United Kingdom : What's Trending On Twitter Today?

Here are the top twitter trends in UK today.

RankingHashtag/Topic United KingdomTweets Volume
1.Labour 330370
2.LLC PARTY 210742
3.Khan 173926
4.hobi 142133
5.Starmer 140353
6.Hartlepool 128491
7.Tory 103367
8.Labour Party 100571
9.Top 4 98058
10.The Tories 96992
11.Remain 95077
12.Tories 95026
13.Conservatives 81858
14.Keir Starmer 79945
15.Corbyn 70049
16.Pregnant 64726
17.Judgment 57607
18.The Conservatives 56029
19.Turkey 55828
20.Seal 55014
21.#ResidentEvilVillage 53993
22.Wilson 53726
23.UEFA 52655
24.Year 5 49958
25.Amber 36638
26.Leicester 35854
27.Portugal 35797
28.The Circle 32173
29.#SpanishGP 30332
30.Socialism 30220
31.Lille 30007
32.New Zealand 28470
33.Jenny 27837
34.Keith 27522
35.Lost Judgment 27149
36.Wenger 26325
37.Newcastle 25595
38.#SP21 24552
39.Maldives 23937
40.Turnout 23584
41.Bailey 22895
42.#fridaymorning 22307
43.Iheanacho 21393
44.Evans 21381
45.Blair 19978
46.Momentum 19490
47.Nepal 17675
48.Toon 17328
49.#FridayMotivation 15451
50.UKIP 15356
51.General Election 15205
52.Tactical 13892
53.Jayda Fransen 13877
54.Brexit Party 12883
55.#ElectionResults2021 12577
56.Cliff 12089
57.Kasper 12076
58.Glasgow Southside 11973
59.#FridayFeeling 11456
60.Diane 10916
61.Plaid 10793
62.Cane 10507
63.Iceland 10266
64.Liberal Party <10k
65.Ritchie <10k
66.Faroe Islands <10k
67.Deborah <10k
68.#TheCircle <10k
69.Eoghan Harris <10k
70.Jill Mortimer <10k
71.Liam Smith <10k
72.Willock <10k
73.Cardiff West <10k
74.Willie Rennie <10k
75.Julia James <10k
76.Edinburgh Central <10k
77.Tiger Patel <10k
78.Dumfriesshire <10k
79.Vale of Clwyd <10k
80.Chelsea and Spurs <10k
81.Grant Shapps <10k
82.Lib Dems <10k
83.Len McCluskey <10k
84.Soyuncu <10k
85.Falkland Islands <10k
86.#ASongOrMovieForGardening <10k
87.Edinburgh Southern <10k
88.Neil Lennon <10k
89.Cambridgeshire <10k
90.Dubravka <10k
91.Starmers <10k
92.#TurnerPrize <10k
93.Murdo <10k
94.Blairite <10k
95.#TOTP <10k
96.East Lothian <10k
97.Fofana <10k
98.#greenlist <10k
99.Mandelson <10k
100.Shaky <10k
101.Rhondda <10k
102.Chris Isaak <10k
103.shaun bailey <10k
104.Chioma <10k
105.Leanne Wood <10k
106.Schmeichel <10k
107.El Astronaute <10k
108.Dummett <10k
109.Moray <10k
110.Craig Murray <10k
111.Australia and New Zealand <10k
112.Adonis <10k
113.Grove Ferry <10k
114.Hendrick <10k
115.Brunei <10k
116.Red Wall <10k
117.Shelvey <10k
118.Clive Lewis <10k
119.Asha <10k
120.Welsh Labour <10k
121.#Mazespin <10k
122.Albrighton <10k
123.John Swinney <10k
124.#Corrie <10k
125.RIP Claude <10k
126.Vardy <10k
127.#BandcampFriday <10k
128.Ruth Davidson <10k
129.Banff <10k
130.Sutherland <10k
131.Burgon <10k
132.Aubrey Plaza <10k
133.Kirsty Wark <10k
134.Paul Dummett <10k
135.Vanilla Ice <10k
136.Beefy <10k
137.Ed Miliband <10k
138.Falcon Eight <10k
139.Brendan Rodgers <10k
140.Happy Birthday Wendy <10k
141.John Scott <10k
142.John Sludden <10k
143.Joanne Anderson <10k
144.Andy Burnham <10k
145.Krafth <10k
146.Ascot <10k
147.Steve Bruce <10k
148.Joan McAlpine <10k
149.County Council <10k
150.Humza Yousaf <10k

