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Forty-four years later, and he still cleans up pretty well. Happy anniversary, Bill!.



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where to even begin? I admired you from afar for quite awhile and I’m still in awe of you. Your mind is beautiful and so are you!.

Peeped the ass out and i was like damn He thick as fuck, turned ’s Park Jimin. damn whatchu doing out here wit all this ass. Double cheeked up on a saturday afternoon, hella ass. The sun is still out my dude.


last year when i saw harry we made eye contact for like 2 seconds and still to this day is the best moment of my life.

what is making me happy though that i’ve been seeing posts of the #lovecatcher2 casts still hanging out even after the show. i see gabin and inwook were both there, i hope they can date irl now 🙈.


My mom has been typing in the last four minutes and has not finished typing. Then it stopped. Wth 🥺 Are you still replying or not? 😂.

@jerrys4hogs Kentucky is weak. Weak weak. And we still can figure it out. Meanwhile, we continue to play Starkel and watch him struggle. Maybe they’ll put Hicks in once we fall behind..

O M G It just keeps getting the Kurds are dying because of tRUmps money and tRUmp is still in.

Walker today I ran a half marathon. And oh boy! Was it fun. All the hills and more. I still have more work to do before I am ready to tackle the full marathon in December. Less than 60 days till it is here.….

pavel is now paying the price after that pavelearth drama that he made. look at him getting jealous over glasses guy and dome still remains unbothered. 🤡.

Still baffled at the aftermath of yesterday’s storm. Never seen so many fallen trees and tree branches in the 16yrs I’ve lived here. #mbstorm #winnipeg.

@Casey @AlexMandel Get Howie a surgical glove and let’s see if he still has the magic to blow it up!.

@jemelehill He’s still a legend of our generation and people need to stop being so hypocritical like y’all don’t kissing your white boss’s ass at your job! And everyone was praising Jay z for his NFL alliance when they don’t guarantee money and hire domestic abusers 🤷🏽‍♂️.

even though i quit taking fortnite seriously at the end of s9, it’s still been fun and the people i’ve met because of this are great for the most part. honestly i hope epic doesn’t fuck up this amazing opportunity to make the game as enjoyable as it was in season 2. (2/2).

They’re both kind of fucked up and their relationship is super unhealthy but they still love each other a lot and they’re willing to break themselves over and over again to try to ‘fix’ the other.

Oh wait! It’s okay now because my cat just jumped on the bedside table to pull this shit and make me remember everything is still totally all right..


I just can’t believe after all me and this person had/did/said i still have this feeling it sucks🤧🙄.

@realDonaldTrump @SteveKerr is more of a man than you or your sons will ever hope to be. He has a moral spine, is honest, and is a Patriot-Citizen, something you will never be. And who wants to go the White House while you’re still there, serving Chicken McNuggets to America’s finest athletes..

i had two cups of soju, two cups of monkey’s shoulder and a full cup of bicardi within three hours and puked very nicely into a plastic bag maybe thats why i can still taste the alcohol at the back of my throat.

So finally seeing Twilight like this in movement and not stills .... really cool. The front shot still looks adorable too. Still adorkable @tarastrong.

......and yet we still have an opportunity to win this game if we come out in the second half with some determination. Needs to be some serious ass chewing in the locker room right now regarding penalties and poor tackling..

@Bondo___ It still feels like a dream seeing the posts about him being life flighted and in critical condition and then receiving the news 😪💔.

@AnimeWifeLover Like most good things, they picked it up as a fad for a week then dropped it after half-heartedly trying to tie Trump to it These assholes have the balls to then fake-impeach Drumpf over gay fake Ukraine crap and leave pedo stuff on the table Of ccourse we know why but still..

Did you know: Adam Schiff hired two staffers who previously worked with the Biden-allied whistleblower How is he still allowed to preside over this impeachment hoax? Disgraceful! He should be removed from chair immediately and investigated for his role in this witch hunt.

Forty-four years later, and he still cleans up pretty well. Happy anniversary, Bill!.


The median household income in the last year was about $62,000. Someone making that much could work for million years—not spend any of it—and still not be worth as much as Jeff Bezos. Billionaires should not exist..

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