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Well done to everyone receiving their A level results today - a fantastic achievement after two years of hard work and dedication. #alevelresults2019.

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Well done to everyone receiving their A level results today - a fantastic achievement after two years of hard work and dedication. #alevelresults2019.

Good luck to everyone receiving their A-Level results today. For those struggling with complex feelings, our mental health hub can help: #ALevelResults2019.

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To anyone receiving their A-level results today 💛 #ALevelResults2019.

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i’m struggling to understand how there are still people actually sleeping #alevelresults2019.


Waiting for alevel results is like waiting to open your presents on Christmas Day, except there’s no presents and the Christmas tree is on fire #alevelresults2019.

wait our results are posted at 8 wtf, so I’ve got 2 more hours to panic yay! #alevelresults2019.

Tip for today, Don’t ask your friends what they got, they’ll let you know if they want you to know. #alevelresults2019.

Was literally no point setting these I’m still awake 🤡 #alevelresultsday #alevelresults2019.

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guess who got no sleep as usual cute early sun rise for such a bad day #alevelresults2019.

Well it’s 4:55, I’m accepting my fate on 90 minutes of sleep. Good luck to everyone receiving #alevelresults2019. I hope you get the results you deserve!!! 💓💓.

I have literally been up every single hour on the clock waiting to find out if I’ve failed #alevelresults2019.

Idk who I think I am trying to access ucas track at 3:55 am💀when it opens at 8 am💀 #alevelresults2019 #alevelresultsday2019.

Me at 3am refreshing track even though it doesn’t open till 8 #alevelresults2019.

I’m in complete denial to lower my anxiety. Idk why there is a tiny voice in my head telling me it will be fine when I literally missed a 30 mark Q in one my exams, yeh I’m fckd. 🤮it’s like I forgot about that to let myself live #alevelresults2019.

Do you think our teachers sit and make bets on what each student got? #alevelresults2019.

Just praying I don’t have to go through clearing because I really don’t think I’ll be able to speak on the phone whilst bawling aha #alevelresults2019.

Anyone collecting results tomorrow just remember what ever happens is God’s plan. God took me on another route which I didn’t understand at the time but looking back it made LOT more sense #alevelresults2019.

The only thing harder than A levels is trying to sleep the night before results #alevelresults2019.

It’s finally here ladies and gentlemen, it has been a pleasure memeing with you all #alevelresults2019 #alevelresultsday2019.

Right who else is actually shitting bricks rn ????🥵🥵🥵 #alevelresults2019.

Thinking for all those people who will open their results live on tv tomorrow #alevelresults2019.

my firm and insurance uni both rejecting me #alevelresultsday2019 #alevelresults2019.

Could someone do me a favour and leak the OCR and AQA grade boundaries #alevelresults2019 #gradeboundaries.

It’s not even #alevelresults2019 yet and students are already thinking about their grades..

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