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Updated: October 21st, 2021 08:36 PM IST

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Northern mayors Andy Burnham, Tracy Brabin, Steve Rotheram and Dan Jarvis write to government demanding Northern Powerhouse Rail be delivered in full, after @independent reveals Treasury wants to do scheme on the cheap. Latest by @colin__drury

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@Samfr You’d be amazed how different someone can seem just by changing the design of their neck line. What Andy Burnham has achieved by removing his tie and adding glasses is incredible.

@ChrisCorney1 God. He’s about 5% less dim than the average politician so they treat him like a genius. Andy Burnham could position himself as a Harold Wilson character if he so desired. But right now we’re back in the 1950s High Gaitskell era of hard right labour purging opponents

I agree with Andy Burnham that train prices are bad in England (especially relative to Scotland) but the London prices thing was stupid. How much does he think a single ticket from one side of the city to the other costs?

@Paul1Singh Andy Burnham does have a point about public transport, but I believe he will be able to control fares under upcoming legislation. Not sure of the timeline though.


I love how Andy Burnham made high train ticket prices a divisive issue when everyone already hates how expensive train tickets are.

Neil Coyle Labour MP attacking Andy Burnham Labour Mayor of CM for wanting cheaper fares that benefit community. Neil has obviously carefully considered MPs asking for civility on social media and thought nah, factional infighting eclipses civil discourse. 🙄

Andy Will back him every day of the week against dangers like Coyle.

Interesting how these MPs are coming for Andy Burnham of all people. Maybe they find his popularity a threat. To what? He’s not exactly on the left of party. Maybe he’s showing Starmer up with some actual leadership skills 🤷🏽‍♀️

@tfoster450 @JWR_UK Again, point out to me where Andy Burnham says there are no deprived areas in London. You are literally just making this up as you go along.

@michaeljswalker Far too radical for Neil Coyle! Or maybe he just hates Andy Burnham’s guts now

Popping off at Andy Burnham, ie the only Labour politician that the public seem to have any time for, over something that isn’t even true. The Labour right know nothing but petty jealousy and wrecking.

@tfoster450 @JWR_UK Provide me one example where Andy Burnham has explicitly said that “London has it too good” as opposed to this being entirely in your own head.

@Overthebrush @l_d1995x Because Andy Burnham is a cynical sod who should know better. It’s Burnham, not the rest of you! 😂

@TreborRhurbarb @AndyBurnhamGM And ?...whats the relevance of that whilst taking shots at Andy Burnham ?

. Andy Burnham has apparently sparked a debate on cost of train fares in the My daughter has just come back from Italy 🇮🇹 In the end she did Sorrento to Pompei - 45 minutes, cost € Privatisation has brought ‘20 years of failure’ .

⏩NEWS:⏩ Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has sparked a Twitter debate over regional disparities in travel fares. Neil Coyle, the Labour MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark hit back at his remarks regarding London travel prices.

@enobnala Andy Burnham is ‘most interested’ in serving the people who elected him in his local area as mayor. Why criticise someone doing their job?🤷🏻‍♂️

@tfoster450 @JWR_UK Where did Andy Burnham say any of that in this or any other comment he has made? Reasonable and fair comparisons are not ‘attacks’ and your interpretation of them as such completely undermines the credibility of you and your ‘party’.

I see Andy Burnham has upset Londoners by *checks notes* calling for cheaper public transport. Absolute weirdos

@RichDSi @coyleneil There’s no need for personal abuse, Richard. In terms of factual information, Andy Burnham managed to lose to Corbyn, and rather than trying to rebuild Labour within parliament, decided to disappear off to a mayoral post. So we’ll have less of your rudeness thank you.

@coyleneil Really funny that Coyle thinks he attracts more voters to Labour than Andy Burnham.

What we have to remember, and what the soft left would have done well to consider, is that there is a wing of the Labour Party who will not be happy until it is they alone in power. Andy Burnham is just about the most popular current Labour politician too… 🤷‍♀️

*rail fares are fucked up and exploitative* Neil Coyle: why did *hic* andy burnham do this *burp*

Andy Burnham seeing an issue he thinks he can make some cheap political capital out of;

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@coyleneil Andy Burnham always seems most interested primarily in the fortunes of Andy Burnham, as far as I can tell!!

@liamyoung Andy Burnham is right. Level down the train fares. Level up Manchester And all the region.

Andy Burnham shows quite regularly he’d be a bit more palatable than Keir Starmer, even though he’s not as leftist as we’d like. I can’t imagine Keir Starmer giving us affordable travel.

Andy Burnham comes across as being less cheerful than Morrissey.

@tomhfh And according to Trainline Andy Burnham wins Neil Coyle is knocked out and Andy Burnham goes through to the next round of Who wants to be the next Leader of the Labour Party anyway?

Northern mayors Andy Burnham, Tracy Brabin, Steve Rotheram and Dan Jarvis write to government demanding Northern Powerhouse Rail be delivered in full, after @independent reveals Treasury wants to do scheme on the cheap. Latest by @colin__drury

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