United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - James Charles, Higgins, My Pillow, Toothbrush, Nakamura, smyths, Chansiri, FNAF, Wazza.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.Sana 394892
2.dustin 348332
3.seungkwan 335631
4.dustin higgs 275086
5.#WandaVision 211671
6.maknae 183759
7.Wayne 175726
8.momo 129896
9.Marvel 128697
10.Rooney 118375
11.Tommy 106056
12.HOLD ON 101577
13.England 95524
14.Only 10 86420
15.Dana 85906
16.All UK 69982
17.From Monday 64162
18.My Pillow 56388
19.Best English 55571
20.Jeffree 54348
21.Bucks 45045
22.Roma 43649
23.Chip 41971
24.Porto 40856
25.The NRA 35390
26.Happy Retirement 34827
27.Fury 34747
28.Harvey 34200
29.Lupin 33967
30.Luka 33405
31.Shark 31964
32.Benfica 30310
33.Meyer 28946
34.Rohit 27429
35.halsey 25614
36.Sonia 24595
37.#FridayFeeling 24179
38.Not Going Out 23403
39.Derby County 21956
40.#SmackDown 20957
41.Mortal Kombat 20925
42.Bulls 19869
43.Apollo 18200
44.Ines 17926
45.Wazza 15059
46.Elizabeth Olsen 14578
47.#OneNightInMiami 14542
48.Lazio 13875
49.#twitchrecap 13448
50.Renee 13437
51.Knicks 12775
52.Leafs 12602
53.FNAF 12529
54.#AnimeAwards 11128
55.Ronnie 10817
56.Wiley 10160
57.Mavs 10131
58.John Higgins <10k
59.Night Stalker <10k
60.#blingempire <10k
61.Bobby Charlton <10k
62.Elton <10k
63.#NameThisLockdown <10k
64.#NoLeftBrain <10k
65.Bewitched <10k
66.alloa <10k
67.#congoleseloveisland <10k
68.Tevez <10k
69.Nick Cage <10k
70.Lichfield Cathedral <10k
71.Immobile <10k
72.Trisha <10k
73.#NightStalker <10k
74.Wilson Phillips <10k
75.Ethan Hawke <10k
76.Stormzy <10k
77.Scholes <10k
78.Holly Hedges <10k
79.jack manifold <10k
80.the mandalorian <10k
81.Euro 2004 <10k
82.Daniel Bryan <10k
83.Nic Cage <10k
84.Modric <10k
85.Halo Infinite <10k
86.Giannis <10k
87.Katie Price <10k
88.10 Commandments <10k
89.#MarriedatfirstsightAustralia <10k
90.Jolene <10k
91.#DownfallsHigh <10k
92.Ivic <10k
93.Toothbrush <10k
94.Jon Snow <10k
95.Bob Geldof <10k
96.Union Berlin <10k
97.Shinsuke <10k
98.Killie <10k
99.Payton <10k
100.Morton <10k
101.The Bangles <10k
102.Ghetts <10k
103.Stephen Maguire <10k
104.Tom Bradby <10k
105.James Charles <10k
106.Bronson <10k
107.Dolly Parton <10k
108.Nakamura <10k
109.Gerrard <10k
110.Reigns <10k
111.Radiohead - The Bends <10k
112.Paul Cook <10k
113.Neale <10k
114.Middleton <10k
115.Outside the Wire <10k
116.Khabib <10k
117.Whyte <10k
118.#FreeCodeFridayContest <10k
119.Cesaro <10k
121.Ingram <10k
122.Faye <10k
123.SPFL <10k
124.Doncaster <10k
125.Higgins <10k
126.Greatest English <10k
127.Harriet <10k
128.Luis Alberto <10k
129.Matip <10k
130.Doncic <10k
131.#MastersSnooker <10k
132.Chansiri <10k
133.Cantona <10k
134.Yazz <10k
135.Max Meyer <10k
136.#loveisland9ja <10k
137.#DailyBriefing <10k
138.#TOTP <10k
139.#thelastleg <10k
140.Solo 45 <10k
141.Adam Pearce <10k
142.Cappielow <10k
143.Nicolas Cage <10k
144.Bayley <10k
145.Age of Ultron <10k
146.Big Fun <10k
147.Jeane <10k
148.Horrified <10k
149.Yan Bingtao <10k
150.John Collins <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

Little Mix
Little Mix ()

The No Time For Tears video is HERE @NathanDawe 🚫😭 This video is so cute we absolutely LOVE IT ✨. Make sure you keep an eye out for some clues to some of our music videos 🕵️‍♀️

Amjad Taha أمجد طه
Amjad Taha أمجد طه ()

