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“Traditionally, we eat haggis t*tties!” 😳 This morning’s Burns Night @TSBreakfast show got off to an… erm… interesting start! What a howler from Ally McCoist. 🤣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.


👀 Alan: “Maybe she was getting a foot massage, you don’t know do you?” 🤣 Ally: “My mate said the only time his missus has made a noise like that is when he dropped the iron on her foot!” Brazil and McCoist chat about THAT noise used in the BBC prank 😅🔉.


“I’m getting DJ @Schak_ for my birthday!” “He’d fill the village hall in Bridge of Weir! I’m gonna write to him. Different class.” 🎉 Ally McCoist wants #NUFC’s pre-match DJ to perform at his next birthday party. 🔥.

👏 Ally McCoist has just produced this cracker of a @NUFC360 | @ToonPolls.

Ally McCoist Photo,Ally McCoist Photo by The Sportsman,The Sportsman on twitter tweets Ally McCoist Photo

“They’re one of THE success stories.” 👏 “I saw them 20 years ago at effectively a running track. They didn’t have a home.” 📈 Ally McCoist is thrilled to see how well #BHAFC are doing, after recent struggles..

If the ITV executives haven’t realised that Clive Tyldesley and Ally McCoist should be their #1 commentary pairing for all televised games, they never will. Sam Matterface and Lee Dixon are not remotely in the same class. #BHALIV.

Ally McCoist is the perfect co-commentator. He actually appreciates the insane difficulty of what these players are doing, so he’s quite forgiving of errors instead of taking them as personal insults like so many insufferably grumpy ex-pros. Makes a huge difference..


“I don’t see it as a great move!” ❌😱 “He changes the way Arsenal play. He just plays the game at a different ” 📉 Ally McCoist warns #AFC signing Jorginho will be a big mistake this #DeadlineDay..


“I’m so pleased for those fans!” 🙏👏 “They’ve stuck by that team when they’ve been at their wits’ end, not enjoying it.” Ally McCoist is thrilled that the fans at St. James’ park can enjoy good times again. ⚫.


“We have to do something. It’s obscene!” “It’s sad. There’s never been a bigger gap between the football player and the fan.” Ally McCoist fears football is nearly finished, due to the amount of money being spent 💰.

@SkyFootball Sky - make a correct decision and sign up Ally McCoist as a full time co-commentator will you! Different class 👏👏.

Loved the way @laura_woodsy & Ally McCoist delivered their show this morning. Full of kind words and buzzing #NUFC fans 👏🏻 ⚫️⚪️.

⚫️⚪️ Ally McCoist was delighted for the #NUFC fans last night, who will all be booking their trains to @ToonPolls | @NUFC360.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Ally Mccoist talking about football is the equivalent of David Attenborough talking about animals. They’re both the best at it. I reckon ally’s that loved, even Celtic fans have a soft spot for him 😂🙌🏻.

Ally McCoist Photo,Ally McCoist Photo by Andy NUFC ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️ Weve got bruno in the middle!!!,Andy NUFC ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️ Weve got bruno in the middle!!! on twitter tweets Ally McCoist Photo

Pundits agree Bruno Guimaraes was rightly sent off against Southampton.

Even better with Clive Tyldesley and Ally McCoist doing the commentating. Inject this into my veins!!! #bhafc.

Ally McCoist is the best commentator on the box these days. Speaks well, loves the game and follows no rhetoric at all. It’s just pure and I love it #BHALIV.

31 years ago today, Ally McCoist gave us a 1-0 win over Hearts 👏.

How good was it to have Ally McCoist on commentary last night btw? Love his passion for all football.

Liverpool getting away with red cards and fouls again. Ally McCoist got it spot on, that was a foul on MacAllister and therefore should be a red card for Konate, but guess what? Nothing given. Play on because it’s Liverpool 😂😂.

Love Ally McCoist He’s the best thing thats happened to Commentary in years.

What a good game that was. Clive Tyldesley and Ally McCoist such superb broadcasters too. #BRILIV.

I could listen to @CliveTyldesley and Ally McCoist on commentary all day .. just two blokes that love the game.

Ally McCoist is so much better as a commentator than “Spit in your daughter’s face” Carragher. @SkyFootball #NEWSOU #CarabaoCup.

Ally McCoist Photo,Ally McCoist Photo by Hillforter🇪🇺#RejoinEU 💙,Hillforter🇪🇺#RejoinEU 💙 on twitter tweets Ally McCoist Photo

Clive Tyldesley is so much better at football commentary than Sam Matterface & Ally McCoist is miles better than Lee Dixon..

Once again, the most obvious thing to take from last night was that Ally McCoist is an absolute joy to listen to..

Whoever at ITV is in charge of this stuff needs to do all they can to keep Ally McCoist and Clive Tyldesley while every other broadcaster needs to try get them..

Ally mccoist reminds me of ma big brother! 👍🏻👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧.

I have to say, Ally McCoist clearly enjoys commentating on football matches. He really does.

The Rangers and Scotland legend is getting huge praise for his performance behind the mic.

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