United Kingdom Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: August 4th, 2021 07:46 AM IST

UK twitter trends now - My Teddy, Amy and Hugo, Sakala, Seer, Morelos, Goldson.

RankingHashtags / Topics United KingdomTweet Volume
1.Fleets 477624
2.Lakers 378290
3.Run BTS 351239
4.Bulls 196620
5.Cuomo 121073
6.Mary 107943
7.Lebron 107264
8.Melo 92196
9.Lukaku 82978
10.McCarthy 80932
11.Cinderella 69916
12.Tubbo 67786
13.#BBNaijia 59714
14.#nationalboobday 57062
15.Whitemoney 56428
16.Pentagon 47906
17.Elaine 40249
18.Akira 39609
19.Haaland 36625
20.PETA 36603
21.Davis 32617
22.Asensio 31116
23.Kent 28653
24.#CinderellaMovie 27830
25.Millie 27507
26.Mboma 24620
27.Drummond 23287
28.Alisson 22099
29.Mabel 22068
30.Season 10 21942
31.Elaine Thompson 21677
32.Ronda 20899
33.Duplantis 20660
34.Arin 20426
35.#VERZUZ 19827
36.#WWENXT 17981
37.WILBUR 17682
38.Soap 17497
39.Axel 16266
40.#RushersWorldWide 16029
41.Maddison 15753
42.Digimon 15048
43.The Lox 14738
44.Xhaka 14369
45.Tony Bennett 14216
46.Shelly 13741
47.Hades 13538
48.Street Fighter 13524
49.Watson 12859
50.Buta 12512
51.Namibia 11735
52.Cammy 11369
53.Lautaro 11031
54.Athing Mu 10350
55.Seer 10266
56.Ryan Moore <10k
57.Curtis Jones <10k
58.Keely <10k
59.George Byers <10k
60.Aya Hachem <10k
61.Oh Liam <10k
62.Lauryn Hill <10k
63.Romesh Ranganathan <10k
64.Dipset <10k
65.Owen Jones <10k
66.Craig David <10k
67.Latifi <10k
68.Billy Gilmour <10k
69.Lavery <10k
70.#MovieCharactersInSongAndFilm <10k
71.#CunkonBritain <10k
72.Ever Given <10k
73.Keane <10k
74.krept <10k
75.Mable <10k
76.Willock <10k
77.#talkswithAsh <10k
78.Shula <10k
79.Toby and Chloe <10k
80.Rory <10k
81.Cantwell <10k
82.Ticktum <10k
83.Nicola Sturgeon <10k
84.james acaster <10k
85.Mon the Rangers <10k
86.Liberty and Jake <10k
87.Reekie <10k
88.Gulf of Oman <10k
89.Aribo <10k
90.Hugo and Amy <10k
91.James Corden <10k
92.Granit Xhaka <10k
93.Get Hugo <10k
94.#TheChase <10k
95.Davo <10k
97.Origi <10k
98.Neil Young <10k
99.#dontbuythesun <10k
100.#cookingwiththestars <10k
101.#MusicForBuilders <10k
102.Konan <10k
103.England and Wales <10k
104.Faye & Teddy <10k
105.Malmo <10k
106.Morelos <10k
107.#VillaSpaces <10k
108.Black British <10k
109.Goldson <10k
110.#YEEZYDAY <10k
111.Chloe & Toby <10k
112.Tamers <10k
113.London Spirit <10k
114.Level 0 <10k
115.Lord Bethell <10k
116.Hagi <10k
117.Millie and Liam <10k
118.Abi and Dale <10k
119.James Maddison <10k
120.#RTXON <10k
121.Helander <10k
122.Mother Earth <10k
123.Amy and Hugo <10k
124.Embiid <10k
125.#WavellChats <10k
126.Douglas Ross <10k
127.Fabinho <10k
128.David Willey <10k
129.Anton <10k
130.Liam and Millie <10k
131.Knighton <10k
132.#MarathonSwimming <10k
133.Barisic <10k
134.Whispers <10k
135.Fayes <10k
136.Gilmour <10k
137.Brendan Fraser <10k
138.#ncfc <10k
139.Keely Hodgkinson <10k
140.Peyton <10k
141.#nothankyou <10k
142.Oh Millie <10k
143.#WriteAroundTheWorld <10k
144.jeremy clarkson <10k
145.Billy Porter <10k
146.Ibrox <10k
147.Itten <10k
148.#skateboarding <10k
149.Bute House <10k
150.Clapton <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

Scotland is in the grip of a full blown drug deaths crisis. But leadership from Nicola Sturgeon is nowhere to be found. With the worst drug deaths rate in Europe, the First Minister should address parliament herself today.

