United Kingdom Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 17th, 2021 01:45 PM IST
S.No.Hashtags / Topics United KingdomTweet Volume
1.#NCT127_Sticker 1M+ tweets
2.jaehyun 434K+ tweets
3.China 387K+ tweets
4.haechan 329K+ tweets
5.Australia 221K+ tweets
6.Europe 121K+ tweets
7.Giants 94K+ tweets
8.Lil Nas 91K+ tweets
9.Basic 88K+ tweets
10.Liquorose 74K+ tweets
11.LOVELY JUBBLY 66K+ tweets
12.Forest 65K+ tweets
13.Liverpool 55K+ tweets
14.US and UK 51K+ tweets
15.AUKUS 47K+ tweets
16.Megan 38K+ tweets
17.Biggie 36K+ tweets
18.Davido 34K+ tweets
19.Spectrum 34K+ tweets
20.Rangers 33K+ tweets
21.Napoli 33K+ tweets
22.#ScrapNHSBill 32K+ tweets
23.Imperial 30K+ tweets
24.Leicester 29K+ tweets
25.pence 29K+ tweets
26.Lyon 26K+ tweets
27.ISIS 26K+ tweets
28.Davis 26K+ tweets
29.#Brooklyn99 26K+ tweets
30.Nadine Dorries 25K+ tweets
31.#Vanguard 21K+ tweets
32.Betis 21K+ tweets
33.Clive Sinclair 20K+ tweets
34.#WashingtonFootball 20K+ tweets
35.Culture Secretary 20K+ tweets
36.Foreign Secretary 20K+ tweets
37.Wright 19K+ tweets
38.Kent 19K+ tweets
39.Alexis 18K+ tweets
40.Rennes 17K+ tweets
41.Nuno 17K+ tweets
42.Pounds 17K+ tweets
43.West Ham 17K+ tweets
44.Liz Truss 15K+ tweets
45.Wire 14K+ tweets
46.Metric 14K+ tweets
47.Sir Clive Sinclair 14K+ tweets
48.Anfield 13K+ tweets
49.Ndombele 13K+ tweets
50.Britishness 13K+ tweets
51.Daniel Jones 12K+ tweets
52.Lennon 12K+ tweets
53.#SexEducation 12K+ tweets
54.Humza 11K+ tweets
55.Osimhen 10K+ tweets
56.Question Time 10K+ tweets
57.#MONTERO 10K+ tweets
58.#fridaymorning <10K tweets
59.#LeiNap <10K tweets
60.Fiona Bruce <10K tweets
61.Lundstram <10K tweets
62.#Channel4 <10K tweets
63.#FridayThoughts <10K tweets
64.Aribo <10K tweets
65.Tommy Fury <10K tweets
66.Bibby <10K tweets
67.Harvey Barnes <10K tweets
68.Andrew Neil <10K tweets
69.Caramac <10K tweets
70.#lcfc <10K tweets
71.Tion Wayne <10K tweets
72.President of Ireland <10K tweets
73.Kamara <10K tweets
74.Weetabix <10K tweets
75.Ibrox <10K tweets
76.#QuestionTime <10K tweets
77.Tommy Dreamer <10K tweets
78.Doherty <10K tweets
79.#alight <10K tweets
80.Morag <10K tweets
81.Sutton <10K tweets
82.Patrick Kielty <10K tweets
83.Nels Abbey <10K tweets
84.Ed Davey <10K tweets
85.#bbcqt <10K tweets
86.#flowersonfriday <10K tweets
87.Micro Men <10K tweets
88.Ric Flair <10K tweets
89.ZX Spectrum <10K tweets
90.Kate Green <10K tweets
91.#earlybiz <10K tweets
92.Daley Thompson <10K tweets
93.#friyay <10K tweets
94.Declan Rice <10K tweets
95.rogic <10K tweets
96.#FridayVibes <10K tweets
97.Sakala <10K tweets
98.Peter Lilley <10K tweets
99.#WorldPatientSafetyDay <10K tweets
100.#MAFSUK <10K tweets
101.#NYGvsWAS <10K tweets
102.#NewMusicFriday <10K tweets
103.Craigan <10K tweets
104.#GoGreen <10K tweets
105.Rick Astley <10K tweets
106.#sunrise <10K tweets
107.Manic Miner <10K tweets
108.President Higgins <10K tweets
109.Fahrenheit <10K tweets
110.Lyra McKee <10K tweets
111.British Army <10K tweets
112.Soro <10K tweets
113.#ZX81 <10K tweets
114.#FridayMotivation <10K tweets
115.Soyuncu <10K tweets
116.#LDInsight <10K tweets
117.Watching Help <10K tweets
118.origi <10K tweets
119.Soumare <10K tweets
120.#YIAYbio <10K tweets
121.#fridaymusicfun <10K tweets
122.10 PRINT <10K tweets
123.Dan Wootton <10K tweets
124.Roofe <10K tweets
125.Derry Girls <10K tweets
126.Jet Set Willy <10K tweets
127.#Newsnight <10K tweets
128.#DarkSideOfTheRing <10K tweets
129.Jodie Comer <10K tweets
130.M1llionz <10K tweets
131.Ndidi <10K tweets
132.Celsius <10K tweets
133.Shamima Begum <10K tweets
134.#FridayFeeling <10K tweets
135.Daka <10K tweets
136.#CallOfDuty <10K tweets
137.Stephen Graham <10K tweets
138.Prince Philip <10K tweets
139.Global Britain <10K tweets
140.Speccy <10K tweets
141.#BrooklynNineNine <10K tweets
142.#Reshuffle <10K tweets
United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