على قطر أن تدرك لن تنجح في تفريق صفوف الرباعي العربي..و إن ما فعلته قبل امس من تمويل ونشر فلم خاشقجي ضد السعودية ومحاولة تجنيد صيادين ضد البحرين ونشر خبر كاذب عن طيران الإمارات واستمرارها بالإساءة لمصر لن يمر مرور الكرام..فنحن كما قلنا ان عدتم عدنا و سلم مع من سالمنا. #امجد_طه

The Last Leg
The Last Leg ()

OUR POLL TONIGHT!!! What should we call this lockdown? Tweet us using #NameThisLockdown

Bevan Shields
Bevan Shields ()

Total disaster for stranded Australians in Europe. Emirates has suspended all flights to/from Dubai and Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane indefinitely due to recent national cabinet decision to lower the cap on international arrivals.

Channel 4
Channel 4 ()

Like it or not, Captain Positive Pants is coming to cheer up your January. #TheLastLeg #AdsArmy


Every member of England’s Euro 2004 squad has now retired. The Golden Generation ⭐️

Euro 2004,UK twitter trends now
TalkSPORT ()

𝗗𝗮𝗿𝗿𝗲𝗻: “He’s in the top 3, he’s got to be!” 𝗔𝗻𝗱𝘆: “I would put him at number 1!” 👏 Andy & Darren debate whether Rooney is the greatest ever English #PL player. 🤔

TalkRADIO ()

Columnist Dan Hodges says pedantic lockdown sceptics are “unable and unwilling to change their opinion based on new facts”. Watch the show ► @Iromg | @DPJHodges

England Extra
England Extra ()

So our highest ever goalscorer officially retires. Hard to overstate how good Wayne Rooney was when he first burst onto the scene, absolutely dominated Euro 2004 as an 18 year old!

Euro 2004,UK twitter trends now
Emirates FA Cup
Emirates FA Cup ()

Dennis 🤭 Bergkamp 🤭 scored 🤭 this 🤭 goal 🤭 24 🤭 years 🤭 ago 🤭 today 🤭 #EmiratesFACup @Arsenal

David Tanner
David Tanner ()

The SPFL is having a torrid week. Sure, Killie and St Mirren made mistakes. But forfeiting games? Draconian and rightly overruled on appeal. We are watching the end of the make-it-up-as-you-go-along culture.

Green Man Gaming
Green Man Gaming ()

Hitman 3 is behind the corner, but are you up to speed with the rest of the trilogy? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Win PC keys for Hitman: The Complete First Season and Hitman 2 Gold Edition in our #giveaway:

Hitman 3,UK twitter trends now
Third Man Cricket 🏏🟢
Third Man Cricket 🏏🟢 ()

My 3 favourite people so far today? 1.) Joe Root 2.) Dan Lawrence 3.) Mark Lawrence, Dan’s dad @bbctms #TMS #bbccricket

Ad ()

Imagine Nuno saying “Traore, Podence & Boly are back with us” in the presser today 😍

The New European
The New European ()

There is a kind of boys’ club-type behaviour in parliament because it is still more like a public school or a university club

My Racing Tips
My Racing Tips ()

Three runners to note for Liverpool fans today! 👀 4:10 Newcastle = Klopp 4:30 Southwell = Van Dijk 5:15 Dundalk = Mosala #LFC

Southwell,UK twitter trends now
Jim Grace
Jim Grace ()

Any history / legal buffs out there: what would have happened to a journalist in WW2 who repeatedly encouraged people to ignore the blackout, leave curtains open and switch all their lights on? (And note, the blitz killed far fewer Hiroshima killed fewer people, FFS)

The New European
The New European ()

Their connections directly and indirectly with some of the events that unfolded, really scary events that unfolded in Washington last week, should not be dismissed as out of hand

Yahya Assiri يحيى عسيري #NAAS
Yahya Assiri يحيى عسيري #NAAS ()

#حزب_التجمع_الوطني يسعى للتأسيس للمسار الديموقراطي، ولضمان حقوق الإنسان، ولبناء دولة الحقوق والمؤسسات التي تكفل للناس الحقوق والرفاه، وهذا الأمر ليس بالأمر الهين وقد هيمن الاستبداد على البلاد والعقول لسنوات، لذا فإننا نطلب منكم دعم قيم العدالة، والمساهمة في تعزيز الكرامة، لننجح.

Jade Foster
Jade Foster ()

People have so much to say about Katie Price most negative but she has done such an incredible job with Harvey for 18 years. Question is why is nobody question his deadbeat dad who has done absolutely nothing. We should be looking at Dwight York thinking disgraceful 🤬😡