United Kingdom Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: July 24th, 2021 03:46 AM IST
RankingHashtags / Topics United KingdomTweets Volume
1.#Tokyo2020 843526
2.Japan 767730
3.DONDA 445608
4.Jake 265404
5.#Olympics 251159
6.#MUFC 193030
7.NieR 188831
8.Dave 147711
9.BBC 1 114432
10.Schools 114339
11.New Covid 109099
12.JIHYO 81785
13.Cleveland 81763
14.Remain 77011
15.Toby 72063
16.Guardians 71633
17.In The Fire 66002
18.Lil Nas X 63868
19.Tyler 49566
20.Kane 48572
21.Pogba 46727
22.Spurs 30658
23.Dragon Ball 25026
24.Naomi Osaka 23636
25.Cher 23100
26.Indoor 22238
27.Heart Attack 22079
28.Amir 21318
29.Google Doodle 21246
30.Dortmund 19994
31.Super Hero 19907
32.Final Fantasy 18857
33.Ted Lasso 18726
34.lilo 18509
35.Spider-Man 16748
36.Dr Who 16433
37.Tonga 16240
38.Olive 15875
39.Seal 15809
40.Levy 15475
41.#fridaymorning 14411
42.Casa Amor 14346
43.Amy Winehouse 14197
44.Electronic 13205
45.Back to Black 12861
46.Packers 12514
47.Millie 11574
48.Tobi 11218
49.#FridayFeeling 10922
50.Borussia Dortmund 10177
51.Cavani 10095
52.Neil Francis <10k
53.Song of the Ancients <10k
54.Uncle Ben <10k
55.Milne <10k
56.#TeamGB <10k
57.The Voiceless <10k
58.Naby <10k
59.Ebola <10k
60.Fortune Green <10k
61.Stonehenge <10k
62.Andrew Cotter <10k
63.Liberty and Jake <10k
64.National League <10k
65.LANI <10k
66.Michael Smith <10k
67.Matt Crooks <10k
68.#ReclaimingAmy <10k
69.John Legend <10k
70.Chamberlain <10k
71.Omagh <10k
72.Salford <10k
73.#LFCPreSeason <10k
74.Buchanan <10k
75.Jake and Liberty <10k
76.Welcome to Manchester <10k
77.#SoundsInGeographicalPlaces <10k
78.Peter Wright <10k
79.#GardenersWorld <10k
80.#JamesOBrienIsABully <10k
81.John Lennon <10k
82.Harry Wilson <10k
83.Goretzka <10k
84.Michael Bolton <10k
85.Teela <10k
86.Emily Maitlis <10k
87.She-Ra <10k
88.Chrono Trigger <10k
89.#5albums12 <10k
90.Aspinall <10k
91.james charles <10k
92.Ryan Reynolds <10k
93.Gallagher <10k
94.#totp <10k
95.Monster Hunter <10k
96.Mr Hammond <10k
97.perrie <10k
98.Boil <10k
99.#FreeCodeFridayContest <10k
100.Warren Ellis <10k
101.Keith Urban <10k
102.Paul Mullin <10k
103.#Corrie <10k
104.Ryan Giggs <10k
105.Vote Leave <10k
106.#CelebrityGogglebox <10k
107.Announce Varane <10k
108.Kika <10k
109.Supermarche <10k
110.Ted Heath <10k
111.Latvia <10k
112.Tsimikas <10k
113.Sonny <10k
114.Max Payne <10k
115.Asda <10k
116.Kingdom Hearts <10k
117.Keegan <10k
118.Starlight Zone <10k
119.nakamba <10k
120.andrew bridgen <10k
121.Dragon Quest <10k
122.Nadeem <10k
123.Gal Gadot <10k
124.Keita <10k
125.Wrexham <10k
126.Kounde <10k
127.Cain <10k
128.Son Heung-min <10k
129.Bruno Brookes <10k
130.Olympians <10k
131.Spidey <10k
132.Broly <10k
133.Cathy Dennis <10k
134.Nick Cave <10k
135.Lily Allen <10k
136.jade thirlwall <10k
137.Konate <10k
138.Ghetts <10k
139.Kyrgyzstan <10k
140.Peter Parker <10k
141.Kaide Gordon <10k
142.London 2012 <10k
144.Sonic the Hedgehog <10k
145.Mainz <10k
146.Edgbaston <10k
147.Roxette <10k
148.Angola <10k
149.The Lost Boys <10k
150.Johansen <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

New season starts today and I’ll be honest - I’ve got butterflies. But one great fact about butterflies is that they only show up when you care a lot about something. And also they taste with their feet.

