United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - Rankin, Neil Ferguson, 2nd December, Larry, #SAFC, #McCarthyLaggoune, Monk, Halloween, Curtis Jones.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.Halloween 1703153
2.Sean Connery 501630
3.Bond 457855
4.#Halloween2020 337352
5.James Bond 266429
6.Johnson 216487
7.Schools 193673
8.The PM 176011
9.England 169006
10.Hearts 147102
11.#OurDearestJeongyeon 135670
12.Boris 129699
13.No.10 124277
14.#LPHalloween 97971
15.#Worlds2020 94816
16.Prime Minister 93650
17.Rest In Peace 92106
18.The New One 84803
19.Hazard 70126
20.FULL TIME 69221
21.SAGE 69131
22.Jota 55078
23.Walker 51549
24.Larry 49660
25.Rugby 48722
26.#ImolaGP 46804
27.Gomez 45668
28.Mane 45624
29.#Lockdown2 44665
30.Furlough 44061
31.The Hill 39314
32.Joshua 38981
33.#LPShowAct3 38269
34.Goldfinger 38151
35.Abraham 38115
36.GET ON WITH IT 37710
37.Boxing 37592
38.West Ham 36443
39.RIP Sir Sean 34725
40.Thiago 34272
41.Alaves 32893
42.No Nut November 30715
43.From Russia With Love 27664
44.Number 10 26738
45.Koeman 25212
46.Indiana Jones 24238
47.#BorisJohnson 23062
48.TEAM NEWS 23061
49.Ziyech 22619
50.Olive 21762
51.1st of November 21368
52.Half Time 21039
53.Tyson 20879
54.Sterling 19607
55.KICK OFF 19005
56.#Lyon 18884
57.#SecondLockdown 18707
58.DAZN 18599
59.Strictly 18599
60.Slogan 18416
61.Usyk 18379
62.Havertz 18301
63.PowerPoint 17718
64.The Untouchables 17165
65.Whitty 16269
66.#BURCHE 16045
67.From Thursday 15608
68.Excel 15236
69.Untouchables 15026
71.#CloseTheSchools 14885
72.Kante 14646
73.Little Mix 14374
74.Klopp 14358
75.Scot 14356
76.#UFCVegas12 13947
77.Barnard Castle 13640
78.Shaqiri 13128
79.Wilder 12025
80.Pulisic 11464
81.Shaq 11382
82.#COVIDIOTS 11065
83.Tammy 10572
84.Next Slide Please 10409
85.Hunt for Red October 10057
86.Jacqui Smith <10k
87.#AsOne <10k
88.#SpittingImage <10k
89.Neil Ferguson <10k
90.#TimlinSkelly <10k
91.Sander Berge <10k
92.Stockdale <10k
93.#drfc <10k
94.Del Boy <10k
95.#cafc <10k
96.Kyle Walker <10k
97.#sufc <10k
98.5th of November <10k
99.Dubois <10k
100.Marius <10k
101.#McCarthyLaggoune <10k
102.The Man Who Would Be King <10k
103.Anton <10k
104.Marius Zaliukas <10k
105.The Storyteller <10k
106.#covidbriefing <10k
107.Cavan <10k
108.Selby <10k
109.#GTFC <10k
110.Andy Lee <10k
111.Nadine Dorries <10k
112.#DONTBLINK <10k
113.#SAFC <10k
114.Protect the NHS <10k
115.Yates <10k
116.England Rugby <10k
117.Death by PowerPoint <10k
118.Nicola and Katya <10k
119.#LIVWHU <10k
120.Delboy <10k
121.#DowningStreetBriefing <10k
122.Zardoz <10k
123.Jonny Williams <10k
124.Daisie <10k
125.Bahamas <10k
126.Tony Bellew <10k
127.Mahrez <10k
128.Moyes <10k
129.Last Crusade <10k
130.Thiago Silva <10k
131.#delayed <10k
132.Robert Peston <10k
133.Tier 4 <10k
134.#NationalSeanceLive <10k
135.#Pressconference <10k
136.Rodri <10k
137.Peston <10k
138.Savannah Marshall <10k
139.#TheStyleCouncil <10k
140.vampire diaries <10k
141.Bottas <10k
142.Guy Fawkes <10k
143.#WALvSCO <10k
144.Monk <10k
145.Congratulations England <10k
146.Phillips <10k
147.Mo Salah <10k
148.#SixNations <10k
149.Chilwell <10k
150.Italy v England <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

James Melville
James Melville ()

Sad news. Sir Connery is dead. RIP. Sean Connery will always be James Bond.

