United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

UK twitter trends now - Wisconsin, #BlackCatDay, #SCOTUS, Tanzania, Victoria Derbyshire, Victoria Derbyshire, Javid, Tory Cabinet, Elite 3.

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.Trump 3259736
2.Biden 2867410
3.Supreme Court 1256982
4.Barrett 1218131
5.America 1058001
6.Amy Coney Barrett 953674
7.Senate 875368
8.Harry Styles 729390
9.The US 696659
10.Republicans 657289
11.Democrats 632423
12.The Left 581859
13.Republican 383788
14.Constitution 282157
15.Hillary 252222
16.McConnell 252004
17.Dems 237777
18.Expand 228045
19.Wisconsin 206912
20.Bush 201477
21.Mitch 199730
22.Jose 172586
23.Justices 172154
24.Philadelphia 155058
25.bambam 139359
26.Kavanaugh 136170
27.Mitch McConnell 128204
28.Marco 104786
29.Bears 103616
30.#SCOTUS 100862
31.Steps 93516
32.Schumer 89011
33.Philly 87655
34.Niki 71138
35.George Lopez 69433
36.#AmyConeyBarrett 67748
37.Islamophobia 65857
38.Kane 61563
39.VOTE BLUE 55796
40.Sagittarius 54658
41.#WWERaw 53209
42.Rams 46200
43.#AskSRK 43009
44.rina 39698
45.New Zealand 36415
46.Time to Change 36138
47.Lana 35496
48.Spurs 32923
49.Asuka 29742
50.Nagy 28983
51.Burnley 28664
52.Series X 26977
53.The PS5 24914
54.#COYS 24371
55.Foles 23682
56.Tanzania 22740
57.Marseille 21564
58.Hazard 18066
59.Vinyl 17788
60.Kazakhstan 17192
61.Puerto Rico 17185
62.Mariah 17005
63.#BURTOT 15564
64.Fajr 15488
65.#CHIvsLAR 15434
66.Mourinho 13834
67.Ethnicity 13073
68.Glasgow 12922
69.Antibodies 12884
70.Retribution 12569
71.Imperial 12558
72.#TuesdayThoughts 11972
73.Nick Foles 11267
74.bale 11055
75.Toby 10214
76.Davies 10189
77.#BBCBreakfast <10k
78.Sissoko <10k
79.EHRC <10k
80.Craig David <10k
81.Charmaine <10k
82.Melwood <10k
83.Zahawi <10k
84.The Fiend <10k
85.Pick and Mix <10k
86.Chepstow <10k
87.#earlybiz <10k
88.Pick N Mix <10k
89.Carra <10k
90.#ToastieTogether <10k
91.Victoria Derbyshire <10k
92.Reeva Steenkamp <10k
93.Debs <10k
94.Imperial College <10k
95.Jenny Silver <10k
96.Sheamus <10k
97.t-cells <10k
98.Fornals <10k
99.Civil Service <10k
100.Wilkos <10k
101.Bananarama <10k
102.Doherty <10k
103.Haller <10k
104.Giggs <10k
105.Mike Dean <10k
106.#Peshawar <10k
107.Sheila <10k
108.Justin Webb <10k
109.Callum <10k
110.Wilko <10k
111.Keira <10k
112.T-cell <10k
113.Sajid <10k
114.Thameslink <10k
115.Ryan Giggs <10k
116.Neville <10k
117.Lanarkshire <10k
118.#RamsHouse <10k
119.Origi <10k
120.David Lammy <10k
121.Northern Research Group <10k
122.Mornin <10k
123.Gary Sambrook <10k
124.Sylvia Plath <10k
125.PEDS <10k
126.lubo <10k
127.West Lothian <10k
128.#C5MNF <10k
129.Woollies <10k
130.Warrington <10k
131.Olly <10k
132.Tory Cabinet <10k
133.SPOTY <10k
134.Elite 3 <10k
135.Attenborough <10k
136.#TinyVoiceTuesdayUnites <10k
137.Jake Berry <10k
138.Morning Jill <10k
139.Javid <10k
140.Hammond <10k
141.#TuesdayMorning <10k
142.Dylan Thomas <10k
143.Lamela <10k
144.Woolies <10k
145.Emery <10k
146.Sir Keir Starmer <10k
147.Ken and Sheila <10k
148.Mike Ashley <10k
149.#WorldOTDay <10k
150.Morning Carol <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

James Melville
James Melville ()

Boris Johnson has got to stop saying that we can “beat the virus”. We won’t. Lockdowns won’t. A vaccine almost certainly won’t. It isn’t going to go away. We all need to understand that. It’s the same with flu or any virus. We don’t beat it, but we learn to live with it.

