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🍀 Celtic team v Kilmarnock: Hart, Juranovic, Jenz, Carter-Vickers, Taylor, McGregor, O’Riley, Turnbull, Jota, Maeda, Kyogo. Subs: Siegrist, Starfelt, Giakoumakis, Abada, Mooy, McCarthy, Bernabei, Forrest, Ralston..

Ange not playing Abada is my only real complaint I’ve got about his management. He’ll have plenty of interest from other clubs and if he’s not getting the game time he needs to develop he’ll be offski.

HH HH! @ACSOMPOD @PaulJohnDykes These substitutions are sublime. Being able to protect Jenz by bringing on Starfeld and then on come GG, Abada and Mooy. Ange is a different class..

Not often you see an unchanged line-up, but definitely happy with it Great to see Maeda swiftly return from his injury. Abada has looked sharp, but with another hectic schedule his time will come. Both quality options to have, so maybe bit surprised by the reaction to the team.

Mercedes Jenz starts 🚙 Maeda starts over Abada 😲 Kyogo leading the line 🍄 Thoughts?.

@JasonGG04 @CelticFC Why has Abada all of a sudden became the best player in world football ?.


GG obviously good for standing up to hammer throwing defenders but Kyogo’s just better. I prefer Abada but Maedas one of our strongest players, this is what rotation is..

@adthelad57 Even I ‘marked out’ for Abada last week and expected him in today but Maeda being available is just as big.

@Jimmilaw @CelticFC Have you not watched the past 2 games? Maeda has been poor, he’s on a bad run right now and Abada has been playing brilliantly when he comes on. Scored a great goal last week. He deserves a chance. Not hard too see lad..

@CelticFC What does Abada have to do to get in the team ahead of Maeda? Harsh after last week..

@CelticFC Crying out for Abada & GGG in the side, hope the big man finds a way of keeping them happy because you don’t keep players like that benching them week in, week out..


It’s early days but I wouldn’t blame abada for being frustrated at getting benched by a guy dropping stinkers every week.

@CelticFC Abada deserves a game tbh unless maeda proves me wrong today he shouldn’t be starting..

We should have giak playing before the guy who scored last week but why is abada no playing because he scored last week 🥴 idiots.

I hope to god Maeda scores today just to shut all these moaning faced bastards up, I too would prefer Abada starting but back the boy and fuck up.

Easy enough and great to see GG so sharp considering he’s not starting. We look more rounded with him and Abada playing and Jota on the left. 🍀.

@StandForCeltic Totally agree but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with folk saying they want to see Abada get a game either. There’s a strange thing with some of our supporters that you’re not allowed an opinion at times..


@CelticFC How much better than Maeda does Abada have to be to start? Ridiculous he’s constantly benched for Maeda..


@CelticFC Be good to see Ange starting to use the squad a bit, even just to keep guys fresh. Guys like GG, Abada, Ralston - should be getting starts here and there. Boys should get it done though it’s a strong team..

@niallbrown17_ The funny thing is its gonna happen. Kyogo has been shite for a while now dont know how GG or Abada can’t get a start.

Mon The Hoops 🍀🇮🇪🙏 Maeda starts on the left in my opinion is more direct and has an eye for goal. Ange Knows Best Tho 👌🍀 3 Points Bhoys 🍀🍀🍀 #CelticFC.

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Would have thought Giakoumakis would have started and Abada Come on 🍀.

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Strong argument that Abada could have started ahead of Maeda today so he needs a performance..

Not sure what else Abada has to do to get a game, aswell as that jota has done his best off the left in the few games this season, big game needed from maeda 🙏🍀.

no giakoumakis and no abada starting for the 3rd time this season.

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@CelticBhoysFS Just said the same, abada on the right and jota on the left for me. Heres hoping for a comfortable 3 points 🍀.

My own personal preference would be Abada right Jota left but I’m not the Manager of Celtic FC and the man who is had done a tremendous job so far so🤷‍♀️.

@melbourne88 I think GG and Abada should be starting, but I still love Maeda and Kyogo as players..

maeda will run their defence diwn for abada to come in and taje advantage in the later stages ,you heard it hear 😉.

@Jimmilaw @CelticFC Not a problem just think maeda has been poor past and Abada hasn’t. I think he should be starting but we’re all entitled to our own opinions..

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