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Media: migrants are vulnerable women and children Fact check: it’s 90% single men Media: migrants are from war torn countries Fact check: 4/10 are from Albania - not a war torn country. Media: they can’t access documentation etc Fact check: they destroy their documents.

40% of the illegal dingy crossing occupants are from What are they fleeing please?.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: I expose that 4 in 10 Channel migrants from peaceful Albania, not war-torn states. We have been deeply misled..

The government must urgently review its list of ‘at risk’ countries for asylum seekers. Albania, for example must not be on the list. Nationals of safe countries, entering the UK illegally, should be blocked from lodging asylum claims and denied entry..

So now we know. The majority of Channel migrants do not come from Syria or Afghanistan. In fact, they are most likely to come from Albania..

This is what makes Joe Public angry. The usual social activists & virtue-signallers constantly peddle the narrative that the Channel migrants are refugees fleeing persecution. Some unquestionably are. But many aren’t. And that’s why we need proper.

If you live in a sh*t country, of course you would get in a small boat across the channel to the UK for a better life paid for by strangers. Why they come is not worth discussing. How we make our politicians stop them coming is all that matters..

@joaoherbeIIa esse povo tem que conhecer a história mundial, porque pobre é quem sabe fazer as coisas, foi nós que fizemos o que fizemos na urss, cuba, albania….

@Albania_Etnica Conoscendo la categoria direi tutti, ad eccezione di quelli che lo sono diventati per sbaglio..

@AlaskanTzar Albania 🇦🇱 (neutral but turned into a battleground between great powers).

Florind Belliu, 35, dad of two who leapt from Bronx building with his wife, Ornela Shehi, 28, was an actor from Albania.

@torriangray @GamerGirlRights telling my boyfriend to google albania memes when he gets on my nerves and i want to ruin his day.

La superficie de la isla anda cerca de los 29 mil kilómetros cuadrados, poquito mayor que el territorio de Albania en nuestro mundo. Los cinco picos de la estrella que forma la isla de Númenor son Forostar (las tierras del norte), Andustar, (las tierras del oeste)....

Poor poor refugees fleeing from that conflict in Albania…. via @MailOnline.

ik a european isnt trynna speak on middle eastern women. girl ur from albania stfu.

A man riding a motorcycle looks on as a wildfire burns in Bushat, Shkoder, Albania. More photos of the week: 📷 Florion Goga.

Albania Photo,Albania Photo by Reuters Pictures,Reuters Pictures on twitter tweets Albania Photo

I just believe in the world federation of Albania.

Albania Photo,Albania Photo by J.J. 🌹🇨🇴🇲🇽🇨🇱🇵🇪,J.J. 🌹🇨🇴🇲🇽🇨🇱🇵🇪 on twitter tweets Albania Photo

and who has one of the worst and feared mafia in the world? Albania.

This is what is wrong with consumer travel writing today: rise of Albania & everything it has to offer, NOT a single word about it being a majority Muslim country & it very “mild” practice, worth diving into, for Muslim & non-Muslims. Cc @_TharikHussain.

Two years ago with Dea at the church where Skanderbeg got married. #albania.

Albania Photo,Albania Photo by Alice Taylor,Alice Taylor on twitter tweets Albania Photo

Για τον νέο τρόπο υπολογισμού της εθνικής σύνταξης των ομογενών που προέρχονται από την Αλβανία και από χώρες της πρώην Σοβιετικής Ένωσης.

@_Sn1per1 @AngryBirds Yes there are more dogs than the fucks i give about thiefs in Albania.

@Albania_Etnica Mi pare che gli estremisti siano pochi, anche se ovviamente molto rumorosi e agguerriti..

The Hungarian Countess who became the short-tenured exiled Queen of the small Balkan Nation | Learn about Queen Geraldine of Albania on the Anniversary of her Birth:.

@mbga_uk Illegal immigration from Albania is bad for Albania as well as it hollows out the country. Their government should be doing more to stop the drain of their people..

Revelation from TV reporter over Albanian migrants crossing Channel A third are from Albania! ⁦@pritipatel⁩.

nombre:ana apellido:Agramonte pais:Albania color:azul animal: abeja famoso:ariana.

Yes the plants indigenous to albania were also colonized so real.

@NigelFarnall @sophielouisecc Everyone who is not Albanian needs sanctuary? Wow - Albania must be heaven on Earth in comparison to literally everywhere else..

@rich7sharp @DPJHodges Both France & Albania refuse to take them back. Two Albanians were on the rwanda list but echr blocked at the last minute. Remember the type of person who lies, consorts with drug/people traffickers etc will continue to do so. Crime in London is controlled by Albanian gangs..

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