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Pick. That. Out! Jetro Willems gives Newcastle the lead at Anfield with an absolute thunderbolt! ⚡️👏.

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starve yourself kids! that tuition fee is only a burger away.

The fact that Sadio Mané has never lost in 51 games at Anfield is fucking crazy. What a weapon..

@AlexSaltCortasa @sergiosolermrn Li farem estatua a anfield al costat de la de shankly.

Enorme triunfo del @LFCUSA en Anfield 👏 #PremierLeague.

Forty-six goals in his last two seasons and six now for the new campaign, a serious debate needs to be had about Sadio Mane’s standing in world football. Roberto Firmino was flawless after his arrival, too. My verdict from Anfield ⬇️.

Mane makes Premier League history while reaching Anfield half-century for Liverpool.

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Akere da lads from Anfield are on 🔥, let me wait fo ❤️ & ✌🏻...then my weekend is done..

Which of the Liverpool front-three is going to score the most goals this season? #LFC.

@torres9_anfield ジャン出て欲しいですよね。色々と不遇です😢.

NEW: The best of the photos as Liverpool overpower Newcastle at Anfield.

“They’re going to have to send a team from Mars to beat us at ” 📱 Subscribe and listen to our immediate post-match show after Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Newcastle 👉.

imagine waking up in the morning thinking you’re coming to Anfield to fetch 3 points..

Salah com a camisa do Liverpool: 111 jogos 75 gols 31 assistências Salah em Anfield na Premier League pelo Liverpool: 41 jogos 36 gols 14 assistências.

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Oh Newcastle didn’t expect much else at Anfield , pick ourselves up , #lovethisteam ⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️❤️❤️.

I’ve become so confident about Anfield, no matter how many goals we’re trailing by, I know we’re always going to win.

sonhei que tinha ido pro Anfield e tirei a foto com o elenco, foi o melhor sonho da minha vida.

Salah’s 3rd Goal is a beauty from a collective play #LIVNEW Anfield never disappoint.

Thinking about those famous 90s games at Anfield or the 2-2 under Bobby, it’s hard to believe we’re even the same club. (In some senses are ) Soulless, hopeless.

Newcastle taking the lead at Anfield fully knowing it was going to last all of 10 minutes.

Anfield began signing Mo’s song seconds before Salah starts the goal sequence. 👑 Poetry in motion. #Salah #LFC.

El delantero que te destranca el tráfico a las 5:00 y te sirve en bandeja de plata medio gol. Taco brutal de Roberto Firmino y ruptura de Mohamed Salah para el 3-1 del Liverpool en Anfield. La esencia pura del brasileño mostrada en esta jugada. Asiste más de lo que golea..

O que joga o Firmino não é brincadeira. Que passe foi esse pro Salah agora? 3x1 agora no Anfield! Si señor!.

👊 Liverpool vs Newcastle United 👊 💥 Anfield #LFC ✖️ ⭐ ✨ Premier League LIVE STREAM #LIVNُEW 🖥 PC Live ➤ 📱 Mobile 1 Live ➤ 📲 Mobile 2 Live ➤ 📲 Mobile 3 Live ➤.

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Pick. That. Out! Jetro Willems gives Newcastle the lead at Anfield with an absolute thunderbolt! ⚡️👏.

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