United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - The Mermaid of Black Conch, Corbyn, Speaker, New Zealand, The Mermaid of Black Conch, Nazi Persecution, South Korea, Eat Out to Help Out, #teacher5oclockclub.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.bighit 339210
2.Johnson 320457
3.Weverse 303603
4.The PM 247797
5.Lukaku 207626
6.Boris Johnson 196194
7.Terrorist 180646
8.The 100,000 178027
9.Arsenal 168116
10.SHINee 152151
11.Reddit 150379
12.Zlatan 134924
13.UK Covid 133079
14.xiao 116560
15.GameStop 110541
16.#ThankYouBTSAESO 103489
17.Saka 101027
18.Prime Minister 99171
19.Milan 98495
20.Ibra 95200
21.AstraZeneca 92041
22.Nazi 70817
23.100,000 Covid 67801
24.#WelcomeTuchel 67644
25.NAZIS 65481
26.Dubai 64447
27.Speaker 63021
28.Wall Street 61104
29.Cobra 55076
30.Veteran 54579
31.New Zealand 53767
32.100,000 UK 53612
33.The Medium 50615
34.Nike 43783
35.Auschwitz 43189
36.6dogs 42904
37.Taiwan 41244
38.Luiz 40231
39.Roma 39354
40.Starmer 39007
41.Odegaard 38915
42.Cedric 38834
43.Southampton 33974
44.Man City 31427
45.Over 100,000 31009
46.rina 30945
47.taemin 29349
48.Herd Immunity 27520
49.Cancelo 26478
50.Rivers 26441
51.Number 8 26032
52.West Brom 25426
53.Trey 25392
54.Eat Out To Help Out 25002
55.vietnam 24472
56.Beal 23480
57.sam nook 23253
58.Gundogan 23152
59.#WeRemember 22406
60.South Korea 20454
61.Isla 19824
62.100k Covid 19439
63.Corbyn 18548
64.Hawks 18349
65.#ResignJohnson 18143
66.Russ 17998
67.Melvin 17958
68.Lacazette 17936
69.Rwanda 17651
70.Alonso 17477
71.Willian 17417
72.Reid 17173
73.Rudiger 15436
74.Xhaka 15132
75.Martin Odegaard 14081
76.Westbrook 13545
77.#PMQs 13514
78.Partey 13213
79.Shoah 12251
80.#wednesdaythought 11963
81.Fawad Alam 11915
82.Odion 11850
83.#ToryCovidCatastrophe 11689
84.Chelsea Flower Show <10k
85.#PiersMorgan <10k
86.Darfur <10k
87.Kevin Hart <10k
88.Trading 212 <10k
89.Jacinda Ardern <10k
90.Frimpong <10k
91.Piers Morgan <10k
92.#neveragain <10k
93.Auschwitz-Birkenau <10k
94.#r4today <10k
95.Morning Jo <10k
96.Smith Rowe <10k
97.Princess Diana <10k
98.Morning Sue <10k
99.Jonathan Ashworth <10k
100.#MorningTom <10k
101.Euston <10k
102.#HMD2021 <10k
103.Jim Allister <10k
104.#buzztuesdays <10k
105.JESPER <10k
106.#goodmorningbritain <10k
107.Liz Hurley <10k
108.Mozart <10k
109.#coronavirusuk <10k
110.The Mermaid of Black Conch <10k
111.Dr Jo <10k
112.#XMenVote <10k
113.colreevy <10k
114.Happy Birthday Fred <10k
115.callahan <10k
116.#BorisResign <10k
117.Diallo <10k
118.Leader of the Opposition <10k
119.Morning Paul <10k
120.#earlybiz <10k
121.Susanna <10k
122.Matt Law <10k
123.Ryanair <10k
124.Glasgow to Edinburgh <10k
125.Cambodia <10k
126.Graeme Jones <10k
127.Knuckles <10k
128.#RoseWednesday <10k
129.Somalis <10k
130.Allaho <10k
131.#HolocaustMemorialDay <10k
132.#LightTheDarkness <10k
133.Sunak <10k
134.Big Sam <10k
135.LOTO <10k
136.#schoolsreopening <10k
137.Rishi <10k
138.Plimsolls <10k
139.#FFBWednesday <10k
140.#BBCBreakfast <10k
141.#marcella <10k
142.Captain Hindsight <10k
143.Eeyore <10k
144.jinki <10k
145.Plymouth Hoe <10k
146.Lubo <10k
147.22nd Feb <10k
148.#DUND <10k
149.allison pearson <10k
150.Antigua <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
Holocaust Memorial Day Trust ()

Today is #HolocaustMemorialDay. Together, we must stand against prejudice and hatred in the UK and around the world. Join us to #LightTheDarkness.

