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Ally McCoist: “The signings have been excellent so far [at Cheksea], but Wrighty’s 100% correct, Trossard’s been great. “However, where I maybe disagree with him ever so slightly, I still think Mudryk will be a great signing.”.


“Osimhen is the real deal!” 🔥🔥 “The nearest I’ve seen to Drogba in a long time. Best header I’ve seen in 5 years!” ⭐️ Ally McCoist is a huge Victor Osimhen fan!.

Clive Tyldesley and Ally McCoist together is absolute peak punditry 🎙 You won’t find a better duo👌🏼.

If Ally McCoist could stop bumming over Sheffield anytime soon that would be grand 🙄.

Ally McCoist can’t believe the penalty is given because he’s so used to those not being given against The Huns..

In the Words of the great Ally McCoist, it has been a rattling good cup tie this! 👍.

I’m a Sheffield United fan, I accept we aren’t a poster boy club, but the “expert” assessment on ITV is absolutely crap. At ever stage the 2 women and one man have slated us. Ally McCoist has been spot on but experts a pile of 💩.

Ally McCoist what are you talking about. Arm is stretched out wide of course it was a fucking pen. None of this “natural position” bollocks either.

Listening to Ally McCoist commentate is such a pleasure .... unlike the droning ramblings Martin Tyler delivers #FACup.

Not much better than having an early kick off with Ally McCoist & Clive Tyldesley on commentary.

Ally McCoist’s on commentary today, he really is. He loves working with Clive Tyldesley, he really does. He’s enjoyed that half of football, he really has. He was unsure about the penalty decision, though, he really was. But he says it’s been a proper cup tie, it really has..

Ally McCoist the only presenter or commenter pro #Sheffield United on @itvfootball shocking awful..

Blackburn score away at Sheffield United in the FA Cup, despite the great history of SUFC. Bravery beyond Conte’s wildest dreams. Meanwhile, no idea what drugs Ally McCoist is on, but that was a definite penalty..

What is Ally McCoist talking about. Not a penalty? He stopped a shot on goal with his hand in the penalty box. The players hand should even be out of his body! #Blackburn #FACup.

The difference a good commentary team makes, @CliveTyldesley & Ally McCoist are brilliant on ITV..

Someone have a word with Ally McCoist. It was a clear pen and arguably a red card #SHUvBBR.

Ally McCoist doubling down on his embarrassing penalty talk and now on his way to suck off the Sheff utd players at half time. #brfc #facup.

What is Ally McCoist (😂) on? Clearly handball and a penalty. Should be a red card too #FACup Could have been two reds in that first half - lucky bastards..

I knew Ally McCoist would be the top trend once again. Reading some of the tweets that are basically abusive towards him are from the losers or dhims. As expected. Sour graped non-entities..

VAR is utter shit, also can Ally Mccoist run football talk more sense than the rest of the fuckers put together.

Love Ally McCoist on comms but he’s got that one wrong, it’s a nailed on pen. He says it’s great defending but you cant defend with your hands! #EmiratesFACup.


Is Ally McCoist a Sheff United fan? Fkin hell, get your tongue out their asses #rovers #FACup.

Nothing makes watching football on telly more fun than Clive Tyldesley and Ally McCoist on commentary. #FACup.


If Ally McCoist and @CliveTyldesley were the commentators I’d probably watch @ITVSport’s coverage of the final..

Anyone watching the FA cup experiencing Ally McCoist I can highly recommend the mute button, my enjoyment levels have at least quadrupled.

Ally McCoist thinks the law is wrong not allowing defenders to use their arm to stop a goal 🤣.

@JoeCarnallJnr Ally “repeats everything” mccoist? So annoying pal - totally with you..

Some of my 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 friends on here won’t agree, but Ally McCoist far and away the best co-commentator but Ally man, penalty all day long #FACup.

@FootyAccums Clive Tyldesley and Ally McCoist are amongst the worst commentators going!.

Ally McCoist what you talking about man, the defender literally tipped it over the bar with his hand 🧤😂😂😂.

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