#yoga practise this morning up bright and early SG Mira Jamaal #downwooddog 💓

Bright Morning - UK twitter trends now

At this point Clarisse should have interrupted Millie picking Liam and announcing that she too kissed him with another girl that wasn’t Lillie. That would of been chefs kiss. So many missed opportunities. #loveisland

Liam and Millie - UK twitter trends now

Would never have predicted that a man whose entire career is predicated on being a fucking arsehole for clicks would join such scientific luminaries as Laurence Fox and Piers Corbyn in the Covid Cuntlounge

Speaking to Radio Times, Tottenham MP David Lammy said: “Why can’t I describe myself or my children as English on our census form? Black British yes, English no. You can be White English but you can’t be Black English.” Are there arguments against a Black English census option?

Lammy - UK twitter trends now

What a brilliant man. Well done @Ed_Clancy what a career! I hope people stop sending me photos of you with requests to sign! 🤣👨🏻‍🦰 (I admit I’ve forged you signature a few times!)

@LoveIsland Honestly Liam trying to romance Millie back with him? Sorry hun once a cheat always a his head will be turned again in no time 😂😩😅... oh Millie 😨😨

a week ago - tammy keen - lingard possibility - pereira close - zouma bid - milenkovic interest - areola signed today - tammy doesn’t wanna come - lingard doesn’t wanna come - pereira off - zouma off - milenkovic idek what’s happening 😂

Fabinho: “Personally, as I say, I want to be the best for the team, I want to be an important piece in this team – not just as a player but as a leader as well. Keep learning from the boys and the staff and be the best I can.”

800 years ago at All Saints church in Hereford a skilled carpenter carved a sculpture high up in the dark roof structure. 5 years ago they built a raised floor and put in a brightly lit restaurant

Carpenter - UK twitter trends now

In honour of #nationalboobday I present to you Hayley Atwell.

#NationalBoobDay - UK twitter trends now

I do like Liberty but Jake i find two faced and I dislike him even more after the way he was in Casa Amor. I don’t have a fav couple but i would rather Faye n Teddy win over Liberty and Jake as i don’t like him. #loveisland

“I think politicians should tell those communists at Sage to get back in their box. Let’s just all go through life with our fingers crossed and a smile on our face”

Today’s the day. Revenge. Revenge for those bunsens at Ahmedabad. Welcome to Trent Bridge Ashwin, Jadeja, Patel. This isn’t a day 2 Ahmedabad pitch. Kohli, Rahane, Pant, Rohit. Get ready for pure fucking swing with the dukes ball with Anderson retiring a few of you. Pure green.

Zinedine Zidane: ‘Thierry Henry is probably technically the most gifted footballer ever to play the beautiful game’.

Thierry Henry - UK twitter trends now

Thierry Henry in 2002/2003: 🏟 37 Appearances ⚽️ 24 Goals 🅰️ 20 Assists Incredible 😎 #AFC | @Arsenal | #FPL

Thierry Henry - UK twitter trends now

Decision making letting us down, particularly from Kent. We are struggling in the middle of the park to get a grip of the game, Lundstram appears to be struggling with the pace of it. We still need that extra bit of quality in at CM for me.

@NathanFillion The Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion (in vermilion) requires one to get a Brazilian while reading The Silmarillion, but it allows you to offer a vaudevillian performance of the cotillion while looking rather reptilian.

For her birthday, I took my wife to an orchard and we stood there looking at the trees for half an hour. Not the Apple Watch she was expecting #Tuesdaymorning

As well as uterus, Margaret Thatcher had a vision and proved anyone can become Prime Cunk On Britain #CunkonBritain