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Leicester City 2-0 Arsenal | This Has To Be The End Of Emery! (Claude) #AFC #AFTV.

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@IanWright0 @charles_watts I hope you and the other clowns at AFTV and Ex-Players are happy getting AW out. I remember you clowns telling us how Emery is going to improve us and how excited are you about him..

@DJC1953 AFTV is brilliant entertainment, our TL after defeats is not entertaining at all.

So AFTV, Piers Moron, John Cross & Arse Blog. Are you happy now? You all wanted a new manager & now you’ve got one. #reapwhatyousow.

YUKKURI STREAMs RANK 1. 한일부부타로 1Kpt 2. slash2270 3. AFTV新規登錄 4. 올더케이팝 5. onnobu #AfreecaTV.

Those who hounded Arsene Wenger out of Arsenal should come out and apologize or else this trend of results is going to continue even if the clueless guy is sacked tomorrow morning. The Claudes, DTs, Troopzs & the rest of AFtv morons just come and apologize to Wenger.

Leicester City 2-0 Arsenal | This Has To Be The End Of Emery! (Claude) #AFC #AFTV.

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@nws13 Arsenal have lost most of any allure after how you treated Wenger and are treating Emery. Then there’s AFTV! Regardless we’re being v subjective so you can’t make promises!.

@Paul_Dunk @Arsenal Fan base is different at my club. Non toxic. AFTV will be fun tonight..

@vkon1 I love the way people take the piss out of AFTV but Spurs fans are the same on Twitter..

@kikibebz Bro, I don’t have that time tbh. I’m not just going to stay and make shit up. Every well meaning Arsenal fan wanted Pepe to start. When you have time go on AFTV later and listen, it’ll be the same thing..

Siuuuuu! Incoming Don Claude, Don Robbie & Don Troopz AFTV Oscar performances tonight 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.

@iamspurstastic I meant the AFTV rants but, yeah, Emery is a goner. Just hoping they don’t go for Mou..

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