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  • Champions League on 6th December: - 5 English sides still in - 3 Spanish sides still in 🗣️ "Best league in world" 🗣️ "English teams will dominate Europe" 🗣️ "La Liga is tinpot" Champions League on 14th March: - 2 English sides still in - 3 Spanish sides still in https://t.co/vex9Cn2peO.

    5 English twitter.
  • English teams are jokers... 5 entered the UCL this season... only 2 to have made the QF so far... SerieA came with 3 and have 2 in the QF. But the league is the best league in the word...🤣😂😂.

  • ⚽️📈 #PSGSCO PSG were big winners at home 🆚 Angers during the 2015/16 season, cruising to a 5-1 victory with the help of these two stunning goals 💪 📺 @Dugout https://t.co/fY3y9pFyTq.

  • Chelsea (current premier leauge holders) struggle to beat Barcelona with Messi scoring goals for fun 🙄. Another year and Spanish teams still dominate the Champions leauge with English teams down from 5 teams to 2 left in the competition. I hope you guys enjoyed the stream 👍. https://t.co/p84jlxNq9v.

  • out of the blue 全く突然に,出し抜けに https://t.co/o5U080dPka.

  • 2 out of 5 English teams through to the next round of champions league. Best league in the world 👀😂.

  • dignity /dígnəti/ 〔名〕尊さ,尊厳,威厳,高位 https://t.co/jyB9HvUHCu.

  • 5 English teams in the competition...3 out already...not impressive.

  • ちょっとエッチなアニメYoutube HD 720p Motto To Love Ru Trouble New OVA ep 5 English Sub モットーは、RuトラブルLOVEる  https://t.co/0bxlNB7lGY.

  • 1.English 2.Arabic 3.Kanuri 4.Fulani 5.Yoruba https://t.co/lRRIOK29w8.

  • 5 out of 16 teams were English in the quarters and EPL fanboys were crying tears of joy as they thought that they would all progress and finally have a reason to say EPL might be better than La Liga. Now only 2 remain while 3 Spanish teams are still left 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  • 5-judge bench to hear Babri case? SC to rule – Press24 News https://t.co/zVoEacyW2t.

  • So out of the 5 English teams who made the last 16 it’s the biggest team in the UK and the biggest team in Manchester to make it through to the quarter finals #YNWA #UpTheFuckingReds https://t.co/ieGL8iyfqu.

  • @BBCMOTD 5 English now there’s only two left! 😠.

  • Another English team out... 5 becomes 2... Fair play to Barca tho they are unplayable sometimes.. even tho Chelsea are goin thru a sticky patch... Messi again showin his world class ability.

  • So three out of 5 English clubs are out of the champions league.

  • @ohcutebyler This went on for 5 minutes, after which she sent me out into the hall for the rest of the class period. Rather than put up with that, however, I walked out of school. Told my folks about it, and they caused a big enough stink to get my english teacher fired..

  • Shame on English teams, only 2 could qualify out of 5 teams! Shows how bad that league is! ! SCAM LEAGUE.

  • I had to do a speech for my final for English. My severe speech/social anxiety kicked in instantly, so I forgot my whole speech when I stood in front of everyone. I was supposed to talk for 5 minutes, but I just said my jumbled thoughts for 30 seconds..

  • Before Messi’s goal in London, I was convinced all 5 English teams would go through - since then, Barca stepped up & Spurs & United bottled it :/.