Saga revealed to Nini that Biggie asked him to prank her. Biggie revenged by revealing to the house and Pere especially that Saga gossips about him and isn’t such a good friend. The game is the game! 😂😂😭😂 #BBNaija

The best data by far on #LongCovid is out from the ONS For kids, the news is incredibly reassuring - parents minds should be put to rest Rates of common symptoms after #COVID19 at 12 w for kids are extremely low (0% to ) compared to controls 1/

News UK - UK twitter trends now

France stabbed in the back and the EU utterly humiliated on the day it tries to present itself as a global player. Meanwhile Britain makes major strides with longstanding allies.

Nicola Sturgeon’s government is considering asking the British Army for ‘targeted military assistance’ to help with ambulance delays. It comes after the SNP health secretary urged Scots to ‘think twice’ before calling 999 and a 65-year-old died waiting 40 hours for an ambulance.

Tributes to former ITV News editor Geoff Hill, who has died aged 52

just watched cNed destroy the competition with his crosshair. googled his settings, found the crosshair, went into my gold 2 game and dropped 3 kills on Jett with 18 deaths. i really am next up.

Food For The Future will be piloted at @Dumfries_House in East Ayrshire this month with the help of 48 pupils from participating secondary schools - with the hope it could eventually be rolled out across the nation. Find out more about the programme ⬇️


M&S has been forced to close 11 French stores after Brexit and a fandango of bureaucracy made it near impossible to supply fresh food to customers.

Trent: “The way we started the first half was incredible, we put them under a lot of pressure and they didn’t really know what hit them. Some good goals, obviously Hendo with an amazing strike to get us the win and we saw it out.” #awlive [lfc]

Hendo - UK twitter trends now

Brexit: Food supply issues force Marks & Spencer to close 11 French stores

👊 “The one thing keeping Burnley in the Premier League is Sean Dyche.” 🤨 “It’s strange that Sean doesn’t want to test himself somewhere else.” @SJOpinion10 hails Burnley for signing Dyche up to a new contract! 📝 Would you have liked to have seen Dyche take a new job? 🤔

And so another one bites the dust. Chris Hughton the latest victim of the oft-cruel managerial machine. These are dangerous times in a dangerous world. Mercy is a rare treat for those lucky enough. For others, the final bell tolls all too easily and often.