you Lord. 🙏🏽

Thank the Lord,UK twitter trends now
Ryan. 🔰
Ryan. 🔰 ()

Jude Bellingham has already made 90+ appearances for Birmingham City + BVB, signed for a Champions League club last summer for £25m, has now played in an international tournament for his country, but legally still isn’t allowed to buy

Trevor Phillips on Sunday
Trevor Phillips on Sunday ()

Shadow international trade secretary Emily Thornberry says it is embarrassing and wrong for the UK to be the only G7 country cutting its aid spending. Follow the show live here:

Wales Watch 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿⚽️
Wales Watch 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿⚽️ ()

Next game: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🆚🇹🇷 Ampadu ➡️ Morrell Williams ➡️ Roberts Agree? 🤔

Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

ICYMI: Jurgen Klopp may opt to give Curtis Jones more game-time instead of signing a new midfielder ⏱️

TalkSPORT ()

Paul Craig snapped Jamahal Hill’s arm and he still didn’t tap! 🤯 The American’s arm was a complete mess, but that’s one tough man. #UFC263

ZA393 ()

In my youth, many millennia ago, air shows used to finish with the Lancaster (Red Arrows somewhere in the middle) unlike today. So it is appropriate to finish with the Lancaster. Goodnight.

Red Arrows,UK twitter trends now
Craig B
Craig B ()

Do you reckon in 40 years we will be listing Sam Matterface alongside Wolstenholme, Motson, Coleman, Davies, No, me neither. #sammatterface

Intel Air & Sea
Intel Air & Sea ()

The Red Arrows putting on a show for the G7 leaders. A great example of the soft power the UK has.

Red Arrows,UK twitter trends now
The Chelsea Echo
The Chelsea Echo ()

Glad to see Super Frank still holding us in high regard. Bloody glad, the man loves the club and we LOVE him💙💙💙

Trevor Phillips on Sunday
Trevor Phillips on Sunday ()

Shadow international trade secretary Emily Thornberry says this G7 summit could have been so much more Read more:

Jamal ()

This Tope Alabi gist on my TL is tiring. Seems like something that matters to only those who understand what they sing.

John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith)
John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith) ()

By accepting an honourific that has Empire in it. You are normalising the racism and exceptionalism that built and sustained that Empire even if it is now long gone. #QueensBirthdayHonours

emily 💫
Emily 💫 ()

heard it was ghosts twt day aka time for big king phil <3 #ghoststwtday

#ghoststwtday,UK twitter trends now
Daily Star Sport
Daily Star Sport ()

BREAKING Denmark star Christian Erisken collapses on pitch as medics perform CPR

Erisken,UK twitter trends now
Sir Henry Hotspur
Sir Henry Hotspur ()

Just watched Notting Hill for the first time since I was a kid (and since knowing love), and realised that the true aspirational love story in the film isn’t Hugh and Julia, it’s Gina McKee and Tim McInnerny 😳😭

Notting Hill,UK twitter trends now
Emily M
Emily M ()

No better way to wake the kids up than singing Vindaloo 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🤣🤣 England playlist is on 🦁🦁🦁