RIP Sir Sean,UK twitter trends now
Whores of Yore
Whores of Yore ()

Witches going to their Sabbath, by Luis Ricardo Falero (1887) #HappyHalloween2020

#HappyHalloween2020,UK twitter trends now
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson ()

In this country, as across much of Europe, the virus is spreading even faster than the reasonable worst case scenario of our scientific advisers. If we fail to take action, then there is a real risk of depriving non-Covid patients of the care that they need from the NHS (1/10)

Inzamam Rashid
Inzamam Rashid ()

When @AndyBurnhamGM was arguing for more cash, or an increase in the furlough scheme from 67% wage to 80%, the government were adamant there is no more money available for Greater Manchester. It is not possible. Today - national lockdown announced and 80% furlough extended.

Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

Jurgen Klopp on Curtis Jones: I expect him to defend like a soldier and attack like a scouser. #awlfc [sky]

Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

Diogo Jota: The boss told me to be lively and to keep moving. It was a great pass from Shaq! #awlfc [sky]

Frank Bruno MBE 🇬🇧
Frank Bruno MBE 🇬🇧 ()

Sean Connery I was only saying a couple of weeks ago on @twitter he was my favourite James Bond. Gold Finger and Diamonds are Forever my best 007 movies what about you? The old Aston Martin best film car ever! Its been a sad week for losing people.

R.I.P,UK twitter trends now
TalkSPORT ()

Happy Birthday, Dr Marcus Rashford MBE On-pitch: 🏃223 Apps ⚽️ 74 Goals 🎯 41 Assists 🏆 4 major trophies Off-pitch: 🍱 Fed 4 million hungry children 📃 Made Government change policy 🙌 Regularly works at food banks ✅ Learnt sign language to help deaf kids 👏👏👏👏

Happy Birthday Marcus,UK twitter trends now
Ryan. 🔴
Ryan. 🔴 ()

Man United are definitely going for Sander Berge next summer if Sheffield United go down this season, I reckon. Tall, good on the ball, Premier League experienced. An option for us as a long-term replacement for Nemanja Matić.

Leanne Prescott
Leanne Prescott ()

Mane’s leg slides under Fabianski. His own player basically puts his boot in his face, and yet it’s a Liverpool foul. What on earth is the explanation for that?


Liverpool are top of the Premier League and their UCL group 🙌 They’ve already suffered injuries to: Alisson Van Dijk Matip Gomez Fabinho Keita Thiago Henderson Oxlade-Chamberlain Shaqiri Mane

Thiago,UK twitter trends now
LBC ()

This epidemiologist was stumped by Maajid Nawaz in a powerful exchange, where Maajid pushed him on the social and economic cost of imposing a second lockdown. @MaajidNawaz | #SecondLockdown

The Church of England
The Church of England ()

Did you ‘Hallowe’en’ is a contraction of ‘All-Hallow-Even’ - All Hallows’ Eve, the night before All Saints’ Day.

All Saints Day,UK twitter trends now
Gab Smolders
Gab Smolders ()

I managed to record Little Hope with good energy 😌✌🏻 Lots of stretches and actively focusing on relaxing my muscles helped a bit.

Ryan. 🔴
Ryan. 🔴 ()

@WillybobsLUHG Your avi is Jesse Lingard but I’m the problem because I think Sander Berge looks decent. Got it

CompanyNelson ()

@EddieHearn I just got a text off Terry O’Connor. He agrees with my 8-0 scorecard to Chisora

Terry O’Connor,UK twitter trends now
Purely Football
Purely Football ()

Isco is keen to join James Rodriguez & Carlo Ancelotti at Everton. [Mirror]

Isco,UK twitter trends now
Premier League Panel
Premier League Panel ()

£22m Sander Berge standing out like a bright light in this Sheff Utd side from this right-sided number 8 role Escaping Man City’s pressure & playing forwards in central areas Then moving out to the right flank to facilitate overloads,dribbling past men & creating/crossing #sufc

Sander Berge,UK twitter trends now
Anna McMorrin MP 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇪🇺😷🏳️‍🌈
Anna McMorrin MP 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇪🇺😷🏳️‍🌈 ()

And in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 we listened to the scientific advice and we’re currently halfway through a two week lockdown. The difference a Labour Government makes. #ToryIncompetence

TalkSPORT ()

👀 “I would’ve got Josh King over Benrahma.” 🤷‍♂️ “If you’ve got Lanzini and Fornals how are you going to get Benrahma in the team?” @officialga11 tells @FayeCarruthers that #WHUFC bought the wrong player in the transfer window.