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Angela Rayner: The PM has put his faith in Operation Moonshot. Meanwhile, on Planet Earth, there are no NHS tests available for high infection areas.

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John Rentoul
John Rentoul ()

Angela Rayner forced Boris Johnson to tone down the partisan rhetoric at #PMQs @indypremium

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Bob For A Full Brexit
Bob For A Full Brexit ()

Henry Deedes watches Angela Rayner battle Boris Johnson at PMQs   Clumsy Boots Failed To Hit The Spot!

Gus  Logan
Gus Logan ()

Boris Johnson took the wind out of Angela Rayner with calm courteousness, says MACER HALL

anne rose fernandez
Anne rose fernandez ()

@abline11 Angela Rayner can’t speak her own words at all . It was all reading from somebody who wrote the information . What a shame ! And she is called Labour deputy leader 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Whiteliner ()

Finished a 12 hour shift taxed to pay for 4star full board hotels for economic migrants. Watched pmqs on catch Fell asleep at Angela rayner droning Just like God help us

Evening Standard
Evening Standard ()

When the council estate girl takes on the posh boy from Eton, you know it’s going to be the blockbuster political event of the week. #PMQs

🌈 Angela Rayner 🌈
🌈 Angela Rayner 🌈 ()

Infections are rising and the testing system has collapsed. We are staring down the barrel of a second wave with no plan to get through the winter crisis. @BorisJohnson is dangerously incompetent.

Dan Bloom
Dan Bloom ()

Angela Rayner: The PM has put his faith in Operation Moonshot. Meanwhile, on Planet Earth, there are no NHS tests available for high infection areas.

Jack Price
Jack Price ()

Wow. Angela Rayner is making Boris Johnson look daft. Angela bloody Rayner! 😂 #PMQs

Dylan ()

Angela Rayner already smashing #PMQs. Boris Johnson bumbling around the question. An excellent politician.

Katherine Piper 🦇
Katherine Piper 🦇 ()

Boris seems to have stopped functioning due to apparently not knowing how to cope with Angela Rayner.

David Wilcock
David Wilcock ()

Angela Rayner seems to leave PM slightly flatfooted at #pmqs when she launches debut in place of Keir Starmer with a question about the average hourly rate of care workers, given he once earned £2k an hour

Alex Partridge
Alex Partridge ()

Angela Rayner delivers a message from a man called Keir lovely little nod to previous episodes in the series, for the long term viewer

Ava-Santina ()

Angela Rayner, standing in for Keir Starmer, asks Boris Johnson how much an average Care Worker’s hourly wage is The question goes unanswered #PMQs

Mike Sivier
Mike Sivier ()

NO - Angela Rayner did NOT ask about care homes - she was asking about care WORKERS. #PMQs #PoliticsLive

. ()

Labour are just trolling Boris at this point. How can Angela Rayner pose Keir Starmer as a constituent and ask why he can’t get a test for him and his family 😭

James ()

Tuning into the Angela Rayner cooking show. On the menu today: Johnson kebabs. #PMQs

PoliReview ()

Angela Rayner will be asking the questions for Labour at #PMQs today - but who else has secured a question?

Piglet_On_The_Wing 96.5%
Piglet_On_The_Wing 96.5% ()

The same verminous people who call working class people thick, racist gammon for voting leave will be whining about class snobbery when Twitter observes how thick Angela Rayner is

Tony ⚒
Tony ⚒ ()

@lindsaypuppyd Angela “droning voice” Rayner v Boris at PMQ’ I might use that to send me to sleep later 😂

Sara John
Sara John ()

@JamieAli_ @SandraDunn1955 I wouldn’t be that confident if I were him. He is beyond useless. Angela Rayner is v effective in her own style. I’m sure B Johnson will try to patronise her and can’t wait to see how she responds.

Nelson Churchill
Nelson Churchill ()

@BarrySheerman Your off your trolley :-) I am desperately sad that the comedy which is Angela Rayner ,is not on our screens. Only Labour doughnuts could elect her as Deputy Leader , you people are not with us in the real world , LABOUR WILL NEVER BE ELECTED WITH FOOLS LIKE HER . Dream on !

Pete - Covid Super-Marshall
Pete - Covid Super-Marshall ()

@Fairy_Woodland Let loose the dogs of or if they’re sleeping, Angela Rayner.

Wayne Tuckfield
Wayne Tuckfield ()

@fbpe_jojo77 @AngelaRayner Will they put forward a replacement too? Isn’t that normal practice. It’s a shame really, as I wouldn’t entirely bet against him calling Angela Rayner “dear” or “sweetheart” at some point.

Gerald Howe
Gerald Howe ()

@curlywiggins @SamMezecJsy Boris Johnson has written many books, I believe Angela Rayner has actually coloured one in!

Matt Woods
Matt Woods ()

@poohugh I can’t hear “Angela Rayner” now without hearing you saying “Angela Rayner”.

Owen ()

I really don’t want to see any snobby, classist comments about Angela Rayner today. In a largely private-educated parliament - somebody with a story like Angela Rayner is an you agree on politics or not. #PMQs

British History Matters @Paul🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
British History Matters @Paul🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 ()

PMQs: Angela Rayner to face Boris Johnson for the first time. Now ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ is the time to shut this dreadful woman up ⁦@10DowningStreet⁩

Tim Walker
Tim Walker ()

Johnson v Angela Rayner at #PMQs tomorrow will be interesting. I’ve seen the way he interacts with women in a work context and his approach can be - to put it politely - anachronistic.

Laura Kuenssberg
Laura Kuenssberg ()

Angela Rayner will stand in for Starmer tmrw at PMQs- his relative still waiting for Covid test results

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