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Apologies for the glare from the lamp, but… I just couldn’t unsee Aadi wearing a fake nose as I was watching the shots from this angle. 😂 #Corrie.

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Poor Aadi is constantly getting crapped on! 😢😢😢 The scriptwriters need to give him some good luck now. #Corrie #CoronationStreet.

God Aadi has just jumped in front of a bullet for her and Kelly goes and leaves him. Heartless cow. #corrie.

Is it weird that, in the midst of Kellie saying her goodbyes to Aadi, I’m squirming cos she’s grabbing his hand with the cannula in it? 🤢 #corrie.


So Aadi climbs up on the roof walls to a position to get close to the shooter and then jumps in front to take a bullet…. And nobody saw him coming 🙄🤯#Corrie.

Im screaming at Aadi taking a bullet for Kelly and then she immediately dumps him LOL #corrie.

If I was aadi I’d be absolutely pissed, just took a bullet for her and she’s like k great bye x #corrie.

Yeah keep Aadi and bin off Kelly, just hope @MillieGibson01 plans for bigger and better things come to fruition, I’ll miss her #Corrie.

@soapscoop So the gun drama ended & poor Aadi got @itvcorrie #coronationstreet.

Glad Kelly and Aadi didn’t die in @itvcorrie. Shame the ending couldn’t have been a bit happier though….

Wow that was one full of emotions episode brilliant acting from Mollie Gibson Mikey North Samia and the actor who plays Aadi wow #Corrie.


#Kelly has gone from #Corrie BUT will there be any return? Why did you have to end her and Aadi’s story there! UGH.

Yes! Another fab @itvcorrie episode! So glad Kelly wasn’t killed off, but poor Aadi 💔.

So Aadi takes a bullet for her and then she jus walks away 🥺 don’t leave him Kelly 💔 #Corrie.

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