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🇪🇸 | Adrian on signing for Liverpool: “It’s the best decision I’ve taken in my life.”.

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Si tu no eres de las personas que aplauden con el intro de “Friends”, no me hables.

@adrian_viveros @dcFaddy All my faves are out now. I dont really like any of the people left over..

@Swagless_Adrian Ask him what he thinks about Jorginho playing at the base of midfield and Kante playing right center mid.

@nereeele @carrero_white Home quizais selo aínda non o seas del todo, pero merecer, merecíalo..

@alecopon20 @springgirlymo فقط اونی که سیگاری نیست ازینا چی دود می‌کنه، اسپرینگ واتر نکشیدن عاشقی یادشون بره.

@SchmolloManu @JustinCGF Nee meine Ausbildung will ich ned verlieren, ned bei dem Gehalt xd.

😍كن مميز مع نون عروض هائله تصل 70%😍 📱تنزيلات ع أكبر تشكيله من الهدايا وأدوات الطاقه و تشذيب اللحيه والتلفزيون والجوال والملابس والعطور 👕كوبون خصم اضافي 10%😍AC2736😍 😍متجر نون في اول تعليق 👜توصيل واسترجاع مجاني #غمازه_البنت_اجمل_مافيهاً #MCITَْOT Adrian Ceballos Mane.

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😱 VIDEO | De héroe a viral en redes sociales: el error de Adrián San Miguel en un nuevo triunfo del Liverpool.

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So many good calls so far to the Full Time Phone In with Adrian Durham. 👏 We’re talking: 🔺 Worries for Newcastle 🔺 Dyche blasting Arsenal 🔺 Watford’s poor start ➕ Anything else you want Get involved! ☎️ Call us → 08717 22 33 44 📻 Listen →.

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@groovypothead @Heather_Butler_ ADRIAN NOOO YOU HAVE TO BE RAILS WITH ME ): I promise you you’ll have a great time with my group! And if a bitch tries it trust me I will throw down for you 🤗.

@AdrianXpression @Normani I watched 10 mins ago and though the vid was giving me musicality, hairography, solo dance interludes in the rain and late 90s/early 2000s storytelling, my conscious was trying to decipher what Adrian will think and say in his reaction video-ha!!! We’re waiting..

Adrian had never won a major trophy before arriving at Liverpool but lifted the UEFA Super Cup after his penalty heroics against Chelsea👀.

No merezco a mis papás, neta son los más lindos y tiernos del mundo🥺🥺🥺.

🇪🇸 | Adrian on signing for Liverpool: “It’s the best decision I’ve taken in my life.”.

onto Southampton. If we are looking for a “fresh” team, how about this: Origi - Brewster - Shaqiri Ox - Lallana - Gini Hoever - VVD - Matip - Trent Adrian Only Adrian, VVD and Matip would be doubling up full games, but they’d be capable I think. Bench would be immense.

Vídeos - Klopp rendido a Adrián: «Fez um jogo incrível».

@allahtanmehdi @silivrisoguk İyi o zaman bende bir an engel tuşunu aramaya başlamıştım 😁😁😁.

Buzzing for Adrian his first ever trophy in his first start, confidence high until Alisson’s back 🙌🏻.

@adrian_cruz01 @YouTube Thank you man! It’s our first time editing a video like this so we are still learning the process but soon they will be a lot better!🤞🏼.

Adrian decides everything and crown Liverpool their 4th Super Cup , what a final ! What a team ! Up the reds 🔴🔴 #LFC #YNWA.

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@AllSeeingDragi “I’ve noticed you’ve been home alot lately.” Since he doesn’t know Lumins been with Adrian doing lord knows what he just kinda assumes Lumins been taking it lax. “So you’ll be working with me today.”.

Even as Adrian Martinez is the #Huskers no-doubt starter, Luke McCaffrey is competing like he could be. “We all want to have the job,” McCaffrey said. “But all we can do is make a role and keep expanding that each day.”.

VOCÊ SABIA? Em duas semanas no Liverpool Adrian já tem mais títulos europeus que Manchester City e Tottenham juntos. Adrian = 1 🏆 City + Spurs = 0.

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Everton: 24 years, 0 trophy Adrian: 9 Days, 🏆 When you’re big, you’re big 💪🏽.

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Pues yo me alegro mucho por Adrián. Un tio q hace menos de un mes estaba entrenando en el Pilas en solitario sin equipo, y en gratitud les obsequia con material deportivo. Esa gente se merece mucho. Hoy tiene su recompensa pese a pasarlo mal sin equipo. Enhorabuena @AdriSanMiguel.

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