Kiss My (Uh Oh) 💋 @AnneMarie 💋 Out now 💋

Kiss My - UK twitter trends now

Dave is just different levels. Super intelligent. I dunno how to explain it but it isn’t just rap, it’s a master class every time

クロノジェネシスと共に凱旋門賞へ挑戦できることとなり、非常に楽しみです。日本の為にベストを尽くします! また、北村友一騎手の復帰を心から願っています。

Nadhim Zahawi confirmed vaccine passports will go ahead. But East Yorkshire Vicar Rev Dr Jake Belder says he will refuse to impose vaccine passports at his church. It runs contrary to the idea that the church is a home and refuge for all people. @JuliaHB1 | @jakebelder

Gamers hearing Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest music playing during the #OpeningCeremony of the #Olympics

Final Fantasy - UK twitter trends now

Environment Secretary George Eustice says mandatory vaccine passports for nightclubs will encourage young people to get the jab: Many may think it would be worthwhile getting it if it helps them access the things they love. Julia: We used to call it blackmail. @Juliahb1

The Sun is in denial. These shortages are primarily down to Brexit — which it championed — but its story doesn’t mention that once.

The Sun - UK twitter trends now

🚨 CONFIRMED: The #LFC XI to face Mainz: Kelleher, Alexander-Arnold, Konate, Matip, Tsimikas, Milner, Keita, Elliott, Mane, Salah, Oxlade-Chamberlain. #awlive [lfc]

Tsimikas - UK twitter trends now

🚨 NEW: A move to Fulham for Harry Wilson is edging closer. Liverpool are looking to recoup somewhere in the region of £10m. #awlive [@carlmarkham]

Harry Wilson - UK twitter trends now

🚨 CONFIRMED: The #LFC XI to face Mainz in the second half: Adrian, N. Williams, Phillips, Koumetio, Beck, Clarkson, Gordon, Morton, Jones, Minamino, Origi. #awlive [lfc]

Minamino - UK twitter trends now

Liverpool’s substitutions today: Adrian, Karius, H. Davies, Jones, Minamino, Jota, Origi, Phillips, Gordon, Beck, Cain, Clarkson, N. Williams, Morton, Bradley, Koumetio.

Reus joined. Götze left. Lewandowski left. Klopp left. Mkhitaryan left. Gündoğan left. Hummels left. Aubameyang left. Dembélé left. Pulisic left. Sancho left. Reus stayed. A legend at Borussia Dortmund.

Dortmund - UK twitter trends now

“It is morally and politically impossible to remove it.” Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen tells @JackieLongc4 the government “can’t be levelling up” by removing a temporary £20 increase to Universal Credit.

@utdreportAcad @samuelluckhurst When its revealed that this guy is our alternative to Varane

Varane - UK twitter trends now

Gaelic is a novelty language spoken by nostalgic Highlanders/Islanders, and the wanky, woke SNP hipsters of Glasgow Southside. ✅

Me patiently waiting for Love Island tonight at 9pm to see Tobi and Hugo fight #loveisland

Hugo - UK twitter trends now

Describing Konate to my dad as “he makes Virgil look normal size. They’re fucking giants” is the only way tbh.

Come on UK mixers let’s get Kiss My (Uh-Oh) to on UK iTunes! If you haven’t brought both versions of the song yet make sure to send a DM to @LM_Funds and they will give you the funds to buy them #MTVHottest Little Mix @LittleMix

#KissMyUhOh - UK twitter trends now

John Simpson says wanker live on @gmb Sadly it was about his life and book and not directed at that twat Richard Madeley.