Christian Martin
Christian Martin ()

AC/DC lanza video oficial- Sras y Sres, música en serio, de la buena. Canta toda America Latina, tierra rockera. Que cumbia ni regeton. Made in Australia/Inglaterra/Escocia- Shot In The Dark (Official Video) @acdc

Sres,UK twitter trends now
Melissa Reddy
Melissa Reddy ()

How very 2020 that Mike Ashley!!! has emerged as the anti-PPV hero we need Charging £ for single televised matches in the current climate it is not acceptable to any football fan. Supporters have overwhelmingly rejected this offer and the Premier League must now act

TalkRADIO ()

Guido Fawkes reporter Tom Harwood says BBC journalist Sally Nugent has overstepped the mark, campaigning on behalf of Marcus Rashford, promoting his government attacks over free school meals. Do you think the BBC biased? @danwootton | @tomhfh

Ummah Welfare Trust
Ummah Welfare Trust ()

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ was the best, the bravest and the most generous of all the people. [al-Bukhari] #KnowYourProphet


Unai Emery had a better Premier League record at Arsenal after 26 games than Mikel Arteta 👀

Emery,UK twitter trends now
ْ ()

صباح الخير، نوافذ الغرفة التي قضيت ليلة أمس فيها، كبيرة جداً. حين أطفأت الأضواء للنوم، بدأت ظلال الأشجار تهجم على الجدران والأرض والسرير، ظلّت تحاول التمسّك بشيء ما طوال الليل...

علي الجدران,UK twitter trends now
TalkRADIO ()

Business minister Nadhim Zahawi insists he absolutely believes the government’s lockdown measures are effective in tackling coronavirus. Julia: “Honestly, I don’t believe you” Watch live ► @JuliaHB1 | @nadhimzahawi

The Spurs Express
The Spurs Express ()

Jose Mourinho runs the best account on Instagram 🤣 #COYS #THFC

Jose Mourinho,UK twitter trends now

US police are too trigger happy. I’ve just seen the #WalterWallaceJr video and don’t understand why they filled his body with bullets. British police deal with knife crime often, and manage to disarm with no guns. Why are US police being trained to kill unnecessarily?

TalkSPORT ()

🎯 Harry Kane and Heung-min Son are eyeing a Premier League record set by a pair of #CFC legends

BBC Four
BBC Four ()

The story of Pepe the Frog, a cute cartoon character hijacked by the alt-right. Storyville - Pepe the Frog: Feels Good Man. Tonight, 10pm, @BBCFour

LBC ()

Drivers are being urged to be aware that cyclists can ride side-by-side on narrow roads in a proposed revision of the Highway Code to improve safety.

Aaron Bastani
Aaron Bastani ()

After declaring the climate crisis is a threat to most life on Earth David Attenborough said disruptive protest was unacceptable and that the answer is individuals using less. The disconnect between analysis & prescription couldn’t be more irrational.

Welsh Liberal Democrats
Welsh Liberal Democrats ()

@Kirsty_Williams has said after careful consideration that she will stand down next year. Kirsty has been a tireless champion of Liberalism, invaluable to @WelshLibDems, and has made remarkable strides in Education in just 4 years. From us all, we sincerely say #thankyouKirsty

Kirsty Williams,UK twitter trends now
martin kelner
Martin kelner ()

If Marcus Rashford misses out on #SPOTY the BBC might as well drop the word ‘personality’ from the event altogether.

BBC Radio 6 Music
BBC Radio 6 Music ()

In a rare interview, Joni Mitchell said she was still struggling to walk, and that her recovery was inching along.

TalkSPORT ()

👀 “If Arteta was Lampard, he’d be getting slaughtered!” ⏰ “Is it time for Arsenal fans to ask questions about what’s going on?” ❌ “Yesterday said they’re nowhere near title challengers!” Adrian Durham thinks Mikel Arteta should face criticism for Arsenal’s loss to #LCFC ⚽️

The CWU ()

Olly Kunc MD of Service Delivery in Openreach has told our members if they don’t like the job they can leave. Message for Olly:

olly,UK twitter trends now
E ()

Desmond Elliot has said he didn’t sponsor any bill and the social media bill wasn’t even discussed in the LSHA because only the Federal House can deliberate on such issues. Nigerians aren’t having any of it as the believe all politicians are liars. 🥺🤦🏽‍♂️