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  • Currently decorating - wishing my great great grandfather Cochrane Watton was to hand, a painter and decorator in Belfast many moons ago! #AncestryHour #genealogy #familyhistory.

  • @packrat74 @NthHist Such an important point Jan - we always have to remember that people who have put up no information may actually have no information to put up #Ancestryhour.

  • @genejean @turnstonegenie Wonderful you saved them. Frightening to consider how much potential family history puzzle solving records have been lost #AncestryHour.

  • @FreeUKGen I made a powerpoint for a family reunion to tell them they are in a sideline related to Martin Luther, both painters Lucas Cranach, and Philipp Melanchton, and also to the former mayor of the town the family was from. #ancestryhour.

  • @wendy_percival Just read it. All roads lead to Churchill 😉 #AncestryHour.

  • Tx for the invite. Unfortunately work rota already into June! #AncestryHour Maybe next.

  • @NthHist If I were wealthy and could buy FindAGrave from Ancestry, I would archive the old content as it is, and redesign the site from the ground up. I doubt the current gravers would like me for starting over from scratch. /1 #AncestryHour.

  • @ancresbyjacq @GenealogyLass They are at 9th Great Grandparent level #ancestryhour.

  • @ljjackson1958 Welcome to #AncestryHour Linda!.

  • @ssherrytweets @GenealogyLass Interesting. My Hunters hail from Millport. Not a million miles away. #ancestryhour.

  • @JaneElRoberts I guess if I had access to his secret WW2 diaries, I might find out if any entries backed up the rest of the evidence! #AncestryHour.

  • @turnstonegenie Thank goodness you found them. Am delighted with mine, have bought some and some have been given voluntarily for my OPS. Helps to identify who owned what but also in a series, pencil notes as to what happened to Trustees. #AncestryHour.

  • This looks a good resource! #ancestryhour.

  • Unravelling the multiple tangled Yarrow/Lister relative branches. Results in a few people who are their own cousins, but as I am my own cousin, I can handle it! #AncestryHour.

  • @ancestryhour @FreeUKGen @GenealogyGirl While we’re at it, can anyone help me with this middle surname? The top one’s Cameron, the bottom is Stuart, but what’s the other???.

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  • @ancestryhour @GenealogyGirl Umm, going to take some long hard staring. Maybe we need Paddington Bear #AncestryHour.

  • @JaneElRoberts @turnstonegenie Exactly! However we are fortunate in #Yorkshire with our Registry of Deeds. #AncestryHour.

  • @lizl_genealogy It was amazing! #ancestryhour.

  • The most toxic person to be around is the one who complains about everything and appreciates nothing. Avoid these people at all costs. #AncestryHour.

  • @NIFHS @CraftingLive @TitanicQuarter @TECBelfast Do you guys have any records or know anything about the Aughey family in Lisburn at all? #ancestryhour.

  • @GenealogyLass @packrat74 @NthHist As frustrating it can be, finding matches with zero info, family history addicts have a duty to be open and offer help. #ancestryhour.

  • @McKenneyJean @sibsandnibs @ScotlandsPeople @Ancestry Ive yet to meet a relative via the DNA. #ancestryhour.

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