Anfield Watch
Anfield Watch ()

Klopp: No new injuries. Hendo and Joel trained yesterday with the team fully. #awlfc [lfc]

Double Down News
Double Down News ()

“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal” - Martin Luther King #NeverAgain #HolocaustMemorialDay

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
Holocaust Memorial Day Trust ()

Make sure you have cleared your diary for 7pm tomorrow so you can join us at the UK Ceremony for #HolocaustMemorialDay and #LightTheDarkness with us. Watch the ceremony live on the link below.

Owain Fôn Williams
Owain Fôn Williams ()

Ashley Williams. What a man and what a leader, the best I’ve ever seen. As a player and as a fan I’ll forever be grateful of everything this man did for Wales. A winner through and through, a beast in the ⁦@Cymru⁩ shirt. Happy retirement Ash, thank you for all the memories.

Ashley Williams,UK twitter trends now
Whores of Yore
Whores of Yore ()

Facebook apologises for flagging Plymouth Hoe as offensive term

TalkSPORT ()

☎️ “We need to hear from #NUFC fans on The Sports ” 🤔 “Off the back of that 2nd half performance, do they really want Steve Bruce sacked?” 👀 “I think they’d mad!” Danny Mills would be stunned if Newcastle fans still want Steve Bruce to leave the club

John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith)
John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith) ()

That neither the British media nor opposition Labour has demanded Boris Johnson resign; tells you everything you need to know about the class system in Britain. #BorisResign

TalkSPORT ()

Darren Bent has told Jesse Lingard there is no point moving to West Ham if he’s only going to warm the bench #MUFC #WHUFC

LBC ()

The UK Government response has been defined by a lack of leadership, last-minute U-turns, mixed messaging and devastating policies. SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford has strong words for Boris Johnson after the UK hit 100,000 deaths from Covid-19. #PMQs

Pheebs (your fav fat gal)
Pheebs (your fav fat gal) ()

Something that is strange about this whole WH x Matt Haig situation is that, I emailed WH a few weeks ago when I was pitching my online abuse story to different media outlets. I’m a young woman, I’ve been abused on social media, I’ve had to leave because of my mental

Breals ()

This 👏 is 👏 what 👏 we 👏 need👏 Hulk is the serotonin boost we all ordered F1 get him in please

#Hulk,UK twitter trends now
Josh Verrills
Josh Verrills ()

@WestHam Soucek will be awarded Man of the Match for West Ham after firing them to an away victory over Crystal Palace, however, Benrahma’s performance was the most impressive - very creative and lively and looking like he can pull the strings for West Ham at this level. Just needs a goal

Victoria Fritz
Victoria Fritz ()

I, for one, am really excited by a late Chelsea Flower Show. We have such amazing late flowering perennials - asters, rudbeckias, heleniums - it will be great to see the designers rework their designs & the producers their stalls to reflect the season

Sir Walsingham
Sir Walsingham ()

On most things in life I fundamentally disagree with Jim Allister. However on the Treacherous Northern Ireland Protocol. I am in full agreement.

Sandieshoes ()

Press conference Sir Simon Stevens. “Christmas Day we had coronavirus positive patients. Today we have just under ” We knew the risks. People made their own choices.

shoes_lover 👠🏃‍♀️🥂🍻
Shoes_lover 👠🏃‍♀️🥂🍻 ()

Not particularly dressed up today but another day in work avoiding the home schooling #DUND #dressupnotdown Put something on that makes you feel fabulous and enjoy the positive vibes 👍😘 @TheofficialDund

#DUND,UK twitter trends now
D3D4Football ()

Accrington beating league leaders Hull is exactly the reason this division is such a joy to cover 😍 #asfc 2-0 #hcafc

Jamie 🔴⚫️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Jamie 🔴⚫️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ()

@SkySportsPL What are the main differences between Van Gaal, Mourinho and Solskjaer in terms of how they coach and what do you like about their styles? #AskShaw

Pheebs (your fav fat gal)
Pheebs (your fav fat gal) ()

I have listened to the piece and I still do not understand Matt Haig’s relevance in that particular conversation. It would’ve been very empowering and productive to hear from a young person, this problem has directly impacted.