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People think after Twitter verified me, i will just jump from Ojodu to 4-flat in Lekki. Like my N5750 for my account we just turn to N30m like Abba Kyari. Guys, we are all in this trenches together 😭😂.

Someone explain to me how you get a fine for a birthday cake but not for a full blown party in your own flat with ABBA blaring and booze ahoy?.

Carrie Johnson will not receive any more fines over partygate - so not for the Abba party on 13 November 2020.

UK, el crossover entre Abba y Jesucristo Superstar #EurovisionRTVE #Eurovision.

ABBA Photo,ABBA Photo by roberto 🚀🎄,roberto 🚀🎄 on twitter tweets ABBA Photo

He looks like a mash-up of every ABBA member in one person #Eurovision #UK.

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@AminahSaleemX Apparently he’s from Essex!!! I’m shocked n true we need to channel abba.

aka me swearing on my life that lay all your love on me by abba is relevant to cyrus even though it isnt outside of his good mom loving abbas music.


@94Pomi00089394 きとABBA色クロバーZに違いないのら😶🤚.

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@dom_calmet abba moses said go, sit in your cell, and your cell will teach you everything..

ah diction ah voice lo base ROYAL asala #NTR30 @tarak9999 you are unmatchable anna ❤️ #HappyBirthdayNTR.

@artoftangerine harry styles, the monkees, abba, suki waterhouse, gvf, shawn mendes, leonard cohen, the mamas and the papas and there’s a lot more artists i listen to!! 😁.

17~18부터 동지를 판 동지러는 쉽게 기죽지 않아 그냥 죽고 다시 부활하면 돼.

@AnushkaAsthana This is what No 10 were hoping for. The birthday cake has been a perfect deflection from the seriousness of the law breaking. An ABBA party in the flat is much harder to defend. Funny how weeks ago sources at No 10 we’re saying there’d be no more fines. It’s like they knew!.

@221_Otsanda Plus I like that song a lot ( I don’t know who is singing but I don’t think it’s ABBA lol) but you’re right , the timing with everything is so good !!!.

Abba - Dancing Queen (Official Music Video Remastered) via @YouTube.

Did Carrie Johnson say she was ambushed by Abba loving party goers in her Met Police questionnaire?.

Our Eurovision bloke looks like ABBA lost a member and he showed up in 2022 #Eurovision2022 #teamSPACEMAN.

@Kevin_Maguire Fuck sake Sam, dress in the dark or what, big macho wearing an ABBA castaway..

@sonoprepotente @secrethidinspot Andiamo tutte e tre insieme, si alloggia all’hotel degli ABBA a Stoccolma.

@ISASaxonists come on now, Australia is just an Abba routine reincarnated as a series of venomous spiders. Of course it should be there..

@agirlcalledlina Are you talking about Eurovision in general? It’s so so bad. They used to have ABBA and Sandy Shaw. What has it become?.

Why does our #Eurovision entry look like the result of an orgy between Abba and the Bee Gees? 🇬🇧.

Cada vez que escucho la canción de Suecia me recuerda a ABBA, y su voz rota me encanta #EurovisionRTVE #Eurovision.

@PeriwinkleMania How many of them your abba has restored in last 8 years? If none, then stay quiet and don’t spread the baseless information..

escutando ABBA, republico um vídeo no ttk que fala uma situação que nunca passei, mas msm assim republico e coloco uma legenda do tipo: ele não me amava, saiu falando mal de mim para os amigos, eu sai como emocionada!! (nem existe o ele), mas sim, tem coisas que são reais aqui+.

ng me chama pra um especial abba em balada né só assim eu sairia de casa pra ficar doida ao som de abba e ng me chama.

@Banny367 @MbRamesh_4005 Idhe time ani petrol Posey panilo pb fans anamata abba nice raa. 🙌🏻.

obrigada Abba, cada dia tô tendo mais certeza do Teu propósito para minha vida. 🤍.

@maclathecreator Mamma mia = música do ABBA por 30 minutos e uma história desconexa.

The senior cookie tradition continues … Can’t wait to recognize these amazing seniors at Monday’s @ParkHigh833 “Pop & Broadway Concert!” Encanto, Queen, Beatles, Tangled, ABBA, and more! 7 pm in the auditorium!.

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