United Kingdom Popular Tweets Now

James Melville 🌸
James Melville 🌸 ()

The fact that people are still willing to vote for a Tory government that has wilfully destroyed the country with a mixture of austerity, quack behavioural science and authoritarianism is completely beyond me. It’s a form of Stockholm syndrome. #LocalElections2021

TalkRADIO ()

Commentator Darren Grimes: Probably as we speak Labour are commissioning someone in an expensive suit to find out why they lost but I’ll set it out for you right now. People utterly detest the wokeism Labour seem to be the guardians of today.” @JuliaHB1 | @darrengrimes_

Rachel Wearmouth
Rachel Wearmouth ()

Prediction: Voices talking up Andy Burnham as a future leader will get louder after tonight. Red wall includes areas like his former seat of Leigh.

Capital ()

Have I ever been this excited for a film before? No, I have not 🍿👀

Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats ()

Overnight Liberal Democrats gained 4 seats from Labour in Sunderland. Well done @WearsideLibDem

Liberal Democrats,UK twitter trends now
Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats ()

Liberal Democrats have gained seats from the Conservatives in Cambridgeshire. Lib Dem wins mean the Conservatives lose control of the council, no party has a majority. #LibDemWin #ElectionResults2021

Liberal Democrats,UK twitter trends now
Double Down News
Double Down News ()

“Your preoccupation with the working-class vote is wrong. They’ve got nowhere to go” Peter Mandelson to Peter Hain, 1999. Peter Mandelson is currently advising the Labour leadership

John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith)
John Smith (son of Harry Leslie Smith) ()

Labour lost the #HartlepoolByElection and that should be a resignation offense for Keir Starmer. #StarmerOut

Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats ()

Great gain by from the Conservatives by @mariecgoldman Liberal Democrats win 4 out of 9 Essex County Council seats in Chelmsford.

Essex,UK twitter trends now
Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats ()

Liberal Democrats hold Orkney with 62% of the vote. Congratulations @Liam4Orkney! #ElectionResults2021 #LibDemWin

Orkney,UK twitter trends now
The European Tour
The European Tour ()

50 European Tour wins 🏆 Those victories came over a 19 year period, during which Seve only had one season without a trophy. Remarkable talent, remarkable consistency.

Seve,UK twitter trends now

Arsenal and Everton lead a host of teams considering a summer transfer bid for Sheffield United midfielder Sander Berge. [Sky]

Berge,UK twitter trends now
Fire Brigades Union
Fire Brigades Union ()

Thank you to the crews who responded to the high-rise fire in Poplar. Nearly 4 years after Grenfell, we should not have buildings still wrapped in flammable cladding. The government must take action to end this building safety crisis once and for all.

Grenfell,UK twitter trends now
Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats ()

Liberal Democrats hold North East Fife with a 7% swing. @ScotLibDems leader @Willie_Rennie re-elected. #LibDemWin #ElectionResults2021

Willie Rennie,UK twitter trends now
Inzamam Rashid
Inzamam Rashid ()

Tiger Patel, a conservative candidate in Blackburn has just won. Councillor Tiger Patel.

All for Unity
All for Unity ()

If Lib Dem’s and Tories had stood down in #Clydebank, the SNP would have been defeated. Just think about that. They are the vote splitters.

Clydebank,UK twitter trends now
Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats ()

Lib Dems +5 seats to take Cambridgeshire to no overall control from Conservatives.

Cambridgeshire,UK twitter trends now
TalkSPORT ()

Massimiliano Allegri is favourite to replace Mikel Arteta as Arsenal fans voice anger at Emirates #AFC

Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats ()

Liberal Democrats win in Edinburgh Western with a 6% swing. @agcolehamilton is re-elected with highest number of votes for any MSP ever. #LibDemWin #ElectionResults2021

Edinburgh Western,UK twitter trends now
Leave.EU ()

Hartlepool opted 70% for Brexit at the referendum and Labour still forced a failed Remainer candidate on voters. Frankly insulting! The party deserves every single thumping it gets and it certainly deserves Jess Phillips. #HartlepoolByElection